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  1. Hey men one of the things I love in this forums is that I can find people struggling with the same problems as I am. Good luck in your journey.
  2. Hello again everyone. I am back after a big relapse. I stopped this forum after new year because I was frustrated and ashamed from my relapse. And I apologize for simply leaving the forum without saying goodbye. I tried to go no gaming just by myself and did hold to it for a few weeks. But last month I started playing hearts of iron IV, just pirated it because I deleted my steam account and I am gaming pretty much all the time I am not working (sometimes till 04am). It affected my studies during February by a lot. Well, time to start again. Days without gaming: 00
  3. Massive relapse between Christmas and new year. I gamed all the time from Christmas to now. Started playing videogames (cyberpunk+red dead redemption) with my cousins and I got totally hooked on it. I downloaded that shit in my PC and I was playing videogames all the time until Sunday, then I binged in the expanse season 5. If I was not watching shows or playing games I was surfing on Reddit or watching YouTube videos. I also drank wine and saw porn most of the days, and was waking up almost at midday most of the time. I simply gave up on my life during this last week. I actuall
  4. Most people manage to overcome depression, most of the time it is only a temporary condition. I feel like seeing a psychiatric could really help you right now (specially if you are thinking about hurting yourself).
  5. This is also how I feel. Every time I game/watch TV/ see porn in order to blow off some stress I fell usually more tired and stressed afterwards. I also crave for some more immediate success a lot of the time. Unfortunately many of us spent years building in bad habits who will simply not go away overnight. That being said, I feel MUCH better now after 35 days of a more or less successful detox then I was last month playing games all the time.
  6. I also have problems adequating my commitment to change myself with my social life. Notably, I feel like if I am ever invited to watch TV, games or drink (only one glass of wine), I would do so even if not to be rude and look like I am judgmental. Internally, however, I would do my best not to get hooked on those things. I wonder if your family and friends know about your intentions of quitting games?
  7. @championeal From Thich Nhat Hanh I only read this book and "Blue Sky White Clouds", do you recommend any of his book specially?
  8. Another week goes by. I have been studying most of the time (stopped counting, but at a minimum of 11h every single day, apart from today), even if that meant that I wouldn't exercise/read/meditate/journaling on a day. My studying are going very well, but my mental health not so much... I am not sure it is sustainable in the long run to study this much. I kept internet surfing to a minimum (I spent 05 consecutive days without any surfing), but I saw porn twice along the week... Yesterday however I drank like half a bottle of wine (mainly due of stress I think) and saw porn afterwards
  9. Keep on @Mohammad, best of luck!
  10. Another week passed by. PORN: This week masturbated 03 times (but I was careful to be quick and efficient about it and only took <15min LOL). Honestly, I kind of quit my commitment of quitting porn during some days and started to "cut corners". At least I fap quickly once a day, my lust is satiated and don't bother for the entire day, which is not true about TV/Games/surfing/food because once I have a little taste of it I always want more and waste my entire day hooked on that kind of shit... As I said a few days ago, I don't think porn affect my life in the same way that m
  11. Thanks for your concer @Pochatok, but unfortunately I kind of have to study all my free time and sacrifice quite a little bit (and a lot of money...) if I wanna a shot at doing well boards and immigrating to the USA... I am already 26 yo, two years since graduation and with no residency, so there I have some sense of urgency of matching in 1-2 years. Otherwise, I will be stuck in Brazil forever... Thanks @Mohammad! Woke up 4:30, and I want to keep waking up at this hour everyday. Unfortunately I mastubated in the morning, because of lack of self control. I did surf for about 1:4
  12. Second, I spent all my day behind a computer and sometimes I kind of have to visit youtube/ wiki to solve a doubt or two and I always end falling in the rabbit hole. I think exercising and reading are two great hobbies to substitute games with. I am also reading, meditating and exercising everyday.
  13. LOL loved the pyramid counter. I would steal your idea, if I wasn't trying to keep my reboot hidden.