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  1. It's like the 'pot calling the kettle black', for lack of a better phrase. A bit disturbing in my opinion.
  2. I understand what you're saying. At the same time, though, to be blocked and told that you are rude is another transference of 'anger' in my opinion, especially since what we write can often be misinterpreted without other non-verbal social cues.
  3. @Adminiculum, This is such a fantastic question, and I appreciate that you brought up the topic. My speculation of other people who don't realize they have an addiction to gaming is that in their world it is normal. They game with other addicts, and nobody usually complains that they're spending way too much time in the game. And yup, people will argue with you because it's what they consider their down time, their only way to relax, and why should anyone take away something that makes them happy? I had one guy argue with me that he doesn't gamble, drink, or smoke, which are all a
  4. My sympathies to you regarding your father's recent passing. I wasted an entire year six years ago, coping with my cousin's death by gaming 10-12 hours a day. Perhaps this is a crossroads for you. And major kudos to you for quitting drugs and alcohol. That is a massive accomplishment.
  5. Quit Gaming 25/30 wow, the end is near.....no gaming urges Sleep went to bed yesterday at 10:00 p.m woke up today at 6;45 a.m. I felt well rested for a change Exercise 30 minutes interval training at local gym walked the dog around the park 25 minutes Reading yesterday I read for 45 minutes, The Shipping News, almost done the book Computer use today I spent about 20 minutes reading GQ and responding to a couple of posts, wrote in journal 20 minutes writing in private online journal tonight I'll spend an hour watc
  6. P.S. The other gaming friends I 'had' haven't contacted me outside of the game. I think they prefer keeping their online gaming separate from befriending the people they game with. Also, I noticed they didn't really talk about other hobbies they were into. Either the topic never came up, or they just didn't have other hobbies besides gaming. A bit sad, really.
  7. I hope it gets better for you. I understand how that feels to lose your gaming friends to a game. I still keep in contact with two people outside of the gaming environment. One friend I met in person and I discovered that she is my complete opposite in regards to personality. In a game situation, sometimes it's a bit misleading as to how people really are in person. She seemed a lot more outgoing in the game versus in real life. Still, we're friends to this day, although I don't hang out with her often, even though she lives only thirty minutes away from me. With any friendship, I
  8. I give myself one day of the week to sleep in as long as I like, which is usually Saturdays. Every other day of the week is spent working or doing projects. Some of my projects I do until later at night, which would be around 11:30 p.m. I wake up regularly at 6:30 a.m. on most days. And never sleep past 8:00 a.m. on my days off, except for when I sleep in on Saturday. My body needs rest as soon as the weekend strolls along, and I can really feel it. So, I don't give myself such a hard time if I sleep in on Saturdays. I think that I work hard at my job, and fill my spare time wit
  9. Quit Gaming 24/30 no gaming urges Sleep went to bed last night at 2:00 a.m. woke up at 10:30 a.m. I feel refreshed due to uninterrupted sleep Exercise Plan is to go outside for a brisk Autumn walk in the park, it's a bright sunny day Reading day off reading Computer use yesterday I watched a documentary for two hours 20 minutes writing in my private journal 20 minutes watching sewing tutorials and browsing for free clothing patterns that I can download Hobbies yesterday I spent a good deal of time working on
  10. Hello there and welcome. I would take the time to read other people's journals here. You will see what they have done to overcome gaming addiction by replacing it with other goals, hobbies, or sports. And if you haven't done this already, please watch Cam Adair's Game Quitters videos. There are a multitude of tips and advice he offers for people taking their first steps towards quitting games for good due to addiction.
  11. Dear Journal, Yesterday was a fun day. My nephew went trick or treating with his mum, and I stayed at their home to hand out candy. It was pizza, pop, candy, and chocolates the entire night. I felt like I gained 50 lbs. Oh well. It's a once-a-year celebration which will require 365 days of recuperation. I got home at 9:30 p.m. and worked on a knitting project while watching The Twilight Zone, older episodes. Overall, a nice night. I'm very grateful.
  12. Hi @Elohim, Looks like you're managing well so far. I like your idea of pacing yourself. Sounds like a healthy way to maintain focus.
  13. Hi @James S. I hear you loud and clear about finding another life and living it. I watched this documentary and it changed my perspective about connecting with others and living a simple life. Whenever I think about escaping into virtual reality, I watch this to remind me about a different way of living. Connecting with other people outside of a video game environment, for example, is something I am working on currently. I haven't adopted most of the documentary's ideals, but I do like the idea of growing my own produce. Anyway, the concept is pretty extreme, and I certain
  14. P.S. If you choose to do various activities as a form of distraction, please beware of activity-burnout. It can happen. ?
  15. Dear Journal, I am going to skip the usual drill of typing out what I've done today and goals and whatever. It's way past my bed-time, so I'll write a brief synopsis. As a person who enjoys crafting, I think this hobby has saved me from the perils of boredom many-a-time. I have a series of projects that I'm doing; knitting, sewing, coloring books, paper crafts, to name a few. I spent the rest of my time after work today organizing and rearranging my craft room. I bought a bunch of new items from Ikea such as shelves, two sewing tables, and two comfortable chairs. Oh, and a