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  1. This has been my longest period of gaming it’s been like 4 or 5 months I think. The longest I made it without gaming was maybe 1 month. this time I have the funds to purchase respawn elite and I am hoping for the best and will continue to learn about myself and my cravings in order to better my life and help others with different sorts of addictions.
  2. I’m back again after my longest relapse and at a pivital time in my life . Just graduated massage school in the process of studying for a license test to become a licenensed massage therapist. Yikes I haven’t studied a lot. And my test is Tuesday. But I am here one step at a time I guess or baby steps back up the hill. I’m scared. Hoping that I pass.
  3. By the way this is JKD, lost the password and email to my old account but will continue my journal journey here
  4. Well I am clearly not a stable individual. Resownloaded all my videogames and have been playing them for months. have been very frustrated with life. My life feels like it’s falling apart, tomorrow I turn 25 and i just want to have a better quarter of my life compared to my first quarter. tomorrow I will be purchasing the respawn elite package and I am going change my life. I don’t care how many times I fall and relapse, because when I do reside in the man cave and game away. I get so frustrated with life. this is not what life ought to be like. I must stop gaming or it will stop my life.
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