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day 24 (time going too fast, that is good)

i have written my whole notes about my appointment tomorrow , i will go to a therapist and see how it goes .


tasks for tomorrow ,

just being productive as much as possible .


i am feeling nervous , have to wake up so early and be ready .

sorry for not writing so much today .

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day 25 .

very happy and busy these days , i am using more than 80% of my time with good things

i am sick but that is okay , relapsing is not a solution.

anyway thanks all for your help


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day 26 :

today i am super happy despite the face that i have not done all my tasks because i have spent so funny time outside .

thanks god

GOD bless this community


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day 27 :

have not many good things today due to my sickness , but i have not stayed at home the whole time 

anyway i will back stronger

thaks god




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day 28 , 

Sunday is household day , i have cleaned , arranged clothes and  done  many other things .

spent most of my my outside , spoken with many people and helped some people .

tomorrow i have some really important appointments to accomplish .

GOD bless this community that helped me to resist craving .


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day 29 ,

wake up at 6:00 gone at 6:30 backed at 16:10 

progressing in therapie , health , and many other things .

I am sure that i could have done more today , 


God bless this community

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day 32 ,

no relapses , no bad thoghts . but no progressing either . I am currently in recession . just eating healthy and doing some sport . no other activities .

God bless this community

God bless and guide me


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48 days to go !

reverse counting is good especially when we know that the time is going too fast . anyway i apologies for mot being effective in this community these days just because i have reduced my hours spend there because i have quit Facebook and You-Tube too . but i still can use them if necessary only ! which means that i do not give likes ,writing posts or even see others posts . just getting that email or that specific information etc .

i have learned how to quit things the last 40 days because when you quit the most dominating thing in your life you will be able to quit anything else , you will be able to manage your activities instead of they controlling you .

I have recognized many new things like the awesome real life where u make friends and make good reputation by helping them . I have got many advices by old people who have of course a better life experience  . they made me think differently about this life by telling me their stories , i felt that my brain got cut into 2 pieces while hearing those lessons , man how idiot I was when i used to gaming in that island that i made around my pc where i ate something like an ice cream as a breakfast !  

I can say that what happend to me at the ninth of November of 2019 was a miracle , i have quit 3 things once ! the first thing is gaming which started since i was 5 years old , at that time i was able to play a game called red alert 2 and beat couple enemies on easy difficulty . the second thing and third thing are porn+masturbation which i used to do since i was 16 years old (  I am 22 years old now ) . so quitting those addicts at once was the key of success for me because they are connected to each other . when I game and lose at 2:00 AM i feel depressed , that was why i watched porn and masturbate by the way in order to release that stress and anxiety but guess what ? it raised my problems instead !

sometimes we have to quit multible things together to succeed because the (step by step) method  can not resist craving's attacks .


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thx for this community .

i have not relapsed and will not relapse , 

this community have helped me to quit many things , 

1- quitting gaming and every thing related to it ! like twitch and gamer friends 

2-quitting  Porn and masturbation and everything related to them ,  Even looking at what arouses me of women's body . even at the public areas .

3-better nutrition , i used to eat less than 1000 calorie a day , now i am eating around 1500 , sometimes more , i have got 3 extra Kilo grams .

4- no more ice cream ,chocolate or any extra sugar things, no more fast food .

5-quitting you-tube , Facebook and all the other social media (except for some rare cases)

6-practice some English 

7-got to know many new people of the same story .

now i have to say goodbye .


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