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  1. I have had a pattern that goes like this: Wake up. 1-2 hrs after, make a little bit of music for the project. Start to make 1 to 3 bad decisions/feel fatigued. Stop making music and do something else which doesn't need as much performance. The result I've had were consistent that I made some nice tracks and especially when it comes to learning and remembering german. I couldn't find anything about brain performance at it's peak when I searched the web so I thought I'd ask here, see if anyone has experienced anything similar when they wake up.
  2. Welp today was sorta interesting. Dealing with deleting steam permanently and unsubscribing from gaming channels - especially ones I love was a huge task. So far I haven't experienced any major cravings. Only some minimal cravings and those were really easy and pleasant to deal with. I noticed already how I am beginning to have abit more energy so I'm greatful for that. Although I'm angry at myself because I've messed up my sleeping pattern with gaming and so I wanted to stay up but instead I ended up sleeping straight up until 6pm. I'm not really too sure how I am going to get through tomorrow, I don't trust myself to take a nap. I'm greatful that my gamer friends understand and although they were abit resistant they weren't being a pain in the ass about it. I've added them onto another social platform, facebook and skype so we can stay in touch. Noone's pestering me to go back to gaming and instead we're just having normal chats as if we never did game anyway. I pretty much prefer it like that. Gaming comes with too much technical terms, it makes me feel old, lol. Today, is sorta good day.
  3. Ayy, fellow brit here. Welcome! Fantastic news and congratulations on owning your bike. Pretty wicked thing to ride around on. I remember taking my test in jeans, never again.
  4. 08.04.2017 Back again and this time for good! Some major life changing events has happened. This time to ensure nothing but success is achieved I've purchased Respawn and following along. Nothing like beating an addiction. I noticed how I am inattentive, I think it's something to do with Maladaptive Daydreaming, another mechanism to cope with stress or ugly situations. Keeping a journal definitely will help to prevent it.
  5. What has worked for me when I deal with Procrastination: realizing everything we do is a task So basically when you fall asleep, when you wake up, when you play a video-game, when you smoke, drink, eat, go shopping, etc it's all a task. Ask yourself if you would waste your entire day staring at a blank wall and doing nothing else. Would you? That's how I feel about Procrastination. You can take a task that involves no benefit only enjoyment or you can choose the other task that involves enjoyment and benefits you in the real world. And the fact we all are guaranteed death at +60 years old could be enough motivation in of itself. This is how I dealt with it.
  6. Thank you for the reply! I never thought about it like that. I guess it's not really failure if it doesn't work out. So with that in mind I'm now considering my options with hobbies and how long I should do them for. It's great to have another perspective on things.
  7. Hey guys! I know this may seem like a trivial thing but with practicing hobbies and so on and so forth I think it's a big question and to me I can't see the answer clearly. Can skill he improved or is it not possible to get good at something no matter the effort you've put in? I remember throwing away things such as game programming, art and even practicing rhythm for music because I kept thinking "I'm never going to get better". I guess its not surprising that I never did get better without practice. What do you think? I'm on the edge of even trying anything or ignoring it all because I'm afraid of the time I wasted if it doesn't work.
  8. Ah, maybe some day it will return when I feel more confident in it. Sure will! I'll still be around the forum and encourging others!
  9. Hey Karpet, Dang, that sounds unfortunate, though I guess in some way there will always be next time, eh? I like the way you broke down the reasons for not completing the application, you tackled it in such a way and made it alot more approchable, I love that idea! I hope your day goes well!
  10. Good afternoon and welcome! I'm sure you'll make a fine addition to the community! Funnily enough, I have had a similar to yourself before I thought "this is getting ridiculous", CSGO was one of my games I loved, heh. Once again, welcome, welcome!
  11. Heh, it's always a possibility to take up some drawing, or perhaps creative writing which I stopped doing because I'm afraid of forgetting thing I've just learned. Learning a language was something I wanted to do but because of the above reason stated, I thought it would be best to stop it for now. As far as now I'm trying to do maths and build my way up. Unfortunately I'll be discontinuing my journel for privacy reasons. but I'll still be around the site when I can. a final update though: 18/05/2016 I pitied myself into playing a Simulator game which then transitioned into another game. Thankfully I only played up until 1am and by then I was in bed and I was up and about at 7am with no issues, though I got lucky that I didn't get really sucked into it. I haven't been fair to myself as I haven't been taking up time with other activities and instead I find myself on the web which I have made a conscious effort to stop and do another activitiy.
  12. Good! I hope you're really happy with the positive change!
  13. I usually do write things down I need to remember. But I'll be sure to chec kout Cal Newport and Scott H Young! Sounds very inspiring with teaching themselves. I'm feeling the effects hard with no other activities to do. I don't have much in walking distance and my next driving lesson is 2 weeks away and I'm pretty sure I don't want to be studying every day and all the time because that will take its toll. Time to see what I can do!
  14. In a sense of remembering certain details or passages. I have no issues with learning something new, but remembering it is very difficult for some reason, even after countless hours of repeated looking over at the material.
  15. Starting with the easiest thing first then get harder and go higher. Cam, do you have any tips for studying regarding memory? 15/1/2016 I've possibly had the best driving experience to date! Usually my instructor comes to pick me up and we have a ride around a good area for practicing driving skills but this time I managed to get onto our infamous roundabouts! If that wasn't exciting enough I also had the joy of driving in split lanes and a dual-carriage way. Overtaking a cyclist. heh, it was all good though. Unfortunately I've lost my taxi driver as I now have to drive myself when he arrives to pick me up. All in all, I was very happy with my result - to the point I was having dreams about it! I found myself sometimes watching gaming videos, funny moments, that kind of stuff. I would say it's acceptable since it doesn't give me cravings but I guess I'll avoid all things gaming altogether for now.
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