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The Daily Bullshit of Flowie


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Day 1:

Hey GQ's,

I'm Florian from Germany, a seventeen year old guy, who weights 60 kg. I just uninstalled everything and deleted my accounts. However, my goals for this challenge, rehab, or whatever (you name it) will be to improve my style of writing and my english skills and obiviously quit games. I used to play competetive games like League of Legends and Counterstrike: Global Offensive, because I loved to crush my enemies and completely stomp them into the dust. It deeply satisfied me. I won't play video games ever again, at least I hope so. I played games since I was probably 6 years old. I have begun with handheld games like pokemon. When I was 12, the addiction took completely new scales. I played for hours and started to play League and with 13 I started CS:GO. I hope that's enough for an expostion about my minor self. I would love to hear some critcs about my English. I really need it for my A-Levels.

Today I did:

  • Tidied up my room
  • unstalled everything

My Goals during this are:

  • to workout everyday
  • to get more self-esteem
  • to motivate myself in a long-term
  • to develope social skills
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Hello Florian

good to have you with us here.

A few tipps for the beginning.

Make sure to set yourself goals you can achive realisticly and in the given time so that you actually see some progress. I dont know about your workout routine but workout everyday sounds pretty hard for me - if you mean going to the gym.( I would even go so far and say its not healthy to go there everyday since the body needs a day or so to recover from time to time)

My next advice would be to make these goals more clear and trackable.

"to get more self-esteem" for example

sounds nice but what does it actually mean? ;) What do you want to do to GAIN this new self-esteem? Are there any ideas in your head? Because otherwise in a week or so you will look at your goals and feel very indifferent because its hard to really tell if you made any progress... and a gamers brain wants that feeling of progresion you want to see that you improved.

I fell for that trap in the beginning! I gave myself way to "open" goals and way to many. After I started to formulate much more focused and clear goals it got a lot better.

Sorry if I went a litte overboard in my post! If its too much just tell me :P



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