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Lukes Journal


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Hey Guys,

pretty tough times. 

Im from germany so my English is not the best, but ill try to write correctly. 

I dont know where to start. 

I first want to thanks, that such Forums exists and that the Founder builded all this up.You all really helped me to realize my Addiction to Videogames and i got hardly motivated to change my life.

I started with 12 Years playing Videogames which leaded me to my first Addiction.

The Game was called ,,Shaiya,, by Aeria Games and i was amazed how beautiful this Online Games are.

The First Day some Hours and during the Weeks more and more. I woke up as a 12year Old, didnt went to School and played Games from the morning, until my Mom came home, then pretending i was in school. My grades were going down and i couldnt stop thinking about the Game. Sitting in the Classroom and i was only thinking what Weapons i want to farm next. 

But the Game slowly bored me and i looked for other Games and played them. But nothing was like the first Online Game. Until i discovered World of warcraft.

I didnt went to school. Played all night. I was in another World. I failed the 10th Grade and had to do an extra exam to get to High School.

Then i got a Girlfriend and i stopped playing and thinking about Games. Unfortunatly weve broken up after 2 Years and im at the Same position i was before.

World of Warcraft followed me until Summer 2014. I was in a Hardcore Raiding Guild and spent all my Money for Gold and stupid Games.

I didnt had that much friends and my life sucked. But warcraft was great.I saw a documentation about Warcraft Addiction and I realized how deep my Addiction is and deleted the Game.

But i couldnt stand it.

1 Week later i installed it again and i got back into it. I neededThe Social life and everything i Achieved in the virtual world.

Its very hard when your realize how addicted youve been and how much time you wasted into the goddamn game.

I deleted Warcraft 2 Days ago. 

My Account is sold on Ebay for 150 Dollars. The new user had changed all passwords and ill never be able to get back to my Charakters.

I deleted all Games from my Hardcore Gaming PC. 

All this felt amazing. I realize how much time i have now for my old Hobbys, but there is also fear. 

The Nostalgia is so big. Even when i hear the Music i miss the Game.

But i think i can make it.

Ill sell the Gaming PC also on Ebay and get a Macbook, so that im not able to game that much and focus more on school.

I hope i can make it. I hate all this Games and i want my life back. Ill fight for that.


So far guys. 

The whole story is much longer and this is the short version.

Ill keep you in track ! 

Over and Out 









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Hey Luke!

Nice to see you here. I'm from Poland by the way, so we are living in neighbouring countries! By the way, I know German language a little bit, so if you want to talk in your native tongue, I'm all ears.

I know it's fuckin' tough at the beginning, but remember that everything is tough until it'll become easy.

And also, gaming nostalgia could be strong, but remember that it's going to fade away. You should feel 4 voids that you have: being social, challenge, constant measurable growth and temporary escape with different activities. No ideas? Well, that's not the excuse, just download Hobby Ideas.

Also, if you have the money from character sell you should purchase the Respawn, it'll be reassuring for you that you've invested money into your personal development.

And I know what I'm talking about. I'm free since 31st December 2016. And I know that you're gonna be asskicker!

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Yeah guys ! 

First Day feels Amazing. I dont have this pressure that i have to play all the Time and i had a long talk with my mom this evening and i enjoyed it without having aggressions of no gaming. The PC is sold and my Warcraft Account either. Ill need to delete the League of Legends and Steam Accounts and thats it actually. 

It was so goddamn hard to delete all my friends from Battle Net and to say Goodbye to my Maincharacter, but it also feels good somehow.

greetings to poland hycniejsy ! my old greek teacher was native polish :D  Im sorry but i only know one word: Starts with K and ends with A. you know it dude ! lmao

Ill no meet my old friends more and start going out more. Iv been to a Classic Concert this evening with a friend of my school (we are both making A Levels in Music)

and a nice Girl was sitting next to me and i got her Number after the Concert !!! I just went straight and thought, fuck gaming and life is coming. it was a bit akward but i got the Number and im Motivated to move into the next steps. 

I want to read alot in the next time and ill use all the Free time for that. 

I already downloaded Hobby Ideas and ill focus on reading the next times. 

Hey Laney ! 

I love playing Piano and im really good at this. appearantly i only practised 30mins a day because of gaming. the Aim is to focus on the Piano playing and to get back on my old level. Im a classical Fan, so i play alot of that. at the moment Liszt Consolation Nr 3.

Hearing Music also keeps me calm and i dont have the need to game. 

But this is the first day and i know that the feelings will get much worse in the next weeks but ill do it.

Cheers and Out




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Hi Luke,

sounds like a good start to me. I am german too and just started the the 90 day programm. I played some piano as i as a teenager but was too lazy to practice. Thats why I never got beyond the basics, but im pretty sure that playing an instrument give you a good flow experience and is a nice way to escape from the normal world for some time. And the girls love musicans so keep it going ;) Be sure not to fall for free games like LOL they are so tempting and always accesable. They are my personal nemesis. Well they were my personal nemesis because i quit all games right now. FellsGoodMan! 

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So guys,

10 Days off. The first days have been very easy but its hard now. Im always thinking why would i do this game quitting.

I think of all the good Times in Warcraft and sitting in front of the Computer.

Most things are so boring for me and i have the relapsethoughts often during the day. And i want The Games back. Ill not relapse and ill go through this. I apllied to the gym and i went there every second day for a hour. Its good against stress and it fills my time. But i still sit alot of my time in my house surfing through the internet and watching videos. Should i quit this too ? The addiction is also with my iphone and with the Internet. Hope to hear something of you.

thx work in progress ! Ill send you a message and we can share our thoughts during the Gamequit. I cant play any games because i sold my computer. Thats a good point. But my phone still gets me. Surfing in the internet for some hours every day.

piano playing,gym and listening to music is the only thing which makes me fun. Ill keep doing this.

2morrow is the date with the girl I mentioned.

lets do it ! 



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