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Read: A Guide to Quit Gaming for One Year


Putting down the controller and picking myself up, JKD’s Journal

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As I was packing away my PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, I noticed the chords tangling up my legs, thinking of all the time I have wasted away pressing buttons staring at a screen instead of really living life, building myself and fulfilling my destiny.


here we go, Day 1


Well that’s not true, I have tried quitting before, and have relapsed , and have even posted on this site before, and had an accountability buddy and everything, I was going strong for a week and then the cravings came back and autopilot kicked in, When I get knocked down I gotta pick myself up again, this is Josh D, I feel like I said to much with my old journal in the beginning statements and didn’t want that to be the first thing I or others. would read, 

this is the second and final journal,  starting differently this time, maybe this will work out


I have just finished trauma therapy with my therapist and I’m about to be transferred to see a Doctor of Medical Qigong/Therapist,  basically I am getting a new therapist which I am super pumped for because I was her client in the past.

im preparing for therapy by giving all my systems to my parents so they can hide them in the house.  She used to recommend that I stopped  my intense love and passion for gaming, but I didn’t listen and then all of a sudden I am in a psychward doing weird video game things with strangers who look at me funny.


i was the craziest nut in that particular ward at the time, now I am on good medication about to meet this therapist and become even more grounded and centered.  I am super excited about starting this journey again and I am going to listen to the podcast and watch more of cam’s videos when I get cravings

I am 24 and going to massage therapy school still and have recently gotten 104 out of 107 points for my final grade in anatomy 1

Hobbies that fill my time



Practing Qigong





i feel tired from school today, so much learning ad testing, bout to give a one hour massage, hope it goes well time to prepare for it,  I am anticipating my future growth from this excellent therapist, so pumped and hopeful about myself and this journey,

i am an addict, and when I talk about it to others it’s not easy but it helps me stay a quitter of gaming


Now that I have this on my phone it should be easier to journal,



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