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  1. Wow, this is a great thread! @Some Yahoo, thanks for the insight into the chemicals in our brains and how they effect us. And thanks to all for sharing. For me it is hard to tell whether depression is caused by addiction, or the other way around. Likely they feed off of each other. I'm glad to find a group that doesn't stigmatize mental illness or medication as a possible solution.
  2. I'm thinking that this would be a good idea for me to track exercise as well. @info-gatherer, did you pick an app to use and how is it working? Or did you decide on good old paper?
  3. For me, I often procrastinate on going to bed because there's something that's stressing me out or I don't want to deal with what's happening tomorrow. My thoughts seem to just go on and on. Sometimes it's hard to pick out what the real issue is in the moment. Taking a few minutes at the beginning of the evening to to sit down and just journal or write down whatever's in my head often helps me process the endless thoughts that may come before bed. Another thing that may help is to have a routine before bed. Sounds like you may have tried some of this, but if not, hope that helps!
  4. Thank you for your replies, @Peluconus and @Phoenixking. This makes sense and helps a lot.
  5. Wow, this is a great question and one I've struggled with a lot as well. I think I'm like Cam and any gaming would lead to it spiraling out of control. Have any of you been able to get over a video game addiction and then play responsibly for a reasonable length of time? @Peluconus, two months seems like a long time to play responsibly. I don't think I will ever be able to do that. (and don't plan to try)
  6. Hey Josh, I know how that feels, "Where did the summer go?!" is exactly what I was thinking as I decided to quit games a week ago. It is hard giving up what's easy and comfortable! If it was easy, we wouldn't need help like this. It never goes away completely, but it does get easier. One thing Cam taught me in the Respawn program is we need all four types of activities to fill the voids games leave: Active, Resting, Social, and Skills. In my opinion it looks like you have a good set of activities you enjoy, but may need to find some social activities as well. Just a suggestion. If you're anything like me, these are the most challenging to start, as there is a risk whenever meeting new people, but I've found there is great rewards that go along with the risk! Derek
  7. In my experience there are therapists that understand and work for me, and others that just don't. The therapist I have now specializes in addiction issues and understands and helps me think through my addiction and offers suggestions, but I had a couple therapists before this which just didn't understand me and what I needed. My suggestion is that it is best to define before you go what you are expecting the therapist to do or help you learn. Any therapist has a better chance of helping if you know what you are expecting them to do. When I first went I was clear and honest about what I was struggling with (have tried to quit games by shear willpower, but was struggling to do so) and was looking for practical solutions to help me accomplish this goal. I think it's easy for many therapists to get lost "studying you" instead of "helping you". Don't be afraid to try different therapists/counselors/psycharatrists/psychologists (I'm not exactly sure the differences??). In my experience they are not all the same. Find something or someone that works for you!
  8. Hi Game Quitters! I'm Derek and I've been trying to play less or quit games for about two years now. I've read the Respawn package from Cam and am trying my best to quit games for good. I found the Respawn information really helped to understand why I play games and some helpful strategies for quitting, including joining a community to keep me accountable, which is why I'm here! Looking forward to growing and getting better through being part of the forum! Derek