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    I'm back!

    Day 98 It's been 98 days since I last played a game and I've went back to binge watching Netflix again man I got to stop that. Although now that I finished my detox I stuck in a bit of a rutt in what to do next. So because of that I've unintentionally replaced my gaming addiction with Netflix addiction. I wish I could find my passion now that I'm done gaming but I just don't know what I want to do or how to find my passion for that matter.
  2. Rusaw

    I'm back!

    Day 92 Okay it's been 92 days so far. But I must say I'm kinda stuck on what I really want to do I still trying to find what I'm truly passionate about. I have a few hobbies and I've tried a few of them others I haven't tried yet like the DIY tech projects. I'm not even sure where to start with DIY tech projects. Like should I learn code and if so are there any free online coding courses to get me started? Besides I'm not entirely sure I want to do DIY projects I've never done them before but they do look fun. I guess my fear is that I'd get bored of it after I first start doing DIY projects. I could go back to gaming but it was hard enough overcoming that addiction and I'd rather not get sucked back into it just because I'm scared of doing something different. Granted it'd probably be easier to get into new hobbies if I didn't suffer from neophobia.
  3. Rusaw

    I'm back!

    Yes I've seen that channel but have you seen this DIY tech channel https://www.youtube.com/user/JLaservideo/featured?disable_polymer=1. This guy makes DIY superhero tech and me I'm a huge fan of superhero movies and tv shows. I'd like to do what this guy is doing and remake some superhero and supervillian tech seems like it'd be a lot of fun.
  4. Rusaw

    I'm back!

    Day 90 I finally made it to 90 days without gaming! I didn't post yesterday because I was busy training my 9 week old husky puppy. After her training session was finished me and her finished watching those Netflix shows I been binge watching so I finally caught up with that. I think I'll do a little writing today maybe write some more fanfics or maybe a screenplay or better yet I might turn some of my old fanfics into a screenplay.
  5. Rusaw

    I'm back!

    Hello again I've been gone for a long time. I actually came out of my relapse on march 17th 2018 and I've currently went 87 days soon to be 88 days provided I can go the rest of the day without gaming so far its been going great. However, I do have a slight urge to play again but that was triggered by the new kingdom hearts 3 trailer that was trending on youtube late last night. So a part of me does want to play kh3 but I got rid of my ps4, xbox one, and the nintendo switch about 4 days after I restarted my journey to quit gaming forever. I also deleted and blocked steam as well as the mmo's I used to play on my pc. But I'm glad to be back I just wish I chose to get rid of my consoles and block video games on my pc sooner. It made avoiding gaming so much easier it also made it easier to find other hobbies. I don't think I'll go back to gaming since my desire to game has been overshadowed by the new hobbies I've picked up. Speaking of hobbies I'm thinking about getting into DIY projects particularly DIY tech projects but for now or at least for the past 2 months things have been slow for me. So because of that I've been binge watching some of my favorite tv shows on netflix to catch up on what I missed.
  6. I relapsed some time after my last post on this thread! However, I just came back today so I'm starting over again with my detox. So why did I relapse this time? Well it was because college got too difficult and because I failed a class and got discouraged and dropped out. Then I went back to gaming from August 30, 2016 to September 22, 2017. I decided to quit gaming again today I hope I can go the full 90 day's this time. Anyway a couple of months ago I decided I would try and learn a skilled trade of some sort to help get me out of the house. So I started doing some volunteer work for a school that trains guide dogs for the blind and severely visually impaired as well as military vets who suffer from ptsd. However, do to my gaming addiction I've neglected to teach the guide dog that I'm suppose to be training new commands. This has ultimately made him lazy and disobedient which I found out yesterday since we went out into the public after not leaving the house for 2 weeks now. But he is still a puppy so there is still time to retrain him. Since I have a responsibility to make sure this guide dog in training is successful I have pushed myself to quit gaming again to work on the guide dogs training.
  7. Day 21 after relapse Today was a good day I got plenty of reading in today. I also did some exercising and played some baseball with my younger brother. I think my grandfather is planning on going on another fishing trip in the boat since my sister and her kids arrived. I honestly can't wait to go fishing again! Also my sister is now looking for a part time job now that she lives with us and her kids are in school.
  8. Day 20 after relapse Yesterday I finished all my homework and was able to get some reading done before my niece and nephew got back from school. After they returned they ate something and went outside to play. Then when it got dark they came in and started doing their homework my nephew got mad because he wanted to play a game on the playstation 3 my grandmother bought for him and his siblings to play on. However, my niece she wanted to watch a movie instead of doing homework but they did manage to get their homework done. I'll post again later about how today is going.
  9. Day 19 after relapse Yesterday was my younger brothers birthday so after class I hung out with my brother and we talked for awhile. Oh yeah I also spoke with that girl yesterday too I won't mention her name here but she was very interesting and wanted to know a bit about the stories I wrote while in creative writing class so I told her I would've showed her but I deleted them. It sucks I had to delete some of my stories to make room for these three classes I have this term. I should of bought a flashdrive to save them on but I forgot to get one. Oh well I was going to rewrite them anyway once I had time to do it but I've been so busy lately. Anyway on to today well today I spent most of my day helping my sister with three of her five kids since the other two were at school. Then I helped my niece with her homework when she returned from school. My nephew didn't have any homework and yes I checked he didn't have any at all today so he got to play when he got home but his sister didn't. They were in different classes by the way so his teacher didn't give out homework yet but her teacher did.
  10. Day 17 after relapse Hey guys my classes are going very well I even found this cool image to place as my profile pic. I found it while doing an assignment which required me to upload an image to my teacher just to show her that I knew how to do that. I've also picked up my language studies again although this time I'm experimenting with Japanese instead of Russian. I also gave advise to a fellow student who is taking a creative writing class this semester. While I was taking to her about what to expect in the creative writing class we got to learn a bit about each other I found out that she just moved here from Dubai I'm actually quite curious about what its like over there. I guess I'll ask her about it tomorrow since today was fully online.
  11. Day 16 after relapse My classes started today I did pretty well so far I got all the assignments for this first week done for two of the three classes that I'm taking. Which was pretty easy all I had to do for two of the classes was an introduction assignment and a quiz with 10 questions each. Although, one of my teachers gave me a really odd assignment for the first week of class. I have to watch "Mean Girls" and pick a character that I like from the movie and write an essay reacting to some of the things that happened to them in the movie it's really weird. But I'll work on that later as for right now though I'm busy trying to get things organized my computer desk right now is very messy there's books, paper, and pencils everywhere.
  12. Day 15 after relapse Well tomorrow my Fall classes will start I just hope I don't get sick tomorrow like I did earlier this morning. After taking some medicine and a nap I woke up and was feeling a lot better. Sometime after waking up from my nap my mom stopped by the house with a swing set she bought at a garage for my sisters kids to play on when they arrive. Which me and my younger brother just got done putting it together. Now I'm just trying to relax and cool off and I'm hoping all goes well tomorrow.
  13. Day 14 after relapse Okay I didn't post anything yesterday but anyway I was busy looking for jobs in my neighborhood. Sadly I've had no luck finding jobs I can do and those that I did find that I could do I haven't received any calls back just emails. However, today I went for a walk and did some reading. I'm now relaxing by listening to some of my favorite music.
  14. Day 12 after relapse I know school's starting back up but I'm also concerned with getting some part time job so I can help out with bills and stuff. Which job searching is what I've been doing all day today. However, I've always found my job searching to be rather difficult. One reason why my job search has been so difficult is because I'm legally blind although not blind enough to need assistance from a seeing eye dog or a cane I'm just blind enough to where it prevents me from driving. Luckily getting around hasn't really been a problem thanks to Uber drivers and family members. The other reason I have difficulty getting a job is because I have dyscalculia which is a learning disability that prevents those with it from learning basic math. I really hope I can find a job soon.
  15. Day 11 after relapse Today I went to see my therapist and we talked about the Olympic events we were both watching at home. I also talked with my therapist about getting into fencing which he thinks I should try it out. Later, I went to the college to pick up my text books and headed back home. Now I'm just watching the Olympics while waiting for classes to start.
  16. This is true we are definitely the first victims to this addiction and I'm glad that excessive gaming is starting to be considered as an addiction.
  17. Day 10 after relapse I had a bit of a rough day today but at least I got what I needed done finished today so I'm happy. I got some exercise did some reading even learned some new things on duolingo. By the way I've gathered all my game systems and the video games in separate boxes and plan on selling them whenever I head back into town. I can honestly do without the distraction since my classes will start soon.
  18. Day 9 after relapse Today my grades for my summer classes just came in I didn't do as well in both classes as I thought I did. I passed my music class but failed the science class luckily I got my pell grant accepted and my Fall classes paid for so I still have Fall classes. I'll just have to retake science class later oh well I struggled with science class since the beginning anyway. Mainly because it was fully online I struggle with classes like that when its fully online not so much when its in person though since in person they can actually show me what to do rather than just explain it I don't really comprehend scientific terms that well on paper.
  19. Day 8 after relapse Today I moved my stuff out of the room my sister and her kids will be staying in back into my room now that my cousin is gone. I also did some reading today and now I'm just relaxing and watching the Rio Olympics. My Fall classes will be starting soon and I will be back at the college Wednesday to pick up my books. As for my Summer classes which have come to an end I've done pretty well.
  20. Day 7 after relapse Yet another post that was meant for yesterday. Anyway, yesterday I was busy helping my grandmother move beds and other furniture around in order to prepare for my sister and her kids since they are coming back down here to live us after getting kicked out of her mother-in-laws house 3 days after returning home. This was after we took my cousin down to the airport. Sometime after we finished moving furniture around I went straight to bed after having a snack.
  21. I have to say I tend to go for combative style sports. Although, I don't participate in them as much since sports like paintball and airsoft get expensive to do every week. I'm pretty sure Fencing will get expensive too but I'm still looking forward to trying it out it really looks like a lot of fun.
  22. Day 6 after relapse Today I stopped by the college to pay for my Fall classes. Then came back home and practiced my fencing stance again as well as my lunge I honestly can't wait to try out fencing for the first time. Although, I think I'm gonna watch a fencing match in person before I actually participate and ask the fencing coaches at the fencing club some questions about the sport and what time do beginner classes for adults start. I also watched some youtube today just got done watching a few scary videos which I regret doing since its dark and I freaked myself out.
  23. Day 5 after relapse I'm really getting into fencing. Now I really didn't go fencing yet I've just been watching fencing video's and practicing my stance, approach, and my retreat at least three separate times today. However, I think I kinda over did it and now have a sore back ah well it was good workout for me today. But I think I'm gonna rest up a bit before I practice again next time I'm gonna work on my lunge with one of the foam swords my nephew's left here as well as the other stuff I worked on today.
  24. Day 4 after relapse I spent most of today learning more about fencing I've become very interested in the sport and would definitely like to try it out. I haven't really gone around looking much for a fencing club in Florida I've found a few but haven't found out when they're open. However, I did find out that the closest one to my house is in Ocala FL it's also conveniently close to my therapist so I'll try and stop by and visit the fencing club then. As for right now though I need to finish getting prepared for school this coming Fall.