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  1. ?Thank you so much for taking the time to read my words! I feel proud for you as well! Is there anything you would like to ask about my journal? Yeah I want, how are you feeling now?
  2. You bet it helped, for a variety of reasons Hi fellas it's been some time This is a topic I can say a lot from my experience and knowledge. I used to masturbate as a teenager quite often still as I grew older reading and conversing got me too see more pieces of the puzzle. I have two roots that constantly feed me with information and first hand experiences on that aspect as well. Internal Martial Arts + Tantra As a practicioner in both fields the least I can say is that there is a lot to learn on this subject. The Main Thing here is the male's human sperm. Ancients refered to it as an elixir of life, not only for it's key attribute of containing life but for it's strong chemical build which consists too many nutritients plus some yet unknown, from the scientists, materials. As a quite accurate Tao Book says it is not necessary to stop ejaculation totally, but limit it for a period of 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks depending on the season. Now if I would be reading this I would say ''Hey you want me to sex once a month!!?!'' Well Nope thank goodness The thing is that man's body is a lot wiser than what we might think. Now finish your bite and focus on these next lines k? Our male bodie\z are able to have orgasms after orgasms without ejaculation! Given the proper time to get used to it you can ejaculate whenever and if you want! We should all feel proud about our sexuality and never deny our sexual energy, it is truly a driving force and a complete powerhouse! It can be used to heal the mind the body even the heart. They Key Stone to enter that experience is simple, yet profound. 2 Steps are required. - 1st: You learn of the following. There are 2 main nervous channels that form our complete nervous system, the Sympathetic & the Parasympathetic. These 2 usually work as a team in a variety of functions every day. Some times they work solo. Whatever the situation, co-working or not, the juicy part here is that they don't need each other to function properly. Meaning they can easily do what they are build to do without hanging on the other one - teaching us something also about true relationships here I assume.. Anyway that is the first step, which you have actually already completed by now. - 2nd: You learn the follolwing. In men's case: Orgasm is controlled by the Sympathetic nervous system, where Ejaculation from the Parasympathetic nervous system. That was the second step, which also you have already completed by now. When you combine Steps 1 & 2 you get = The Fact that you can have either of the two functions without the other one! Meaning you can ejaculate but yet have no real orgasm ( called fake orgasm, had a few before I realised what was happening ), or................... Din Din Din...................... Have Orgasm without Ejaculation. That my good friends is plain gold just right on the plate. Ok so now what? Are you good to go? Off course and I ll give you a proper technique, accurate and simple, so you can begin to transform yourself into the so called Multi Orgasmic Man right here and now! - Technique : Remember that during sexual arousal as you build momentum the orgasm function is programmed to kick off a little bit before the so called point-of-no-return, after which point the body automatic functions take control and you will ejaculate. So what you do is time it properly, when you begin to feel orgasmic sensations you keep it there, breath slowly, pause, relax a bit if you must - even stop the action - feel it, expand it right there, you begin to feel the sensation rising and expanding inside and outside of you, this is human nature, your true nature. At first the orgasmic feels might not be always as powerful as the auto-pilot ones but they will only keep increasing and strenghtening from there as the moments pass. Visualize and feel a column of light force swimming/flying up your spine When the orgasmic sensations take place, you understand them, you are present in the moment, letting everything else go and come and go, swift your open eyes left and right, left, then right, left, then right, like you look for something without tilting your head, do it slowly 2 seconds on each side without blinking. 10 - 20 are enough to begin with. It will seem a bit funny so you better explain to your partner before hand what you re gonna do . If you start feeling euphoria or even laugh don't stop it is a good thing. In that way and others I have experienced the most profound and everlasting orgasms yet, being in a state of erotic trance for more than 2 minutes, crazy right? It's not, it's what you are born to do, your birthright in love making. Like Cam says everything is a skill, when you reach that level on that skill you understand that there is no cieling and you can actually keep improving your erotical life and your partner's as well. Have fun with it.
  3. I did it guys 3 months completed woohoo! Now what? I didn't believe that I would feel an urge to play ever again but after my goal was completed I did. Hmm that is funny maybe I have trained myself to catch goals so my brain reacts from the stillness and quiet, who knows.. Wookieshark I have read some of your journal parts, you are an inspiration my friend! I feel proud on your behalf
  4. Thanx bro, a few days ago I entered an online gaming site to take some images for a board game I built, I wasn't really into playing it still I feel that since I watched a video game screen maybe my 3 months are nullified?? What is your opinion?
  5. Halo fellas! Long time no see, I've surely kept myself busy lately I am 4 days away from completing my 3-months detox from videogames and I am positive my new me is going to stay I wanted to inform all of you about a book a relative of mine is releasing with the help of fund raising Check it out here if you like https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mediterranean-cooking-the-art-of-long-life/x/11951064#/story It is a cook book that she wanted to write for some time now, finally she took the big step! I'm so happy for her! If you are interested in healthy eating recipes and easy to perform kitchen tips you could help her also with her raise and add yourself in her perk's list Whatever you do continue to improve your health and definitely your food habits!! Thank you all for your time reading this
  6. Another awesome member, welcome!! I get thrilled when I meet in whatever way a being that wants to improve, liberate their self
  7. Yeap House Fan here <- Here are some of my favorite house, recently I have switched into more deep sensual house than my younger years, it suits me more 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo3-6cGnf2U 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpQCqQBOvPk 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pn52QvOAbbQ Enjoy people!!!
  8. Yes!! I ll create a topic about latin dancing hahaha, nice to meet you
  9. Hey all my name is George!!! As it seems I am super excited right now for being among you guys Really content that Cam made it happen, a salutation for you Cam So what's my story? First of all I have to get a picture of me so that I feel more human in the forum, anyway.... Secondly, about me: - I am 27 years old, time is flying & I like it actually, being the same is boring - I don't like getting bored, I am too energetic by nature - I played - excuse me I have to do this ...- erm,,, playED videogames for 19 years. I have struggled with 'em, trying to quit, for nearly a decade, I don't remember how many exactly. Certainly more that 7, so 7+! - I am an only child so with a father that was fulfilling my every major desire I ended up before puberty drown in video games, my ''real'' then company.. - As you people, I don't accept defeat, not when it matters! I struggled, I fought myslef, I made peace with myslef, than I learned to work with myself and finally after many many relapses I learned to forgive myself, work even closer with him and the result. Complete total victory. - I am fresh from getting rid of these ''games'', drugs actually, currently 1,5 month. Still this time it is different for many reasons I would need time & space to explain efficiently. The thing is that for the first time of my life I really took this desicion. Seriously and completely. It's that simple. It is just that I am now ready for it. For the first time of my life I don't think of games... Oh my God I really don't.. I don't long for 'em no more. I was crazy about 'em. But to be fair, I did research. I worked with myself as I said. Found out why. Why was I that hooked? You see I was a nerd during my early puberty years. Alone, with my social skills in a dramatic situation and so on. But I wanted more and more importantly I knew my soul, I felt it, I knew it was not my path to live a pseudo life! So slowly, really slowly I began my first steps of self improvement around my 18 years. I thank for my ugly years back then because it was my prologue, my preparation period. Now I have accomplishments to look back and even more to look forward. I am a martial arts trainer. An internal martial arts trainer, I deal with the body, the energy inside & outside of it, the health and offcourse self defense + the art of movement. I lift weights to a natural, healthy, strong level. I visit natural places, mountains, lakes from time to time, it is important for me since I love nature too much. Tantra & Yoga have become a major part of my psyche, since I start attaining their classes one year ago, really a transformative experience, hard yet simple to describe. I have fulfilled a child's promise to myself and learned tango. Now I am beginning my first salsa leassons and I can't wait! mini - P,S,: Not to mention that the hottness level in these dances is...... Way above the roof top! I now have people to call, people call me as well, it is a big surprise for me because it is something new to me. My past friendships didn't last, due to compatibility and the fact that I was fleeing from friendship, locking myself in my dream worlds, erm sorry dream prisons I meant Still good friendship is something new to me and it needs time like everything else to get well rooted. So these last 8 years have been really educational and constructing for me, in more than one ways. My only problem.... was... video games. Even though I made progress, my mind was never completely free. Wise people say that ''where your mind goes, your energy follows'' and it is damn true. Our physical body is also energy, so if I think of fantasy games all day, guess where my body will carve to end up.. infront of my television, yup. So I knew I have to kill this addiction. It was an addiction, you guys know it as well as I do. Now for the first time of my life I think of nothing obsessively. It is a new era for me. For the first time I have nothing to be pulled into - and it feels damn good!!!! I am still picking my pieces and fixing my soul, my habbits, all that I want to do with myself etc. Still the level of ideas I've been having it's insane! But so logical, my energy is being channeled to various things not sucked into this black hole I call video games. I have restarted writing poetry, it is better than ever, I am also saving music rythms. I have bought notebooks from the bookstore to keep track of my thinking, my philosophical ideas, my solution & life ideas I've been giving birth to, almost every day! I'm telling you it nuts! It is like you stopped ejaculating for big periods of time and now you have all this spare energy loose!! It is loose baby, and it is constantly increasing, my brain health gets stronger cause it has stopped giving fuel to heal this addiction of mine, which means brothers less anxiety. Which means by modern science + old classical treatment schools, a better overall health. So here I am to share and help, if I am able to, with all you guys who have started their way back home, back to their natural self, the self we are born to become or are aspiring to do so. Stay high, vibrate sexy, be healthier than before, and freakin ask me whatever you might want. I'll interact more with the community as the days go by, it's the main reason I am here. Bye all,
  10. Hiya bro, welcome aboard You are not alone my friend, use this law of attraction that people say, i did and it works!! Also it would be a good option to start with a hobby, that involves meeting other people majorly and why not a lot of women. Dancing is a choice that covers these aspects + by selecting a dance you would enjoy more, gives you an energy dose of life by itself I speak from experience here Anyway whatever you need, you can be the one asking for help this time, if it is in my power I'll get it done Later