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Hello! I'm not entirely sure whether it's wise to bring up this quite a controversial topic.

To be clear I'm not talking about watching porn, I'm talking specifically about masturbation only.

I'm not really sure about NoFap's effects. Back in spring when I quit gaming I also started a nofap-streak and went with it for 130 days. That is the first reason why I'm a bit unsure about the effects. I was undergoing many changes then, so I'm not entirely sure should I give credit to NoFap at all. One thing I notice is that I'm naturally thinking more about sex. I don't know whether it's a good thing or a bad thing. Having sexual tensions disturbs my ability to concentrate. If somebody masturbates for example 4 hours straight I understand that it might cause some problems.

I know it's a bit of a risk discussing this topic, since I know that there are people who say it's rubbish and people who praise it. I hope and believe that the Awesome community of Gamequitters can still discuss this topic sophisticated and not turn upon others. Positive, Neutral or Negative, BroScience or Solution, What do you think?

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Sex is a part of life, and we all want to improve our lives, so I personally think it's entirely appropriate to talk about it here. I think there is a decent overlap between those who are interested in r/nofap and r/stopgaming, etc. But for those who aren't interested in r/Nofap, it's probably good to have a dedicated topic for it so it's not all over the place.

I was initially skeptical of r/nofap because I didn't understand the 'addiction' aspect of it and saw it as people simply denying their urges. I see it very differently now, though. I initially did a 90 day detox and then I've relapsed a few times, but mostly kept to it. I think if anyone is skeptical of r/nofap I would encourage them to check out www.yourbrainonporn.com and read some articles there and see what they think, and/or watch the TED talk by Gary Wilson. The science is probably far from settled, but nonetheless the movement has clearly struck a chord with a lot of people. You might still not 'buy' it, but those are the places to get more information, at least.

I'm curious though, why are you talking about masturbation only and not the porn aspect? In general it's the other way around, people stop watching porn at least, and then may also stop masturbation. I have only stopped porn, but have seen benefit. I also did this in the context of a relationship, so I have only experienced the effects of removing porn and not the more common experience that r/nofap seems to talk about of stopping porn, masturbation, and orgasm (PMO) altogether for an extended period of time.

It's interesting you say that you stopped porn and games at the same time, because I was literally just thinking about this an hour or two ago. I stopped porn before I stopped gaming. On r/nofap you'll see a lot of stories of people talking about 'superpowers' and having tons of energy and getting so much done, feeling great, etc after stopping PMO. I had a bit of that, but not as dramatic as many report. Now that I've been doing r/nofap for a while though, and now that I'm quitting games on top of it, now I'm beginning to feel those effects. Then again I'm also getting better sleep, etc. So it could be several things. But I really think there is something to the notion of removing stimuli that produce unnaturally high dopamine responses, like porn and video games. It's like I needed both removed to see improvement; as long as either were there I would still be hindered somehow.

I guess my stance is generally to acknowledge that the science isn't really there yet for either totally justifying quitting porn or video games. But removing these things from our lives is a relatively innocuous experiment we can try if we think we're not doing so great. So, give it a try if you're interested. Quit for 90 days. If your life is better, keep going with it. If not, then you can stop. :P

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As long as I'm around, I'm always going to take the side of open dialogue. I believe having open conversations is one of the most important mechanics of a healthy society.

I've completed the 90 day NoFap challenge multiple times and from a place of learning more about yourself I think it's great.

A few thoughts quickly:

1) There is a lot of sexual shame in our culture that is damaging in my opinion. This is separate from NoFap but I just want to reference that having sexual tension and desire is NORMAL.

2) In my experience, I found my desire to fap came from a place of anxiety. So I was searching for that dopamine rush, but after the initial hit I would be lower energy and less inspired for my life.

3) I'm definitely of the opinion that porn should be avoided. I do not watch porn and encourage others to stop as well.

4) I have a girlfriend so I don't have much of a need to masturbate often, but it happens occasionally. I do pay a lot of attention to how I'm feeling in the moments where that desire comes up for me, and whether it's a desire to get that dopamine hit, or I'm just turned on.

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I'm not really sure about NoFap's effects. Back in spring when I quit gaming I also started a nofap-streak and went with it for 130 days. That is the first reason why I'm a bit unsure about the effects. I was undergoing many changes then, so I'm not entirely sure should I give credit to NoFap at all.

You bet it helped, for a variety of reasons

Hi fellas it's been some time ;)

This is a topic I can say a lot from my experience and knowledge. I used to masturbate as a teenager quite often still as I grew older reading and conversing got me too see more pieces of the puzzle.

I have two roots that constantly feed me with information and first hand experiences on that aspect as well. Internal Martial Arts + Tantra

As a practicioner in both fields the least I can say is that there is a lot to learn on this subject. 

The Main Thing here is the male's human sperm. Ancients refered to it as an elixir of life, not only for it's key attribute of containing life but for it's strong chemical build which consists too many nutritients plus some yet unknown, from the scientists, materials.

As a quite accurate Tao Book says it is not necessary to stop ejaculation totally, but limit it for a period of 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks depending on the season.

Now if I would be reading this I would say ''Hey you want me to sex once a month!!?!''

Well Nope :D thank goodness

The thing is that man's body is a lot wiser than what we might think.

Now finish your bite and focus on these next lines k?

Our male bodie\z are able to have orgasms after orgasms without ejaculation! Given the proper time to get used to it you can ejaculate whenever and if you want!

We should all feel proud about our sexuality and never deny our sexual energy, it is truly a driving force and a complete powerhouse! It can be used to heal the mind the body even the heart.

They Key Stone to enter that experience is simple, yet profound. 2 Steps are required.

 - 1st: You learn of the following. There are 2 main nervous channels that form our complete nervous system, the Sympathetic & the Parasympathetic. These 2 usually work as a team in a variety of functions every day. Some times they work solo. Whatever the situation, co-working or not, the juicy part here is that they don't need each other to function properly. Meaning they can easily do what they are build to do without hanging on the other one - teaching us something also about true relationships here I assume.. Anyway that is the first step, which you have actually already completed by now.

 - 2nd: You learn the follolwing. In men's case: Orgasm is controlled by the Sympathetic nervous system, where Ejaculation from the Parasympathetic nervous system. That was the second step, which also you have already completed by now.

When you combine Steps 1 & 2 you get = The Fact that you can have either of the two functions without the other one! Meaning you can ejaculate but yet have no real orgasm ( called fake orgasm, had a few before I realised what was happening ), or................... Din Din Din...................... Have Orgasm without Ejaculation.

That my good friends is plain gold just right on the plate.

Ok so now what? Are you good to go? Off course and I ll give you a proper technique, accurate and simple, so you can begin to transform yourself into the so called Multi Orgasmic Man right here and now! 

 - Technique : Remember that during sexual arousal as you build momentum the orgasm function is programmed to kick off a little bit before the so called point-of-no-return, after which point the body automatic functions take control and you will ejaculate. So what you do is time it properly, when you begin to feel orgasmic sensations you keep it there, breath slowly, pause, relax a bit if you must - even stop the action - feel it, expand it right there, you begin to feel the sensation rising and expanding inside and outside of you, this is human nature, your true nature. At first the orgasmic feels might not be always as powerful as the auto-pilot ones but they will only keep increasing and strenghtening from there as the moments pass. 

Visualize and feel a column of light force swimming/flying up your spine

When the orgasmic sensations take place, you understand them, you are present in the moment, letting everything else go and come and go, swift your open eyes left and right, left, then right, left, then right, like you look for something without tilting your head, do it slowly 2 seconds on each side without blinking. 10 - 20 are enough to begin with. 

It will seem a bit funny so you better explain to your partner before hand what you re gonna do :P. If you start feeling euphoria or even laugh don't stop it is a good thing.

In that way and others I have experienced the most profound and everlasting orgasms yet, being in a state of erotic trance for more than 2 minutes, crazy right? It's not, it's what you are born to do, your birthright in love making. Like Cam says everything is a skill, when you reach that level on that skill you understand that there is no cieling and you can actually keep improving your erotical life and your partner's as well.

Have fun with it.

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Hello guys! This has been a topic that has started to bother me once again. I'm still not completely sure how to deal with this issue. I've been listening to Tucker Max's podcast, and he stated that masturbation is a part of healthy sexuality especially for young guys like me. It got me thinking once again whether denying my sexual urges is the right way to go, since that is essentially what I'm currently doing. (I don't have a partner currently, so masturbation is the go to option with releasing sexual tension) I'm currently struggling to see the solution.

Just to point this out I'm currently talking about masturbation and masturbation only. Porn is something I know will not be beneficial for me.

What makes this so hard for me is the difficulty to find clear empirical evidence regarding this situation. There are plenty of articles around, but they haven't been able to empirically convince me.

Most of you reading this topic are probably aware of the way the NoFap-movement sees this situation. I feel like their Zero Tolerance-approach to masturbation and in some occasions sexuality altogether might not fit my way of seeing things. I can understand their point of view from an angle. If masturbation for them is like gaming was for me I can totally understand their decision to limit or abstain from it. But on the other had I can't see NoFap as such a great factor as it has claimed to be. For example titles like "4 days into nofap and i lost my virginity" are in my opinion a bit misleading. I believe that not masturbating will not make you magically better at life just like only stopping gaming won't alone either. It's the action you take that gets you closer to your goals, for example changing the way you sleep, eat and exercise. It's great that people who are burdened with uncontrollable masturbation are able to get through their problem, but marketing NoFap as a solution for everybody's problems is a bit far-fetched.

On the other hand there are also plenty of pro-masturbation information on the net. The positive effects like reducing stress, helping to get sleep and naturally releasing sexual tension. There are also arguments based on natural biology suggesting that masturbation is useful to us humans, otherwise natural selection would have eliminated the individuals who masturbate.

I've been doing Nofap for maybe 10 months now (not one streak, average approx 5x60 day streaks). I experimented with it a bit recently, but still wasn't able to come up with clear solution (if there even is one). I limited masturbating to approx 2-3 times a week. Naturally the sexual tension wasn't as present as it usually is. Not feeling as sexually tense I felt better when interacting with girls, something sexual wouldn't pop into my mind every few minutes.  I also didn't suddenly turn into an unattractive freak. Once I got over the placebo-effect that followed the experiment I actually felt totally normal. I was able to complete my habits and enjoy my life as usual.

While having been on the NoFap I have to admit that I get more kicks out of for example going to gym. After all masturbation is pretty high pleasure, low effort activity. I'm not planning on becoming an ascetic, but being able to enjoy things, that move you forward, more is always great.

For now I feel like the best way to continue would be to have a good rhythm to it. Enough to keep the constant sexual tension away, but enough to have the benefit of enjoying other things more. For some reason I feel like I need to return to this subject once again. Well writing this helped me to vent out. Please let me know what you think and what kind of experiences/goals you have regarding masturbation! Thanks!


Some of the sources and examples I found:

4 days into nofap and i lost my virginity





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I've gone through some similar thinking lately as well. I recently had a 60 day NoFap streak that I ended when I was dating someone recently because the sexual tension was just too much, and it made me distracted and less functional.

I think there are benefits for NoFap for short periods, but I don't know that going longer than 90 days has any benefits (can't say since I haven't done that yet). I think avoiding masturbation if you are cutting off porn is a good first step. I haven't watched porn on a regular basis for over a year, and I don't remember the last time I actually watched any, it's been a few months. I think now that I have cut that out of my life, masturbating a normal amount is healthier than giving it up. Listening to the Mating Grounds podcast eps where they talked about was definitely a reminder that NoFap isn't the only right way to look at things. It's true that it isn't easy to find good empirical evidence on it, so it's important to experiment and find what works for you, I think. You're right that much of the benefit people see from NoFap are from the other things they're doing to improve their life, rather than just abstaining from masturbating. If you have your life on track and are working to improve yourself, that's the important thing in the long run.

In summary, I'm glad that I cut porn out of my life - I see benefit. I don't see as much benefit for cutting out masturbation entirely.

To Cam's note though, I did definitely notice some effects of sexual transmutation - while on NoFap I was able to use that energy to motivate myself to exercise more, which was legitimately helpful in training for my 5k.

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One thing doesn't sit right with me when I see discussions on NoFap.

Masturbation can sap your energy if it's excessive.  Ok. I can see the point in avoiding it.But whenever NoFap discussion comes up, guys will say they've done the NoFap thing for these huge amounts of time.  60 days, sometimes even over a 100.


And the one thought that pops into my head, "No masturbation, fair enough....but are they also going this amount of time without sex?"


And if they are getting regular sex, it's hardly an achievement to go 90 days without masturbation if you're having sex a few times a week.

One of the advantages of NoFap is that with the added tension you're more motivated to go out and connect with women.


NoFap combined with NoSex surely can't be mentally healthy.

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"NoFap combined with NoSex surely can't be mentally healthy."

This hasn't been my experience. The gist of it is that yeah, you're abstaining from sexual activity completely for a time. The motivation comes from the assumption that you're doing this because porn has had neurological effects akin to addiction, so you need to withdraw from sexual activity for that time for your brain to neuroplastically heal and return to 'normal'.

I mean, I don't think the science is really definitive it all, but it seems plausible based on Gary Wilson's work. Once you get past a few weeks of it though, it's really quite easy to not engage in masturbation. It seems hard to believe until you've done it, but you find a new normal and you can direct your sexual energy elsewhere.

If you're in a relationship though, then yeah, it's a bit harder to avoid sex. If you're single, it's not so bad.

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Nofap and Noporn has been something I've been struggling with. I've tried over the years to limit how much I fap, and how much I look at porn, and I've certainly done that, but it comes and goes. Since I broke up with my GF, I've been a lot more thirsty. I was wanking up to twice a day for a number of days, but I've slowed it down to maybe every other day, and I'm trying to go longer than that. Porn on the other hand, I've tried to stop that too. I don't know what gets into me, and it sucks.

I realize that if I want to get back out there and talk to girls, I should want my sex drive to be as amped up as possible, and releasing that pressure resets the system completely and puts you back at square 1 (especially if you're emptying the tank multiple times a day). Quitting masturbation actually has a seriously appealing benefit, but whenever I hit that 2 or 3 day mark, the survival instincts kick in, and it almost seems like my desire to masturbate are stronger than my desire to eat, drink, and sometimes even sleep. 

And I get that this is all natural. I don't think there's anything wrong with masturbation. I'm in full support of it, and I don't plan on quitting, I just need to slow it down. It's better if you take breaks anyways. Porn on the other hand is something I wish never existed. It's so easy to come across it nowadays that most of us probably saw it before we even knew what it was. I feel like I spoiled the whole "surprise" to it. No virgin should know the ins and outs of every position and fetish known to man, yet here I am. I wish I could take it back, but all I can do now is abstain from it as much as possible, and the way I rationalize masturbating so much it is that I think to myself, "well, at least if I do it right away, I won't have time to grab my phone, or whatever". 

Long story short, Porn is awful and it should be avoided. Fapping is OK if you do it periodically but don't overindulge, and don't be afraid to do it especially if you're single. I'm still working on that. We're all only human.

PS. Just like everything else, if you want to quit an addiction, eradicate the substance from your immediate surroundings. If you want to eat healthy, you can't have oreos in the cubbord. If you want to quit gaming, you have to delete EVERYTHING that has anything to do with gaming. If you want to quit watching porn, block all the porn sites from your computer. At least the popular ones. I know it's pretty hard when the internet is like, 50% naked women, but just try it. 

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Long story short, Porn is awful and it should be avoided. Fapping is OK if you do it periodically but don't overindulge, and don't be afraid to do it especially if you're single. I'm still working on that. We're all only human.

This has basically been my take away after experimenting for NoFap / NoPorn for 1+ years. I think there are benefits to be gained from going without masturbation for a time. 90 days is the recommended, but my personal best is only 60. Still, that time period taught me a lot about myself, my sexuality, my willpower, self-control, etc. I think that staying off porn is more important than not fapping. When I don't view porn, I notice I naturally fap less and less. When I use porn, i get strong urges and it's harder to control. When I don't use porn, women are more appealing in real life. Etc. If I fap without porn, I don't really notice any negative effects.

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To be honest, i'd say that NoFap has been more an issue for me personally than playing games. However as time went on, I'd say that for me games and Faping went hand in hand (didn't really intend that pun but I'll run with it haha). 

I look at it like this.... Playing video games is Taking something. Same for how Porn works. It's just selfish. Sure games can be social, but just about every game today is still about "what do I get out of it?". Where as I'd say Fapping without porn may be alright, as long as is in moderation. 

I'd have to agree with Kotheo here, I'd say try it a NoFap for 90 days as the goal but as a kicker have sex be a thing that's still on the table. Healthy. 


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I'm starting NoFap for 66 Days.That's my goal.

I think that resorting to porn and masturbation is reducing my sexual drive and appetite to approach and interact with hot women.Since I can always resort to the easy solution (masturbation and porn) and I don't really push myself to go for what I want(hot girls).

Anyway even if it doesnt ,help I'm gonna go for it. I'm really curious to see how horny i'll be after a couple weeks lol.

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Hey guys, 

After getting my gaming habits under control, i've decided to focus on a 100 day no-fap (the kicker is having a +1 is cool, just no-fap.)

Is there any resources anyone can point me to? I know of the reddit, but it's more of a reddit to me than a community. 

I feel that being apart of a community really helped! 


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I'm starting NoFap for 66 Days.That's my goal.

I think that resorting to porn and masturbation is reducing my sexual drive and appetite to approach and interact with hot women.Since I can always resort to the easy solution (masturbation and porn) and I don't really push myself to go for what I want(hot girls).

Anyway even if it doesnt ,help I'm gonna go for it. I'm really curious to see how horny i'll be after a couple weeks lol.

Reviewing my progress after about 40 days  or so into the commitment.

I have relapsed both in porn use and mastrubation.

The results I got so far.

No Porn: My best streak without porn is about 15 days or so.

The results where: During this time I was more attracted to real life girls ,I was constantly thinking of them naked in my mind or doing things to them or with them.This made me take a lot more action and approach more ladies.

No Fap: I did a couple streaks of 7-9 days without fapping during this 40 day span.But overall I had many relapses , at some point I really started doubting the benefits of no Faping.There were a few weeks when I was trying to train my d*ck to last longer (for 15-20+ mins) so I could get to a 30+  mark, which I thought would be better use of my time than nofap .Anyway what I noticed during the no fap periods and the the faping after a week periods are:

While in nofap, my social skills are insanely improved I can chat effortlesly chat with girls or friends and my social and mental sharpness is at it's peak.

The periods when I was faping every other day or so and trying to train myself: During these periods my sex drive has been at it's peak.I was constantly thinking about getting laid, I was having sexual fantasies about girls of all kinds and generally I was horny as f*ck.


Results based on "duration".

If you are in a long streak of no fap and you mastrubate or have sex, you are gonna cum in less than a couple of minutes.(Unless you are having sex during no fap)
.You can however stay hard after that first shot and keep going for plenty more minutes

If you are into the prolonged duration training you definetelly can increase your stamina in bed or with your hand, however this requires discipline and practice.




I have started another No Porn No Fap commitement for March.I'm currently 5 days into it and still going , cheers.

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