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  1. 2019-11-12: day 12 Today: went to sleep ~1.30am read a book (Lord of the Rings) woke up 7.45am Day off (this time for real) Activities: had tea and breakfast prayed watched a lot of youtube practiced Scala worked a little bit on Video Game wedding planning spoke to another vendor (photographer) left a message with a florist tweaked the guest list So today was actually my day off. I asked my boss if I could take the day since yesterday was kind of a bust for me and I actually wanted to accomplish some personal items. He said yes which was great. I stayed home. Most of the morning was cold and rainy. I was really drowsy the whole day. Went to sleep latish last night again and it was tough to wake up in the morning. I didn't end up having as much motivation today as yesterday. Ended up sitting on youtube a while watching world war 2 videos about the eastern front. Very dramatic stuff and I love watching videos on military tactics and troop deployments. It's similar to watching replay of a strategy game except these are events that actually happened. The day kind of went by like a thick soup. No particular moments stand out and the rest I just remember with a sort of blurry fatigue. I did manage to work on Scala for the afternoon. I finished the assignment for this week of the course. It was a puzzle solver performing state transitions but with immutable data and pure functions. Cool stuff. Not sure how I would use that in my actual job but it's fascinating. I really enjoy functional programming and it makes me feel cool. I'm all about feeling cool. Also took some time to work a bit on a video game. Want to make a 2d hex grid as a map. Following this guide --> https://www.redblobgames.com/grids/hexagons/ . It's super comprehensive and even has a basic blue print for how to design the grid in code. My fiance came home from work a little on the later side (7pm) and she was fuming. We got straight to working on wedding planning but she was aggravated and I got aggravated also. The planning itself is tough and she has a demanding job and I'm also anxious about doing well at my job. All in all we didn't get as much done. We had leftovers for dinner and just sat and relaxed on the couch for a bit. I felt very tired. My plan for tomorrow: Tomorrow: wake up 6.30am morning routine learn Scala go to work cook go to sleep by 12am read a book (currently Lord of the Rings) Activities: Learn Scala pray cook more wedding planning. Probably talk to more vendors get people's emails for a save the date GN fellow game quitters...
  2. That's tough but you're back now and that's what matters. Sending you love and comfort over this digital bridge that separates us. Your strength is going to renew and it's going to guide you to the place you want to be.
  3. That's great. I'm glad your parents were able to express that to you even though it might have been hard for both you and them. I hope they learn to see the ways you do love them and that they find ways to give you love and support when you need it. It may be hard for them but maybe more conversations like that is what they need to hear.
  4. That's amazing man! good luck with the rest of filming! Hey I appreciate you have "Make the bed" as a daily priority. I also try and make the bed every morning no matter what and I find it helps start my day right. I just need to keep the rest of my room organized also.
  5. Hey if you consider yourself an introvert type consider reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by: Susan Cain Not sure if it comes in other translations other than English but I found it immensely helpful in understanding my own introverted nature Yeah we're kind of disadvantaged when it comes to making new friends and in a world that worships extroversion being an introvert tends to be painful. But we actually have a lot of abilities that a pure extrovert lacks one of them being the ability to have deeper, richer relationships with the few people we do connect with.
  6. Way to go man! I'mlooking to fix my sleep schedule also with not much success. When I actually figure it out I'm sure it will be one of the best changes I can make to my daily schedule
  7. The earlier you start to take care of a problem the easier it will be to manage in the long term. Best of luck!
  8. Yeah I agree with you. Setting unrealistic goals and then not achieving them can be pretty demotivating. I guess, the way I see it, if you set a goal and don't reach it, yeah you may have to adjust the bar a little lower but at least that means you attempted something significantly difficult for yourself.
  9. 2019-11-11: day 11 Today: went to sleep, 2.45am stayed up for basically no reason woke up 8.30am Day off... except not really Activities: took a shower had tea and breakfast and then worked from home because stuff broke went to a friends birthday party I really got very excited to accomplish stuff last night but basically got to do none of it. I guess going to sleep as late as I did last night didn't help my chances. It's one of my major goals now to try and sleep earlier and it almost never happens. I think one thing that happens is my fiance doesn't fall asleep until about 11.15 most nights. Until then we're doing wedding related stuff and then when she goes to sleep is when I want to take time to think, relax, and try and write this journal entry. It ends up pushing my night back by at least an hour. Another thing I see happening is I'm replacing the extra time I have with things like youtube. I don't feel as bad since it's never game related material. I've decided it's best to stay away from that stuff since it's really just a way for me to game vicariously. I like to watch historical stuff, pop science, and maybe some fantasy stuff (D&D related channel I love a lot called zee bashew. He's great and I wish I had his job). So today I got up. Took sometime to think and pray, be thankful for the world around me and try and visualize a serene and productive day. Instead I got a bunch of notifications on my phone. One of my work's cloud providers went down and it broke some stuff on our pipeline. I'm on "guard" duty basically and today was my last day. One day later and I wouldn't have to bother. The rest of the morning and the entire afternoon was spent tracking down error messages and trying to decipher their meaning. Was a mess and it meant I accomplished almost nothing on my list from last night. I did manage to call the photographer and get a price quote as well as a list of videographers we could work with. I also made a basic budget sheet from a template and added a couple of colorful graphs. Color is a great way to enhance mundane things. Basically no gold star. I'm disappointed but I don't feel guilty about it. The rest of the night was spent getting to a friends birthday party. Her boy friend worked really hard to surprise her and did a great job. We had dinner and painting. A professional came and guided us through a painting session. Another friend had the good sense to bring a bottle of wine. Best thing when waving around a paint brush is to be holding a glass of alcohol. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed mixing the paints into different colors. Something I did a while ago when I took some basic painting classes back in college. Also just putting the brush to canvas and just not caring about the result is nice and freeing. My plan for tomorrow: Tomorrow: wake up 7.00am morning routine learn Scala go to work cook go to sleep by 12am read a book (currently Lord of the Rings) Activities: Learn Scala pray cook more wedding planning. Probably talk to more vendors
  10. Right on! and going to sleep early. I don't know how you do that because so far I have not succeeded. I'll let you know when I do.
  11. Yeah changing your sleep schedule is really tough and I commend you for it! it's one of the changes I want to make in my own life that will have a tremendous impact
  12. I feel like it's tough to recover after a relapse so I congratulate you on getting back up. It's probably the most important thing we do. Get up a dozen times until we're finally alright.
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