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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

The Greatest Revolution


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well i am spending most of my gaming-free time ** on youtupe ! i am watching game quitters videos , the beauty of life , random advices   , and some entertainment of science/ politics stuff .

so i do not consider it as time wasting . i consider it as very low efficiency of using my time . so it is not absolut right but cant be bad .

the entertainment videos are affecting  some  parts of my brain that used to be erected by video gaming and some additional  parts getting erected and relaunched  too. (during the the watching of entertainment videos today) . 

it seems like an addiction , but quitting it entirely can be awful . so I have to use it rarely and very conditional ( i will use it only to learn the same subjects i take in the uni)

anyway i have to find replacements first.


**  time that I used to be consumed for game

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Day 7

Well my social life is getting better. Iam hanging out with a new friend who i met recently .

we are enjoying our time more than anything else .

But this cost me around 7 hours because of traveling .

Anyway i am happy and healthy and that is important .


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day 8 .

i have problems time eaters , which are things like over thinking ,  youtupe entertainment videos , over helping the others or the over seeking the help of other people , over planing  , slow walking , slow making bed .


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still day 8 ,

mix of feeling starts to hi me because of time wasting . my gaming addict transferred into videos addict . i have to stop this shit , the main issue here is that i am an IT student and all my activities are on pc . whenever i see a problem i watch some tutorials of youtupe but the trending videos are tempting ... 

i have to find a solution for recommendations there or just delete youtupe from my life .

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well it was a pretty bad day , i lost so much time due to travel time and getting ignored by some people , but that is normal to be happened but when it comes all together it feels hard to react .

most my time got wasted . i will never consider youtupe as entertainment or break any more , it is doing the same effect of game addicting . i must leave it soon .


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day 10 :

carving started due to the loss of the dopamine lvl i used to reach while gaming . i am feeling sad and my performance at the uni is getting worse day by day .

 but i am taking care of my body doing sport brushing teeth making room eating healthy etc .

the only thing that still missing is focusing on studying without disorder . when i study i thing of sex , my back hurt me , start feeling hungry even if i have eaten etc .

but i am sure that tomorrow will be better

anyway i have achieved 10 days of my detox . thats good 

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day 11 ,

as expected . today was much better than yesterday , i have done many things and met kind people . sport is like magic for gamers ! i am more satisfied now .

i have learned some lessons today , they could change my life ! things like brave for taking the first step or speaking to people in order to make friends  .

tomorrow should be better


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so far i am using this steps which killed my craving for games . and i will bring it to you .

1- delete all your games

2-delete all the gamer friends or block them . make sure that they don't realize that but if they do then u have to tell them that u no longer find gaming fun and u are busy .

u have to learn how to say no for your gaming friends . be brave and say it and if they like you they will respect that . otherwise they wanna fucks you to back gaming .

3-delete all gaming related programs like steam , discord .

4- avoid places that contain games , or places where your gaming friends be there .

5-do not watch gaming related streams or any videos that talks about games except the videos of game quitters .

6-whenever u feel of craving of video games u have to change the place u are in for couple seconds . cleaning your room and moving your chair or table inside your room will make you feel better and will determine any chances for craving to  come back .

7-try spending your free time in sports . just run outside man ! or just do some push up in your room until u cant do more . do 10 push ups relax 1 minute then do 10 again .

do this thing so many times a day and write your results . try to increase it .

8- take a shower ! man this thing is magical to skip your craving of games

9- try controlling your ideas . whenever  u think about gaming just go and eat something , go outside for sport , take a shower .

and last thing i wanna say is the more u resist the better the consequences -

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hmm still day 11 .

i am addicted for my favirite football team , cannot stop thinking about it . i guess i should leave this team and think about my self . 

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well it is day 13 ! i have not recognize how fast time goes due to my Preoccupations 

i am happy . doing many good things but lacks the efficiency .

tomorrow will be better .

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day 14 !

wow time is going so fast and i am around 15.4% of achieving my first goal ! in this community .

my current problem is not working out or even study ..  but iam making my room , brushing hair/teeth , eating healthier , going out and try talking to people and searching for any chance of meeting more people or finding activities .

ovaerall i am a very better person than 15 days ago when iwas a complete garbage who j wiust waste his time playing games .

now i found a job and soon i will strt working . my life will never stop ,


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On 11/11/2019 at 10:46 AM, ismailkanaan said:

tried to make new friends  but failed , i don't know how to make friends actually .. i feel not comfort to talk to new people and asking them to be a friend with them .

I suggest reading Carnegie's How to Influence and Win Friends. Something that was recommended from over the summer which I should read that has everything to do with my social life besides church and family.

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@Natalie do u know that i love your name ??

thanks for your comment . i will try finding this book , but i am not sure that i will find the time to read it .

i am so busy , i have not even realized that my day15 has gone.



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day 17 :

I have found a meeting place where i can start make more friends .

I have deleted 2 games on my pc . eat healthy food , done some sport , finished some appointments .

I am writing shorter articles here in order to have more time of motivating the others .

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still day 17 :

well i will share more details with you .


achievements today :

slept for 9 hours (because ei was super tired) .

searched for job in 4-5 shops .

found a meeting place to make new friends .

deleted 1 game


missions of tomorrow :

sleep for 8 hours maximum :

going to the uni .

searching for job in 3 places at least .

delete a game .



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  • Guest changed the title to The Greatest Revolution

day 18 :

deleted the last games i believe

slept for 8 hours .. i have to fix that .

done some sport and being patient ,

searched for job .


tomorrow :

sleeping for 7:30 hours maximum

going to the uni

do more sport

searching for job more seriously .

eating healthier !


no craving for games , but for porn .

stress for the future because i am very bad at the uni and i cant find job . even if i find job they do not accept me and they dont say why . but i suppose they do that due to my lack of experience ,bad language , bad body , or just because there are always better people than me who deserve that job .

anyway i will not stop . 


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today .

slept for 5-6 hours only !

gone to the black Friday markets .

asked for job in too many markets/shops .

Found a job after 1 month of searching   ! (wish me some luck to do well there )

finished so many important documents and tasks .

healthy food

helping others and taking their phonenumbers , maybe we do something in the future .


i have deleted the last game i have today , i do not feel any craving for games (95% of craving h as gone)

i am practicing at home to do well tomorrow at work , there will be an intense crowd of people .



doing more sport (i move around 2-3 kilometers every day but i do not do any extra at home)

go work

 no Sleep before studying for 20 minutes .

sleep for 7:30 hours maximum .

doing the weekly household (washing clothes , cleaning floor , etc)








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00:00 am and i still cant sleep , yesterday i slept for 6 hours and now i can not sleep .

overthinking and daydreamings  are controlling me because i have talked to some of my relatives who live in my homeland Syria . (I am living in Germany now)

they are healthy but not fine . i mean life there overall is bad . i cant stop thinking of the themes that we have talked about .

homeland craving (nostalgia) are real . this is the main reason of most of my problems right now .

(hint: there are no way to back there , i cant believe how people  tell me that i have  to go for vacation there ! WTF do u want me to enjoy the rain of rockets  there ? )


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day 20 ,

slept for 8 hours 

started a trial work

2 social events

done sport .


i was busy today but felt so good and confident . no craving for games but some sexual ideas

not felt satisfied becuase i have not study but, anyway i am a better man than before


tasks of tomorrow ,

i am  tired but i should not sleep for more than 10 hours .

do some social events and this time i will study for 30 min at least .

search for a new job , the job i founded have not gone that well 

this time i will finish these tasks , i done wanna do more back steps , it feels hard but not impossible

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day 21 ,

slept for less than 10 hours ,

eaten okay

many social events 


studied for 30 min


was a good day , done different things , still have to study for more time .


tasks for tomorrow ,

write some notes .

find a job

social event

go to the uni 


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day 23

25% of my detox has been done ,

done many social activites

learned many things

eaten healthy

still feel that i could study more .


tasks for tomorrow

writing notes only ! have to prepare for the coming day



i love you all @@ game-quitters thanks for your support

God bless us


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