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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

My life without gaming - Math_00


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Hello guys,

A few days ago i quit gaming. In my research i have found the TEDx Talk, and got interested in this program. Today i decided i should buy the E-Book, which  tasked me to create a jorunal on here. Well here i am. I started this program because i noticed, when i'm not gaming, i'm on my phone mindlessly browsing the web. Sometimes reading a little bit, but mainly on the web. 

I am hoping to find a challenge, something to thrive for. Right now i'm feeling kinda anxious because i know, i'll have to talk to people. But thats probably the procrastinator in me. It's kinda mind blowing how much time i've got available for productive things.

Well now i'm going to read the e-book further :)

See you later!

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Cool username @Math_00 !   thanks for joining us. I find talking to people scary too, I remind myself that most people out there actually like to talk! You just have to listen :D  By the way I can so relate to the mindless phone browsing.  It's gradually enveloped my whole day from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. Gotta cut down!!

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Welcome to the forum @Math_00!

Respawn is definitely a good read and practical tool, so if you finish it you'll be well on your way to changing your habits for the better.

Despite the initial difficulty of getting to know new people, it becomes easier and a lot more enjoyable, so don't be afraid to say hi to someone new. :)

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Welcome @Math_00! If you haven't already, I found that Cam's video on comfort zones paints a very nice framework around this.


I've met 50+ new people this year (whose names I all remember too), and it's been easy because it's been in activities I really enjoy. Hope that whatever challenge you make for yourself will be something you really enjoy!

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Hey guys! This is day 4 of my respawn. I didn't have that big of an urge to play games, so i easily withstood it.

For Monday, i made a plan, planned out every hour, to do mentally engaging, and then resting activities. First i went outside, to do a little photography. After an hour i got kinda uncomfortable, and went home. The rest of the day, i hung out with my family. Also i found a new hobby, which could turn into something more productive: 3D Modelling with Blender. If you want i can post some of my work xD The days after that weren't terribly productive; hanging out with friends, and being on my phone. At least a social aspect ;)

@usernameforworldpeace! Thanks! Well as soon as i manage to be friends with someone, it's no problem. But starting a conversation with a stranger is difficult:D Btw. i downloaded an app called "QualityTime", which keeps me from using the phone like a few hours at a time, so i'm forced to do something more productive.


@AlexTheGrape Well yes, that's true! As soon as the conversation keeps flowing it's easy!

@gloriousclover Thank you for the video! Didn't know that one :)  What kind of activities do you do? I'd like to get into a sport or something but i'm unsure 9_9

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@gloriousclover Thank you for the video! Didn't know that one :)  What kind of activities do you do? I'd like to get into a sport or something but i'm unsure 9_9

Hey @Math_00, I generally like sports, my favorite would be rock climbing. There's lots of people who climb on their own, so there's tons of opportunity to just say hi. Everything is easy from there :).

Every now and then I'll also do archery, fencing, badminton, and lately have been getting into squash.

Other things I've tried include jujitsu, parkour, gymnastics, hot yoga, regular yoga. Those were all fun too, but end of the day not a priority. Overall I recommend trying beginner classes here and there, great social opportunities, even if you don't make any long term friends jumping class to class, you'll improve your skill of saying hi to strangers :D

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Im two weeks in!

The last couple of days i had to work, so i didn't really do anything productive. Even though i'd have enough time before/after work. Well, that's probably my new goal. The last 2 hours i worked on 3D modelling and this is the result:


It's mostly just recreated from the tutorial, but i still think it looks great.

Also here is a photo i took  a few weeks ago, one of my favorite:


I'm currently selling my Wii U online, wasn't playing much anyways, and will probably get me a few hundred bucks. Something that i will also have to do soon, is deleting my steam account. When i was first reading "Respawn" i couldn't get myself to do it. So much money. So much time. But thinking about it now, i think i can do it :)

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Day 35

Woah it's been over a month since i last played a game! Currently i'm going strong, but still surfing on the web all the time. Tomorrow my smartphone will be locked from 8:00 to 18:00.  A whopping 10 hours!


I didn't follow through with meditating and the gratitude journal, but i will try once more.



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Day 70

Its been 35 days since the last post in here, well not much has happened. Mostly i was working, and going to school, so the cravings were practically nonexistent, but in the holidays last week i kind-of relapsed with web games. I won't let that drag me down. 

I've downloaded the app "LifeRPG" where you can add an habit you want to start and get points, with which you can reward yourself. Like Cam said in one of his videos, my goals aren't too high, currently i added these goals:

  • 5 Push Ups a day
  • An entry in the gratitude journal every day
  • Reading for 10 minutes a day
  • meditating for 10 minutes a day
  • And challenging myself with shooting 10 unique photos this week.

I'm confident that i'll do these things regularly. 

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Day 76

Challenge Day 1

Hello Mathias

The last few years you wasted most of your time playing video games, procrastinating but rarely studying. You've still got about 22.280 days to live. That is a whole lot of days. Do you really want to sit around all day, on EACH one of these days? Do something productive with your life.

Good Luck.


I think people that don't know me perceive me as shy, and rather silent. People that know me don't think of me as shy, but maybe they think i don't want to be around them.

I'd like to get perceived more open, and less shy by other people.

The behaviours i'd like to change are:

-My social skills

-My use of free time

-My openness to other people

This was the first challenge. On to 29 more challenges!:D

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My ad blocker has the funtion to put a password on disabling it, maybe you can let someone else put a password there?

I was being perceived as shy, internal, not talking too before. But as soon as I was confident about myself, everything changed. And while I am still introverted (that is, I get energized by alone time) I am often perceived as extraverted.

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Day 77

Today I've commited myself to a project to work on the next 30 days. I got really interested in Animation and 3D modelling, so i want to create a YouTube Channel where i'll share my work and upload tutorials for others to learn from. I'm pretty excited for this.


Also I've done my own impossible list, a list of things i want to achieve one day, no matter how impossible they seem.

1. Travel to every country in the world

2. Run a marathon

3. Learn cooking a variety of meals

4. Meet Elon Musk

5. Learn a third language fluently

6. Own a motorcycle

7. Get politically involved

8. Start my own company

9. Get active in a sport

10. Go scuba diving once


This is my impossible list. Do you guys also have one? I'd be interested to see what things are on your lists:D

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Day 78

I've just read the first chapter of 'The Slight Edge' and it's pretty inspirable but at the same time you understand it makes sense. The same little actions that got you from 'failure' to 'survival' are the same little actions that will take you from 'survival' to 'success'.

Starting to put a few dollars in your savings account may feel insignificant and useless, but in a few years the leverage of this action will give you a huge return.

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