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Thank you guys! 

Day 57(5/12/2016)

Several weeks ago I thought of suspending school for 1~3 quarters to sharpen my drawing skills by my own before continuing the genuine courses. This is because I thought the foundation training provided by the school is completely useless and if I enter year 2 like this way I will certainly die before graduation. (So far I can tell that none of my abilities are taught by school. Not to mention the character design stuff.)

So I told my concern to my leader from the online drawing group. He understood my situation and said I indeed should do something to prevent the disaster from happening.

So after discussing with my group mates, starting from today, I will extend my daily training hour from 4 hours to 8 hours(which is 19.2 pomodoto) to see if I am discipline enough to be self-taught. If I successfully do it for 23days(5/12~31/12 , Saturday is day off), I will consider suspending school for 1~3 quarters. If I failed for any reason, I will back to school willingly lol.

(today is day 1 and I almost drained after 19.2 pomodoto lol yet satisfying)

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Day 60(8/12/2016)

Today is my 4th day of intensive training. I successfully follow the pomodoto clock to train for 8 hours everyday but the thing is I can't concentrate most of the time= =

This is not because of distractions but I am just feeling tired and sleepy. I tried listening to musics and audio book while drawing but I still get sleepy.

I must find a method to let me be able to concentrate for a long time. 

These are the copy drawing practice I did. The left is the original photo and the right is what I drew using SAI brush. This practice aims to improve my observing ability about colors and shapes. Hopefully I can draw 20 pictures before January.





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Wow, your ability to perceive subtle color changes is really impressive!! I am blown away! I thought at first those were just two copies of the same photograph before looking more carefully...beautiful drafts above also!

Are you taking short breaks during your 8 hour session? Maybe it would help stave off the sleepiness to get up for 5 minutes and stretch, dance or exercise vigorously then get back to it. And a longer break sometime in the middle perhaps? It is important to do this when you are sitting for lengthy periods of time anyway to circulate your lymph, get your blood moving etc. Anyway, you should be telling us what you're doing, that's already much more impressive concentration on one task than I'm ever capable of!

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