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  1. Hey guys what’s up! Today is my 19th day of my 90 day detox and things are pretty good. I’m getting made fun of at school for my business stuff at school but other than that things are ok and I’m still thinking about the girl I like that doesn’t like me back which brings me down every time I see her. But other than that things are really good and I’m not tired like I used to always be. I’m a lot more productive.
  2. What’s up guys today is officially my 18th day of my detox and life is feeling really good. I almost missed the school but this morning but other than that life is good. Today also the girl I like actually started talking to me which I thought was super weird for a first little chat. I’m not good at keeping conversations going. But I really like her and I got super nervous and the rest of the walk was silent so I hope that didn’t turn her off. Also my friends were making loud remarks in the halls toward us which I hope that didn’t turn her off either. I hope she continues to get more comfortable around me. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!
  3. What’s up how is everyone doing today? Well yesterday was kind of a swipe and hopefully today can be better. I was feeling super overwhelmed yesterday with work and I got angry. But today hopefully I can get it all under control and back in order. Running a business in my last year of high school is tough. But anyways today is my 17th day of my detox and it’s still chucking away. Let’s keep this going to 90 days!
  4. Hey guys what’s up. Today is my 16th day of my 90 day detox and I’m feeling really good. I have had mood swings that have gone back and forth but I do eventually get back on track. Right now I’m being super productive again. I’ve realized my trigger to my mood swings and I’m doing what I can to avoid the trigger and I hope it works this time. But let’s go guys. I know you guys can do it too if I am this far already and I thought the most I could go was 3 days and that was it.
  5. Hey what’s up. Today is my 14th day of the detox and so it’s been two weeks and I feel pretty good. There are things that could improve such as my energy levels dropping after like 30min of waking. I also exercise 2 hours everyday so. My schooling is going good and my business is getting going finally. I would procrastinate and procrastinate but I finally have started getting it going. Also I did not feel like getting up today because of all week full day productive the past week, but I remembered what my mentor said. He said inertia is acting on us when we sleep at night and that is why we don’t want to get up in the morning but if you it’s an object in motion tends to stay in motion. It worked. I told my body nope your getting up and we are going to be productive and I’m up.
  6. Hey guys what’s up! Today is my 13th day of my 90 day detox and I’m still improving in energy and mood everyday. My business is also on track along with school so that’s good feeling. Today I’m also going to a party at Pizza Hut which sounds super good after school. Today will be a good day. Peace!
  7. Well today is my 12th day of the detox and I’m feeling really good today. Today I’m going to do well in school and come back and dominate working on my business and let’s kill the day overall. See you guys!
  8. What I have learned to deal with procrastination is to set a routine and follow it no matter what. If you say you can’t do it your choosing not to do it. If you say you can’t do it you must do it.
  9. Hey guys what is up! I feel great today! Today is my 11th day of the detox and I can feel more and more alive every single day. I’ve realized I’m also becoming more of an extrovert than being an introvert that I was before. School is going good and I’m still learning the skills to become wealthy in my business. I’m also reading some good books and I’m trying to train myself because I always would overthink everything and I’m trying to change that and start thinking letting the chips fall where they may. The only negative going on for me that I don’t like is a girl I like doesn’t like me back and I’m confused about how to make this business thing work for me. But other than that things are great and I can’t see what today brings. Peace guys!
  10. I’m doing really good. I’m on my longest streak of no procrastination and no gaming which is 9 days. I’m feeling better and better.
  11. Hey guys well today is my 8th day and Im still on a streak of my longest time not gaming. It was super difficult yesterday. I had super bad cravings and I almost gave in but I kept pushing myself. I also was depressed because of a girl I like and I want her to like me back but I feel powerless and not motivated to success because I can’t get a girlfriend or her so I say to myself why should I succeed if I can’t share it with someone. I want the success so I don’t procrastinate but I do now because I can’t get a girl I like which actually made me bored yesterday so I decided to procrastinate and not work on success which caused the cravings I think. But even though I procrastinated on work the cravings didn’t win because I decided to watch YouTube videos on success and Netflix. Even though my day wasn’t productive and it was boring and depressive I still didn’t let the cravings win which is considered a overall win in my book. Today is a little better. I’m not procrastinating but I still can’t get my mind off this girl. I just really like her and I wish she felt the same or if there is a way to convince her otherwise I would love to do that. I don’t really know I guess we will finish today and just keep on seeing what happens.
  12. Today guys is my 7th day and I’m getting super bad cravings and my brain keeps justifying playing video games but I’m trying to fight back and it is super hard. What do I do?
  13. Today is my 6th day which is almost over of my detox. Today and yesterday there were 0 cravings. Today I also did not procrastinate about doing work when I get home from school like I normally do. It feels pretty amazing to not be controlled by my energy levels right now. I learned a saying earlier that said if you say you can’t you must. So I’m going to remember that every time I want to give up or procrastinate or whatever the situation is. I’m going to a school football game tonight and I’m falling more in love with a certain girl and she already said I’m adorable and all but she doesn’t think I’m for her but I really hope somehow I could change her mind this year. She is super nice and funny and good looking. But that’s been my day so far so I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow. P.s. this is my longest streak of no games!
  14. Today was my 4th day of my detox. I almost relapsed last night but I didn’t give into the cravings which are super bad by the way. This is the first time I’ve been able to strongly withhold. I have relapsed many times because I couldn’t say no to the cravings so I guess this is progress. I also had a good day at school. Yesterday I was depressed because there is a girl I met in a class and I wanted to talk to her and get to know her and she said that she doesn’t think I’m the right person for her and I’ll find someone else and that really got to me. It’s like a scratch you will never be able to scratch which really bugs me. I’ve known her and liked her for about a year now and this is the first time I’ve had the courage to say something and it hurt and it makes me want to give up on trying stuff because I have been rejected in many relationships I want. It makes me want to give up on success because it is like who am I going to ever share my success with if I can’t get a simple girlfriend. I talked to her for a bit but it still didn’t help much. Now I feel like a zombie creating my success just for the sake of it. I’m not motivated I just do it. It makes hard to explain. But other than that happening yesterday. I’ve been watching my favorite show to calm myself. I’m also recreating a routine that is not as stressful so wish me luck!
  15. Today is my 3rd day of my 90 day detox. I don’t know what holds me today. Today is my last year of my senior year and I want this year to go great along with my business at home that I’m working on everyday after school. Today I am grateful for my family, dog, one last year of school, and my future. Today I am going to be an action taker that will not be sucked into the 99% way of living and I will live today at the top 1%. Today so far I am good on my routine and not procrastinating but I have about 14hrs to go. Today I plan on working 2 hours on my business, working on my friendships at school and being more social, and getting a good exercise routine going in weightlifting class. Wish me luck today and forever!
  16. Well today is my 2nd day of the detox because I relapsed again. Today is going to be a good day. I will not procrastinate like I normally do. Today I will be a action taker and never stop going and build that momentum. I want to work on being the 1% in the world which I have a long way to go. Today I am grateful to be breathing, my last year of high school starts tomorrow, I still have time to do big things in life, I have a family who cares for me, I am starting to make money from my online business that I started 3 months ago. Today I plan on eating healthy and eating all 3 meals. I always had a habit of skipping eating when I played video games. I also am working on a relationship with a possible girlfriend, I am working on closing 3 more deals today for my business. Today will be a good day because I’m going to make sure it will!
  17. See both school and my online business requires me to spend a lot of time on the computer or phone so how do I go about making my life social, fun, and not feeling like a zombie if I’m going from playing videos all day to being on a laptop or computer all day being productive. They both seem unhealthy. Also the books I read are all ebooks on my phone. All the other things I do still involve computers so what do I do?
  18. Today kind of started as a blah day then I was able to turn it around. I woke up around 3am because I went to bed around 8pm and I wasn’t tired and I tried going back to sleep but couldn’t. I decided to stay up and I kept having the thought of giving up on my whole business idea I want and just go to school and have fun or work hard on my business and school and have fun. Then I just layed in bed and watched YouTube videos till about 10am. I felt miserable then the thought of just getting up and getting stuff done helped me change it around. I got my chores done, I ate, I created a game plan for my future, found a good routine that’ll work out a lot. Sometimes I’m just going to have to play the business, school and fun by ear this school year but I want to do big things so I’ll do all 3. I also thought about giving into video games today but I didn’t. Today is also officially the longest time I have gone without relapsing which is today would be number 4. I know 86 more days is to come but I got this. I got some other things going on tonight to finish my day strong. Anyways starting tomorrow with the routine journal I will not be doing what I’m doing now in it. Im going to write down the amount of days I’m on for the detox. Then I will say 3 greatfuls, 3 outcomes I want out of the day, and what my identity will be for that day. Anyways I’m glad I changed my day around thank God. See you guys tomorrow!
  19. It feels like this is the 100th time ive started trying to detox and failed. This time I feel as there truly is a difference. Last night I looked at my life and hated the direction it was heading and having literally nothing to my name that was earned and not given. It made me feel horrible. I also have family members I need to connect with again that there are strained relationships. I want do big things in life and I cant do them till I stop procrastinating. I want so many things that it overwhelms me to the point of wanting to give up. I have this sense of I have to do everything such as the read the books, get good grades at school, schedule my days, take care of my dog and chores, work on my business, work on the skills to get better at business. There is so much to do. I just need to start randomly and check things off the list as I go apparently cuz im just so overwhelmed that Ill be doing something and while Im doing that thing other things pop into my head that I have to get done for that day. Wish me luck though again lol.
  20. Does anyone else ever get a feeling of like pressure behind the eyes and it feels bruised and tired all the time and there is a heavy fatigue feeling in my head which causes headaches and I cant seem to focus on anything that long and also I always feel tired and cant hold jobs because of it. It would really help if someone would know what im talking about or have experienced it.
  21. Today is my first day starting my 90 day detox. I have decided to do this and pursue my dreams. I had a great day so far though. I was finally able to not procrastinate and I cleaned my room, did my chores, met with my caseworker. I am very happy and grateful today. There 10 things I'm greatful for. I am greatful for the weather today, my dog, my dad, my house, my chance to quit games, chance at a huge business opportunity, the food I ate, my drivers license, my caseworker, and being overall happy today. The only thing I still need to get done is creating a routine, and making sure it works to achieve my dreams and keep on going with the detox. Wish me luck! P.S. any suggestions on a routine would be appreciated?
  22. What do you guys do when you first start the 90 day no gaming detox. I have no sense of purpose. I create many routines that end up failing because I have so much to do. I look at my daily list and I run away and go play video games. How am I supposed to do what I need to do to be a success if I just wake up everyday ready to be productive and work on my life but instead I say screw this I am going to watch Netflix for worse play video games.
  23. Hey guys I am very new to all of this side of the wall or whatever you would like to call it but I wanted to ask a lot of different things. This general question is all one big jumble but I would really appreciate it because if you guys could give me guidance. I don't know where to really take this big jumble to. Also sorry for how long it is and my really bad writing and social skills. Here now I'll start. I am 18 years old now. The day I was born all the way up till I was 10 my parents were very abusive in every type of abuse possible. I also didn't listen to anyone. When my Father wasn't abusing me he wanted me to play video games which I started when I was 3 and it was constant playing. Skip forward to age 10 I was put into foster care. All of the residential facilities and foster homes were never a success. I wanted to go back home. Eventually I was adopted by a loving adoptive father who wanted to have kids but didn't want to get married. He has 4 of us. My siblings were put together into another adoptive couple family. Eventually I was cut completely of from my siblings. By the way I was put into counseling at age 6 and still currently in counseling still. I also take medications. Over time I got better after being adopted but then something hit and I went spiraling down again. I got into drugs and got put on probation. I also had many issues in school for bad behavior and next year is my senior year and everybody still thinks I'm weird. But anyways eventually I got off probation and put into more counseling. I got better over the years but I also was diagnosed with many things including ptsd, borderline personality disorder, add, adhd, and a couple other things. There are many things I want in life and I don't know how to achieve them. I cant find a career path that will help me achieve the dreams I have always had deep down. Those goals are to make enough money to own a big house on the beach in Florida, Get a dog, Wife and 2 kids, I want my faith to grow and have a Christian background, I want fitted clothing, money to do the things I want to do. Right now I have this possible career that could turn out within 5 years or so after I graduate. Next year is my senior year and I want it to be the best year of high school. I want to be happy and on my way to this life I want, I want to get a girlfriend and get fit, I want to eat and exercise healthy, I want to have a stable routine and schedule so I am no longer not clearheaded and foggy and confused about life. I want to work on this business opportunity. But I don't know where to start. My whole life is a mess. I have no job, and 0 dollars to my name. No car. I sit around all day everday this whole summer still playing video games since the age of 3 at least 10 hours a day. I don't know if its the video games and I need to stop them or if it is just me and my life is not even on a stone. It is all just one big sandy pile. I just need to really get some guidance on where to start so I can live like I dream of everday. But feel far from achieving. Any comments would help and sorry for the length. I just have everything on my mind.
  24. Well Sheldon welcome to the family. I don’t really know what to tell you. I’m kinda in a low boat at the moment, but I wanted to tell you good luck on your future endeavors!
  25. Well here I am again. Back down at the bottom! I went 3 days without gaming and then I relapsed that quickly. I want to do many things with my life. I start to get on track with where to start and I see I have to do a lot of things to achieve what I want. Then I look at my routine for the next day and say screw that I’m going to play games and do it later. That is exactly what happened today. And all the other relapses before. I really want to stop relapsing there are so many things I want to achieve. It’s like I said there is a lot to get there so I procrastinate and I get cravings and I go back to gaming. I also consider what I need to do to achieve my goals is boring. I did play today for 5 hours then I got off because I regretted it. Watched a couple inspirational videos. Started a new 90 day detox tracker. Now writing my daily journal and then I’m going to restart. Wish me luck!
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