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Attention and focus


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i think after a while not playing video games my motivation for life is better now.  i feel bad now when i play video games! and i think i have more time now . at least i feel happier

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I feel more focused when talking to people in a face to face conversation.

My empathy did rise.

I do things more slowly and concentrated overall, so my quality in doing things improved.

Reading improved too.

Enjoying things is easier (especially the small things in live).

I am not tired over the day (even with less sleep).

The list could go on ... ?

There was a conversation about this topic a while ago. You should search the forums for it. People also posted in depth scientifical answeres there.

Sadly I do not find the one topic right out of the box.

It has to do with your brain constantly working in "High power mode" when gaming + dopamine release.
Thats one reason for better rest and more energy when you need it.

Like, with gaming you run a marathon each day. Without it, you can do a sprint when you want it.

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I've been clean for almost 500 days. My focus, brain fog, and ability to think properly and remember things clearly came back after only 2 weeks. It has been here ever since and I feel wonderful. The only thing that can ever make me feel foggy again is if I watch porn too much, which I'm currently trying to quit. When I don't watch porn I feel ultra clear.

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For sure. I'm currently still quitting, but I had a period of 4 years prior to this without gaming. It was defintely easier to focus on more mundane activities. Even now , although i'm not all the way there, it's still alot easier than when I started this process.

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