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Starting a company

Ashley K.

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For a long time I've always wanted to start my own graphic design company. I started to think about why I wanted to do it and my mind drew a blank. I didn't have a purpose to start the company or what the company would mean. So right now besides drawing, I'm also trying to figure out what kind of company I should try and start. Anyone else feel the same way?

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Yeah, I have this thoughts right now. My plan is to learn website programming and start as freelancer. I do this to be my own boss and be financially independent. At first I wanted to start company too, but I don't think I will handle something big, so I start small with freelancing.

Do you have any more thoughts on your mind, regarding your company?

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I feel the same way. I've been thinking of opening a store in the beverage business (coffee shop or Juice Bar), I've even envisioned its values and target audience. I've also thought about building a youth hostel. But I'm broke and I have no idea if any bank would lend money to someone like me (foreigner with no practical experience in enterpreneurship).

I've also thought about becoming a writer and a musician. In Brazil would be tough to live from music, but in Japan I can see myself making a living out of it. Also, I'd like to have a source of income online, perhaps with a personal brand. That may become my first step in enterpreneurship, since it is the one that require less investment, financially speaking.


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