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  1. Hi Jason! Good luck in your journey quitting games! Many people (including me) did relapse during this pandemic. I hope you stay strong and determined in this long and difficult path to leave videogames behind.
  2. That feels like the good old hedonic thread mill, human greed is unlimited man... It is better to simply ackowlege the fact that there is nothing that will make us perfectly and permanently happy and that life is just a cycle of ups and downs. (I am sorry for not having anything more practical about how to improve your situation).
  3. I get your struggles. I have not the best relationship with my sisters either. Also in the last few years I was under pressure to amass the money necessary, to pay the costs of immigration (it gets expesive when 1 US $ = 6 BRL). Unfortunately, life is unfair and sometimes unpleasant. However, giving in to gaming or any other compulsion won't make it any better. I sincerely, hope you the best in your journey. PS: I like how you pick things to be grateful about everyday.
  4. Thanks @championeal I actually did not know this 'rabbit hole' idiom, it describes very well how I feel sometimes. ------------------------------------------------- Absolutely no surfing today (zero, nothing)! I did masturbate/ saw porn after lunch and overall it didn't impact my mood or performance (besides the 30min I spent in the act). I can't claim it was because of a strong compulsion or anything, I rather fooled myself into believing that masturbating once a week is fine. To be quite honest, I do think that faping once a week or ever two weeks is kind
  5. Today I had to deal with my problematic intelectual hubris and excessive curiosity. There is an entry of my personal diary that I think is worth sharing and will take some extra time typing it today: ----------------------------------- Today, I talked with a friend about physics during my workout session before lunch. While I can only resolve very basic math and physics problems (like the four basic operations and very basic kinetic exercises), since my abilities with numbers ironed since I got out from high school; I still find the more theoretical parts of physics fas
  6. Something that works really well for my acne is a combination of a sulphur soap every day a + mud mascara (I use a local brazilian vulcanic mascara that is similar in composition to the USA bentonite one) twice a week. The evidence for both of those is kind of anecdotal (there aren't many studies about it), but many people (including me) swear they worked better than traditional first therapies against acne (like topic retinoids and benzoyl peroxides). They are also much cheaper!
  7. I thinks that or most people on GQ it is just fucking hard to moderate on videogames. I myself always relapse when I try to go trough that route. That being said, many of my colleagues ( I would be that most of the population) do play videogames only moderately, so good luck if that is the route you pretend to follow! Just be careful not to relapse.
  8. Thanks @Lampshade and @championeal ! One of the worst par of videogame / internet addiction is not having anyone IRL who would understand your struggle. No real surfing! saw an academic video about COVID-19 in youtube but that was necessary and I didn't feel any urge to click in the tonnes of gaming / trashy links youtube offered me. Quickly used reddit for academic purpose, but only for 5 min. I feel that journaling here and in my private journal has been great for my mental health. I stopped doing it on penzu and I am now writing in a big notebook. I used it to keep track of
  9. I am also making an effort to wake up early everyday. It is really makes my productivity and mood much better! I am curious about at which time you go to sleep and how many hours of sleep every night you are getting? I found your struggle against WoW touching, i know how hard is to overcome our addictions. As someone who was raised as catholic, but found that becoming an atheist (and kind of a nihilist) in my late teens did more harm than good, I will leave my 2 cents specifically for that part. Spirituality coming from the Latin world spiritus that means 'bre
  10. Today was election day in Brazil again, so I lost most of my morning in the voting session (so I could choose between a local corrupt and opportunistic career politician, whose biggest accomplishment is being grandson of a former governor of São Paulo; or a guy from the communist party famous for invading and occupying 'rich' people's home for the sake of 'social justice' for the poor). After that I had a great family time and a great barbecue. I ate a ton of food (way more than I should have eaten) and slept until 16:30. When I woke up I checked the news about the Brazilian election for
  11. Good luck in your journey! I would like to leave my 2 cents specifically about that. Everyone is different, but I think books can also be a source of addiction and compulsion. There were times I was addicted to book novels like ASOIF, the Saxons Chronicles and The Expanse. I also would read self-help and philosophy books out of compulsion and procrastination, as a way of escapism. That being said, I feel like reading/ literature can be a very wholesome activity and I am doing it everyday in moderation (one chapter per day only).
  12. Thanks @Mohammad and @championeal for your support! I haven't posted much in the last two day due to work/study. And honestly I will probably post only more resumed journals from now on. I realize a lot of the numbers I post (E.g.: morning routine; study time and porductivity; daydreaming episodes etc.) have been really useful for me in order to keep track of myself, abandon bad habits and develop good ones. However, they must not be very interesting for the readers of this journal. Just as you said, on Thursday after seeing porn I got frustrated, disabled get
  13. Day 12 - of my journey to overcoming my gaming, porn and internet addiction: Did a 12h shift today. Unfortunately I came back to home tired, opened porn (disabled getcoldturkey) and fapped before taking a bath. I don't really feel bad about myself, because even if I want get rid of porn I think it is not as problematic as TV, internet and games. That being said, I am still committed not to see porn (forever, should I have the perseverance). I realized porn didn't make me feel better but worse and doesn't do anything good for me in the long term. I see my journey as a lifelong commitm
  14. Good luck Mario! Stress is a bitch! You seem to have some solid goals for your life, time to put them into practice 💪