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6 hours ago, BooksandTrees said:

How often do you play games now, how often did you play games per day before signing up for this website, and how does playing games effect your mind?

About seven years ago, I was playing whenever I was awake. Maybe 10 hours a day. That lasts for a couple of years until I was accepted for a Ph.D. program at a Canadian University.  I knew this is a great opportunity, so I started to reduce the gaming hours, but I didn't want to leave gaming as I was enjoying it. About a year ago, I gave birth to my boy, and it was the first time I decided to stop playing. During the first two years of my Ph.D., I was playing probably five hours a day. In the past year that I was trying to quit, Whenever I relapse, I play like full time! However, those days that I don't, I am very productive and have an excellent focus on my study. In a typical day, I do meditation, study English every day,  do my research and also try to learn something new like as I said a new programming language. Therefore, I am either 0 or 1. When I am playing a game, I am living a miserable life, and when I am not, I am very productive.  I am not spending any time doing any sport or any hobby.  Canada has freezing winters, and there is not much I can do right now like photography for example. That I am very productive whenever not playing made me quite successful in my studies and I can see a bright future for myself if I can put an end to gaming. Sorry for the very long description, but I think this helps me to get over this gaming. I learnt that whenever I try to explain something to others, I automatically look at it very differently and it is somewhat rewarding.


To wrap up: 

Seven years ago: played full time

Three years ago: played 5 hours a day

One year ago: either playing full time (not more than five hours per day because I have a baby to take care of) or being very productive.

About six months ago, when I registered on the website and started photography, I completed an 89-day detox straight ahead. I relapse on the very last day!

How does my mind is affected? Hard question. I am usually happy with the first games, and then I do not enjoy it. Because I see myself very miserable at that condition, I continue to play even though not enjoying. I do not play smart enough recently because I do not care about games anymore. It is just a very solid pattern of behaviour that is still with me.

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The good thing is that I am experiencing no craving at all over the past 17 days! It is like that I have never had a feeling for games! I think the reason is linked to the meditation that I do daily. I have been very productive recently and wake up early morning, so games have no place here for me! I have never been this serious in my life. The other time that I went into a 90-day detox, I was spending so much time for photography which is not the priority in my life. However, thankfully, I am spending all my time on my priorities this time, so this detox is a great and changing one!

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