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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened



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You can use a spreadsheet to track your days of sobriety automatically, file type is not accepted here but contact if you are interested mine is made with FOSS spreadsheet program Libreoffice. Alternatively you can search the web for a countup timer like this here. @Jordan2020 @TwoSidedLife I am unsure if possible to embed a one of those here but may be possible.


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@goodvibes I just remember seeing a past post from the mods saying it wasn't possible right now because of the site's design/coding or something. But could be possible, since NoFap's site seems similar and they've got badges there.

Should've mentioned too, I track using the app Quitzilla on Android (Free version only lets you track 2 habits at once, pretty sure it's only on Android too).

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