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  1. day 30 today i have solved some problems . felt very confident . 33% of the detox is done , God Bless this community PEACE
  2. @voidedhalestorms if u want any help u can come to my private messages or my journal and feel free to ask there .
  3. day 29 , wake up at 6:00 gone at 6:30 backed at 16:10 progressing in therapie , health , and many other things . I am sure that i could have done more today , PEace God bless this community
  4. day 28 , Sunday is household day , i have cleaned , arranged clothes and done many other things . spent most of my my outside , spoken with many people and helped some people . tomorrow i have some really important appointments to accomplish . GOD bless this community that helped me to resist craving . PEACE
  5. welcome brother ! the same thing happen to me but i joined here and deleted everything that related to games and porn then my life changed and i am at 28 days streak of not playing-games , masturbating or watching porn . if u seek any help then u can send me a message or just mention me by using @ before writing my name . GOD bless you GOD bless this communtiy PEACE
  6. day 27 : have not many good things today due to my sickness , but i have not stayed at home the whole time anyway i will back stronger thaks god GOD bLESS US PEEEEEEEACE
  7. day 26 : today i am super happy despite the face that i have not done all my tasks because i have spent so funny time outside . thanks god GOD bless this community PEACE
  8. day 25 . very happy and busy these days , i am using more than 80% of my time with good things i am sick but that is okay , relapsing is not a solution. anyway thanks all for your help PEACE .
  9. day 24 (time going too fast, that is good) i have written my whole notes about my appointment tomorrow , i will go to a therapist and see how it goes . tasks for tomorrow , just being productive as much as possible . i am feeling nervous , have to wake up so early and be ready . sorry for not writing so much today .
  10. Hi everybody , Today i have dreamed that me relapsing and playing video games , ((does that calculated as a relapse or is it just a bad sign ?)) btw I am not craving to play games . ((I am craving to the high lvl of dopamine stimulation that used to be released while gaming or masturbating while watching porn .)) and that is why i am sad and no longer feel happy like i used when i win in games . God bless us PEACE .
  11. day 23 25% of my detox has been done , done many social activites learned many things eaten healthy still feel that i could study more . . tasks for tomorrow writing notes only ! have to prepare for the coming day . . i love you all @@ game-quitters thanks for your support God bless us PEACE
  12. day 21 , slept for less than 10 hours , eaten okay many social events sport studied for 30 min was a good day , done different things , still have to study for more time . tasks for tomorrow , write some notes . find a job social event go to the uni
  13. day 20 , slept for 8 hours started a trial work 2 social events done sport . i was busy today but felt so good and confident . no craving for games but some sexual ideas not felt satisfied becuase i have not study but, anyway i am a better man than before tasks of tomorrow , i am tired but i should not sleep for more than 10 hours . do some social events and this time i will study for 30 min at least . search for a new job , the job i founded have not gone that well this time i will finish these tasks , i done wanna do more back steps , it feels hard but not impossible
  14. 00:00 am and i still cant sleep , yesterday i slept for 6 hours and now i can not sleep . overthinking and daydreamings are controlling me because i have talked to some of my relatives who live in my homeland Syria . (I am living in Germany now) they are healthy but not fine . i mean life there overall is bad . i cant stop thinking of the themes that we have talked about . homeland craving (nostalgia) are real . this is the main reason of most of my problems right now . (hint: there are no way to back there , i cant believe how people tell me that i have to go for vacation there ! WTF do u want me to enjoy the rain of rockets there ? )
  15. today . slept for 5-6 hours only ! gone to the black Friday markets . asked for job in too many markets/shops . Found a job after 1 month of searching ! (wish me some luck to do well there ) finished so many important documents and tasks . healthy food helping others and taking their phonenumbers , maybe we do something in the future . i have deleted the last game i have today , i do not feel any craving for games (95% of craving h as gone) i am practicing at home to do well tomorrow at work , there will be an intense crowd of people . Tomorrow doing more sport (i move around 2-3 kilometers every day but i do not do any extra at home) go work no Sleep before studying for 20 minutes . sleep for 7:30 hours maximum . doing the weekly household (washing clothes , cleaning floor , etc) PEACE .
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