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Habit building books

Kei Dou

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What are some of the books that help build habits?

I've read the slight edge by Jeff Olson, and I understand the principle. However it's hard to stay focused on tasks, if I don't remember to do something, I'm likely to not do it simply because it's not on my mind, but not because I don't want to do it... Habits are usually a fix to that since you kinda start doing things automatically in the end.

Also what are some of the habits that are the most productive in your lives(besides reading books haha)?

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The Power of Habit is great and I'd recommend for you to read that next.

The most important thing you want to see is that if you have trouble remembering something, try and find a new way to remember them. Are you keeping track of the things you want to do? Do you use an app like Coach.me? Do you use a whiteboard? These are easy ways to remember the things you need to do.

For the habits you want to have I would read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. :)

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  • The power of habits
  • Atomic habits
  • 7 habits of highly effective people
  • Bryan Tracy books(it's about self-improvement, though)
  • The compound effect by Darren Hardy

Best ways to track your habits: 

  1. Use an app like "Loop Habit tracker" For Android and be sure to use a reminder and enable the sticky notification feature.
  2. "Goal Tracker" is also a good app for Android. You might want to check out other apps on your own.
  3. Use a notebook. It's going to take more time.
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