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  1. I'm so happy that your date went well! I love how you practiced your good habits before hand to be the best version of yourself. In my relationship my philosophy is that my wife is awesome so I need to make sure every day that I deserve her. It's been working out really well and would recommend it for sure.
  2. Yesterday was a busy day, and I didn't get a chance to write in my journal before falling asleep. It was a decent day. Again, I didn't get much done at work, but I tried for whatever that's worth. At least I was able to answer several questions when I was needed so that is something. I'll need to find another place to apply to this weekend. My one on one time with the kids last night was a little rocky, but that's because I stuck to my guns. Once I say something, I can't allow any amount of whining or crying to sway me. I don't want my kids to get the message that those behaviors achieve positive results. In that way I was successful if not very annoyed. Importantly, I kept my calm and didn't lash out at the behavior either. I am proud of how I handled it. My wife and I had a nice and calm time together after the kids went to bed. We cooked dinner together and relaxed for a while before going to sleep. She is my favorite person, and that is my favorite part of the day. I'm thankful for: 1. Making another payment on my student loan. 68 to go before freedom! 2. Eating well for the last few days. I want to build that habit up. 3. Getting through frustrating experiences with a bit of grace.
  3. Today was a decent day. Work was slow, but I got a few key things done. The evening with my kids was great. They were well behaved and a lot of fun to play with. Now that they're in bed, I have my previous few moments to journal and meditate before cleaning up and starting dinner. Tonight, I'm going to send my cover letter and resume to a potential employer. I'm always a bit nervous when I do these things, but often the best thing in life come through discomfort. Hopefully I can at least get an informational interview where I can network a little bit. I'm thankful for: 1. Finding a place I want to apply to. 2. Getting through another day at work. 3. Being able to enjoy my kids. That was a big part of why I quit games in the first place.
  4. Today was a tedious day at work. Things were slow, and I have a problem that I am struggling to resolve at work. Everything I do at work relies on many other people to accomplish. Unfortunately, none of my work is of a particularly high enough priority to get the support I need. I really want a new job. My evening with my daughters was good. They played well together and listened to me when they had to. Hopefully they sleep well tonight. I'm thankful for: 1. Having a job even if it's not my ideal. 2. My mom. We skyped together for a while today. 3. My meditation which I am about to do.
  5. Today is my last day of winter break, and I'm a little bummed out about it. The morning has been pretty decent so far as we gave been taking it easy. Later on, we'll be going to a new year get together. I'm hoping that I am able to return to work and keep my spirits up about it. At least I'm getting closer to paying off my school loans every time I get paid. I'm still working on my letter of interest so that I can send it to a company that interests me. At the least, I'm hoping to get an informational interview where I can network a bit and learn more about the industry. I'm thankful for: 1. My family getting through 2018 well. I hope we all can grow and be well together in 2019. 2. Having such a nice winter break. 3. Having a good paying job that gives me time to figure out my next moves.
  6. Today was a really nice day like all the days from my time off from work. My wife and I were able to get some time away from the kids for a few hours which was nice. We spent the time getting a bite to eat together and doing a little bit of shopping. There's not really much new for me to write about today. I'm thankful for: Having kid free time with my wife. It's always a nice treat. Having a good marriage. A good marriage is the best thing ever, and a bad one is the worst. My kids. They are intense, but good little people.
  7. Today was a really nice day. I finally made it out to the gym for the first time in a few weeks. A lingering cough kept me away for too long. The kids were fun and well behaved all day. We also made good progress on the chores. My anxiety and depression have been under control for the last few days. The journaling, meditation, and family time have been really good for me. I think I'm going to put my resume out there in order to see what opportunities are out there. There's just no way that I should grind along at my job without seeing what else there is. If I wanted to grind away, I could just take up video games again, lol. I'm thankful for: 1. Having a good portfolio. I would have never made one so good if I didn't quit games. 2. Having a lot of quality time with my family. 3. Feeling good mentally.
  8. I had another good day. The weather was gloomy all day which left me feeling lethargic, but I still managed to do a bit of cleaning. The kids were getting restless being in the house so we brought them to an indoor playground. It was hectic in there, but it was still better than keeping them at home. I had a good talk today about my feelings about work and how I could deal with them. I'm looking forward to implementing some of the ideas that came up. I'm thankful for: 1. My wife for doing both kids bedtime. It's a lot of work. 2. Having a great person in my life to talk to. 3. Figuring out some goals to work towards.
  9. Today was another good day. The kids were good to me, and we had fun visiting our friends. I am most definitely beat, but that's to be expected when I spent all day with a toddler and a preschooler. Tomorrow will be nice because my wife will be with us all day. I'm thankful for: 1. Continuing with my good habits. They're helping a lot. 2. The good folks in this community that make posting here worthwhile. 3. Surviving the day.
  10. I'm glad that you find it supportive! When I quit games, I absolutely knew that I needed a support system to be successful. I also didn't have anyone in my life that really understood my gaming problem. Hopefully this community can do the same for you!
  11. Ugh, civ was the last straw for me. I went "just one more turn" for so many hours. Even two and a half years later I still think about that game. Thankfully, I also still remember how I hit rock bottom playing that game. It'll be hard, but it will also be transformational, freeing, and gratifying.
  12. Today was a good and tiring day. I spent all day with my girls without any help. They were really well behaved and fun. I'm glad they're sleeping and I can rest. My mood has been pretty good all day. It helps that I haven't been to work since last Friday. I'm thankful for: 1. Getting through the day as well as I did. 2. Scheduling a play date for tomorrow. 3. Having a good dinner tonight.
  13. Yup! Even if I don't watch too much anymore, I still consider myself a fan. Congrats on being the first to mention the reference, haha.
  14. How do you like atomic habits? I think I might need to buy it at some point. The holidays can be weird because you spend them with people that you normally would not spend time with. Kids and pets are the way to go in those situations!
  15. Today was a really good day! Naturally, I spent Christmas with my family. The kids were really well behaved for the most part. It was a blast to see them enjoy their new kitchen set that we had spent hours assembling last night. We also went to the in-laws for lunch which was really good. I put one kid to bed, and my wife is working on the other one right now. It's the perfect time for some journaling and meditation! I'm thankful for: 1. The hard work of making Christmas special for the kids paying off. 2. Being in control of my anxiety and depression for the day. 3. Quitting video games. It's been paying dividends today and the last few years.
  16. I'm glad that someone else here understands the two kid life! I try to make it to the gym 1 or two times a week which helps. My wife works in the evening two nights a week so I go straight from work mode to primary care giver on those days. The pressures of the daily grind made me think that I should journal here again. Thanks for the encouragement with the master! I'm not worried about putting in long hours or hard work. I can do that all day long. It's just that I really value putting more into my family these days. I do my 40 hours every week at work and leave it at that. I know I would reallu regret it if I sacrificed my relationships. There will be a time when I decide to go all out and get it done, but not just yet.
  17. Today ended up being a really nice day. I meditated for the first day in a long time. It really calmed me down and left me feeling centered. I cooked a nice holiday dinner for the family while my wife took care of the kids. After the kids went to sleep, we assembled the kids' new kitchen play set. We're all ready to open presents and celebrate in the morning.
  18. I hear you about the job causing depression. Congrats on your opportunity! Worst case scenario, you have something different to do while you earn some cash and pad your resume. That's how I see my current job.
  19. Today is a work in progress. I just put my little one down for a nap and my wife is hanging out with my 3 year old. This is me taking a moment for myself to just sit quietly and journal. I'm nervous for the 26th and 27th of this month because it will be the first time I spend the entire day alone with my girls. I often have them alone for a few hours, but not all day. Typically I am just trying to survive with them safely when I'm outnumbered. Even though I'm nervous, it is something I want to do because I want to conquer the situation. Maybe a victory like that will help me to get out of my funk. I'm thankful for: 1. The holiday break. I am happy to have some time away from work. 2. Taking a moment for myself. This is a habit I need to form. 3. The other forum members who are brave enough to share their struggles. They inspire me to get through my own.
  20. I graduated with my 4 year degree last year at 34 years old. It was not easy at all, but I never gave up. You can quit games and get your school done even if it takes you a little bit longer!
  21. Being present in the moment can be an incredibly difficult thing to do. Meditation is something that taught me a whole lot about it. I'm rooting for you to figure things out and save your family!
  22. Congrats on your 5 days! I was pretty good at hiding my game habits from my wife too so I can relate. How do you like the book so far? I don't remember it in too much detail at this point, but it made a world of difference for me when I read it. What are your motivations for quitting? I quit because I saw myself becoming neglectful of my baby daughter and I hated the idea of continuing down that path.
  23. Thanks! For a few years now I was focused on some goals and got used to sacrificing in the present. That's catching up with me. Having two little kids is really challenging for me. Their emotions are so intense and they have a lot of needs. I am constantly giving of myself to them. Even though they're so worth it, it's super draining. Work is very challenging for me too, but I'm able to keep up. It's not that enjoyable for me, but it pays well and helps me get rid of my student debt. I will definitely be looking for new work once it's paid off. Because of life's demands, I tend to forget to take care of myself. This is kind of a similar problem I had when I was gaming all the time. My struggles persist even though my life is so much better without the games. I'm thankful for: 1. My mother in law. She does so much for my family. We would not have as good a life as we do without her. 2. Spending some one on one time with my younger kid. I don't do that very often so it was a treat. 3. Making another payment on my loan. That's one closer to freedom!
  24. I started dressing better about a year ago, and I'm glad I do! It gives me a small feeling of mastery over my life. Before, I used to just wear whatever was the easiest, but I don't think I'll ever go back to that. Give it a shot!
  25. For now, I would really like to focus on immediate and process type goals. Life gets very overwhelming for me as I balance work and family. The kids are 1 and 3.5 years old which is very challenging. I still have my battles with anxiety and depression too. My first goal is to write in my journal every day. Journaling in this forum was a huge part of what propelled me forward in life to accomplish so much. Secondly, I would like to make at least one other comment on this site every day. It would be really uplifting for me to help others here in some small way. I know a thing or two about the struggles of quitting games.