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  1. The name is Josh, I realize I have been stuck in a similar pattern for too long and now I am busting out of it, I want to join the respawn program cause I believe that would truly help me out but I don’t get paid til a few weeks, I’m seeking a buddy who I can talk to about being more successful in life and help me through these cravings, and I can gladly be an ear for this buddy and or help keep him/her accountable. alittle about me. I love music specifically jazz, I also design Boardgames in my spare time and go on walks around my neighborhood. Feel free to message me here
  2. just deleted all my videogame now I feel weird, but it had to be done seeking an accountability partner that uses discord, feel free to message me here
  3. Hopefully I will stay on this site for awhile im just gonna be straight up and say it, having people comment on my stuff really helps me. But I need to not rely on these comments, it’s just, I need a push or kick in the pants, or something. I know I am not alone based of the many replies and posts I see here, I want to change, and not deal with the re occurring pattern that keeps choking my finances and well being i have been thinking about respawn elite and I honestly don’t have much to lose.
  4. Back again, after a longer relapse, what brings me here is the fact that I am seeing this girl and last night we were talking about what we fear in life, I told her I fear stagnation. How can I grow if I don’t try new things, no matter what I say I still feel the urge and crave to remain safe and comfortable in front of a tv with a bag of Doritos by my side. I don’t want to be like this. I spent 50 bucks on a game last week and I had to ask my parents for money for gas, this has got to come to an end. I’m almost 25. I think I want to try signing up for the elite respawn pa
  5. Procrastinator here. im curious to hear the communities thoughts on this, ever since I started a 90 day detox ( day 3). I find myself working out more instead of doing homework or studying, in Videogames, I used to grind a lot for rewards, now in life, I grind my physical health for reward of dopamine and a long term goal of getting healthy. I just cant seem to think of a reward for doing the grind of homework/studying, I guess the reward would be good grades and becoming smarter, but that’s not tempting enough for me at the moment. I listened to the game
  6. Day 3 of 90 no gaming detox. Right now I feel tired cause I just started my morning with a workout but I am doing good, my concern is what is gonna happen when my old video game friends come along and ask me to hangout and just play video games, these guys are my bros but it’s too bad that the relationship was built off of video games and hasn’t really gone anywhere to be honest. the second thing I wanted to post is I think I am still a procrastinator, instead of doing homework and studying now I workout or discover music, which is a lot better than gaming
  7. Day one of 90 day no gaming no fap detox went pretty swell, went to work, explained to my family what a gaming disorder is, and that I might have it, they tried to minimize it by saying stuff like everything is a disorder, I didn’t game at all yesterday. Wanted to clean my room instead and wowee was it messy. Then was tired and listened to music and went to bed, and failed my first night of no fap, I’m not too sad about that there is always tomorrow for a retry, I’m just glad I didn’t game
  8. I said too much here so I deleted it. Today’s date is 10/23/18
  9. I appreciate this community welcoming me back. Great! Really busy, with School work. Before class I was listening to your podcast and It was an episode where you talked about Your brain wants the easiest, quickest, reliable source of dopamine without any work or effort which is totally not normal in the past. Like, You can just have nonstop rewards, thats really not reality. This coincided perfectly with Pathology class when we discussed Addiction and Alcoholism My teacher said something like.. "Receptor cites in the brain are expecting to receive dopamine(the feel good
  10. Whooosh there goes a few months, it it would be nice to say that it’s good to be back but that’s not all true, not cause I dislike this site or idea or community at all. it’s hard giving it all up, I am glad this site and community is in the somewhere back of my mind lovingly pestering me like a mother trying to get her kid to to eat those veggies. those veggies sure doesn’t taste good right now but hopefully I will forget the taste of triple chocolate Big Mac ( aka a zero day with nothing but gaming) maybe that hat is just wishful optimism, that goes now
  11. As I was packing away my PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, I noticed the chords tangling up my legs, thinking of all the time I have wasted away pressing buttons staring at a screen instead of really living life, building myself and fulfilling my destiny. here we go, Day 1 Well that’s not true, I have tried quitting before, and have relapsed , and have even posted on this site before, and had an accountability buddy and everything, I was going strong for a week and then the cravings came back and autopilot kicked in, When I get knocked down I gotta pick myself up again, th