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  1. Well it is 14:30 and i am very sleepy . Maybe thats because my overstep last night when i sleept 1 hour less than usual . But most likely this early sleep feeling is because of the sleepy long lessons in the uni . 6 hours without Sport ! I think that i must go run between the lessons in order to heat my self because it is the only sport i can do there .
  2. @TwoSidedLife thanks for your comment . i appreciate it i have to clear my shyness and be more brave to talk to the other successful friends and make them my own friends to study together and hangout .
  3. well still day 3 : i have slept form 10:00 pm to 6:00 which is 8 hours ! that's very good thx GOD. my next goal is to sleep around 7 hours and wake up without pain but with full energy . but first i have to increase my sport/study/meditations time in order to handle that increase of the free time otherwise there will be reverse effects !
  4. @Mohammad i have sent you a private message to ask few things , can u reply please ?
  5. @Avnat Netzer thx man . is there any German translations and is it available for free ?
  6. @Vera hmm i cant read everything but we are here to support each others and motivate each other
  7. well what u need is a motivated person like me ! i am new here and this is my 3rd no gaming no fab no coffee(or tee) no Facebook no shits ! just remember your self once u started here and u will be more motivated . u have to count the times you comeback from the gaming trap ! not times that u fall into it ! u being here is very promising ! it is inspiring ! even people like me i feel much more confident now . i feel much more responsable ! i have to stay here as long as possible and encouraging the others because that's my duty ! i should never relapsing but if that happen , i will back as fast as possible and do the best Comeback in my life ! i will follow you now and try to motivate you u as possible as i can .
  8. @tempuser973 well , i remember my self when i was young as u . i have tried to quit gaming but the problem was that my parents were saying that i should skip gaming and focus on studying which i did ! but once the school break start i back to be much more addicted gamer than before . gaming is the wrong way to spend your life , try working out instead ! gaming can damage your mind while working out (or doing sport) will improve your body . if u dont quit gaming now u will never be able to explore the real beutiful world . and u will start to destroy your career , your school degrees (because u are thinking of gaming even while studying) i hope that you understand my message , it is hard for me to persuade you because of lack of language . last thing i will say : do not consider gaming as a reward for your achievements , consider it as smoking ! drugs ! because it makes you addicted too . and can destroy your time more than anything mentioned above !
  9. day 3 : a big part of my day have been spent with mix of feelings , sometimes i feel good , sometimes bad . i cant describe that feeling anyway i have eaten okay this day . still have to do sport .. hmm i think that i must do a ( to do list) here and share it with you in order to force myself doing it so. do list : 1- breakfast ! so important after waking up 2-sport : any kind of sports . 3- going out and speaking with real world people to skip my introvert and start making friends . 4-finishing 2 lessons at least . well i think that this is enough . i am sure that i will achieve that tomorrow i can do it i am loving doing it , LIFE IS AWESOME
  10. @Avnat Netzer try doing multi-alarms as i did and reduce your sleep time step by step . i do not recommend over estimating our ability to fix sleeping schedule .
  11. well i was not able to make friends even in the games i play ! i am very isolated and lonely . no friends no father no mother no girlfriend no party ,. (they are alive but live in another continent) ! . anyway how to start making friends ? should i involve my self in a group of people and say hello can we be friends ? the only place i visit in my life is university !
  12. can i ask u a question ? are u a boy or a girl ? and how are u an intense gamer although u have kids ? Peace
  13. i have read some of your latest posts , that kind of intense and mixed feeling that u realize after u quit gaming is normal .
  14. i have done a mini achievement today ! 15 days in a row waking up at around 5:30 am i have achieved that 1 week ago when i have set 4 alarms ! at 5:22 am and at 5:37 am(did this alarms in both my laptop and phone so i have 4 alarms) and it worked really well ! i am sleeping at 8:30 pm till 5:30 am which is 9 hours .. it is a lot but i can fix that by changing my going to sleep time rather than my waking up time . my goal today is to sleep at + 9:00 pm but the problem is that i fall totally asleep at 8:00 .. maybe some sports here can help and then taking a mini shower before sleep . i am sure that i will achieve it .
  15. lets keep that beautiful Moral ! common boys !
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