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Did you play Single Player Games or MMORPG's?

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Interresting question. I thought alot about it.

It almost always depends on your own playstyle habbits i'd say.

But for most of the people this is the problem (major problem for me):
If you find a really awesome community to play a game it is indefinitely harder for me to leave a game, compared than playing a singleplayer game.

So I say, yes they are if your a social person. If not, singleplayer is more addictive.
But statistics show, the majority does play singleplayer for entertaining purpose. Few people really sink tons of time into a singleplayer game compared to multiplayer games.
Lookup steam statistics, really interresting.

Shure, I know some singleplayer games I was completely addicted to. But after a while they where not that interresting anymore.

That correlates to the statistics, where more than 80ish percent of people play arround 2 hour a day min. Compared to singleplayer where it's only arround 20%.
Just browse throught the comments of this for example: https://store.steampowered.com/app/292030/The_Witcher_3_Wild_Hunt/
Where you see the ingame time of people.

Also the impact of an singleplayer addiction is propably not that hard as an addiction to multiplayer games.

For me nowadays: SP > MP
Becouse: Singleplayer does not Involve (gaming) work for other people to be respected. I wrote this more in depth here: 



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I can imagine this swinging either way.  I was MMOs.  But the main thing is that while you're gaming, you're being constantly rewarded, and there are no consequences for the choices that you make that last past your next respawn.  Gaming is primarily a way of checking out of real life for a while, like reading, partying, drug use, etc.  MMOs promise "friendship" and "companionship", but in reality deliver neither.  Single player - well I wasn't into that, but it's just a diversion.

When played responsibly, it's not a problem.  For us on this site, it dominates our lives and consumes all our time so that we end up in our 40's and we have no more real life.


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I use to play MMORPGS. I've been using single player to help get myself completely away. I'm still relapsing, but too single player games. Obviously no games at all is the goal, but I find its alot easier to stop playing a game you can pause vs a big MMO that sucks you in and has a social element. Single Player still effects your brain negatively however.

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I play MMORPGs. Because the genre of MMORPGs generally tends to incorporate elements of fantasy games, so there’s the magic of essentially entering an entirely new world.

The community is one of the deciding factors especially as MMORPGs are multiplayer - it really can make or break a game and can even, at times, make up for very grindy gameplay. It’s why games like WoW/FFXIV are still loved to this day and other games like HoN, less so.

I love MMORPGs, especially WoW Classic. In WoW Classic, communication is a means of survival. There are multiple quests in every zone that require groups to complete. Even if you’re not on a difficult quest, you still might want to party up with that mage you see running through the same location as you because two players have a much better chance of surviving a fight.

Of course, Classic Gold is hard to come by and servers are depressed in general due to repeated nerfs to drops of cloth, gray items, and greens, as well as a “bug” that results in beasts and elementals giving loot only 10-20% of the time, opening only an empty loot window most of the time, but it is still worth playing. All of these things combine to make MMORPGs unique, I'm willing to bet you won't find any of this stuff happening in call of duty.

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Single player for me.

I can see how multiplayer would be more addicting in the long run. In multiplayer there is always someone better than you, always someone to beat. In single player, at some point you've "beat the game." And then you get bored and onto the next one.

Honestly that's what's made it easier for me to quit. The games I play have endings. Whenever I used to beat one I remember feeling like, "Do I really want to get hooked on another game? And then what, I'll beat that and then... nothing? Isn't there more to life than this" Between games there was always this lull of like... the f* am I doing with my life? Those moments, which came naturally, ultimately led to me quitting. I'm not saying multiplayer games don't give you that feeling but there is no "between games." There's just the next game, still trying to beat that person you lost to that one time, still trying to perfect a 360 no scope... 😆 or whatever it is ya'll do over there.

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