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Join GameQuitters group on Chains.cc


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Hey everyone!

For few weeks now I track my gaming-free days on https://chains.cc/.  For those who are not familiar with it let me give you brief overview.

You create multiple habits and visit the website everyday to check-in whether you had sticked to it or not (see screenshot). You can make one or more of your chains public and share inside a group. I think it will be awesome if we have gamequitters group there where we could share with eachother our gaming-free streaks.

I've created one and encourage you to join me :) Here is GQ group -> https://chains.cc/groups/lmai5LEWSUeeOzS


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Allright, I'll invite 3 next Gamequitters to join us! :)



@Shine Magical

Do you accept my invitation on the group? :)

Greetings, Mad Pharmacist

Thank you for inviting me but I am trying to avoid using the internet as much as I can, so this is not a good fit for me. >.<

Smart choice for me :)

Do you use any form of tracking habits? Like writing ticks on a notebook when you finish your daily habit each day?

If not, I recommend that for you, because this way you'll control your habits more :)

Greetings, Mad Pharmacist

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