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Day 13 - 30/05

Today was tough. I was really, really tired, but pushed myself over the edge to keep going strong on Zbrush everyday. I carried on with my cartoon character tutorial, this time treading on detailing on a higher resolution. Didn't make much visual progress but I learned a lot about brushed and their effect on surface and how to troubleshoot a brush combination to generate a sculpting effect I want.

Day 13.png

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Day 14 - 31/05

Today I am EXTREMELY excited. I managed to get in touch with a professional 3D character artist from here, Brazil, and he confirmed I'm on the right path. That really surprised me because I have been trying to speak with artists for some guidance and no one ever answered so i was losing hope. He was super polite and I was thirsty for guidance. 

I'm carrying on with my toon character lessons, this time I got started on clothing! Not as hard as I thought it would be. I'm starting to get the hang of this, and it feels reeeeeally good to get at least some resemblance of control and understanding of what I'm doing.

Day 14.png

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Day 15 - 1/06

Polished the model a little bit and started on color. I'm getting the hang of it, even though it takes a lot of time to get the results I want. It's good to feel the constant growth though, a major part of why I've always been gaming. 

Day 15.png

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Thanks, Cam. It all started with a casual conversation with you, on your site, with me not really sure at first if it was a bot or no haha. That was the talk I needed to finally motivate myself to push my life further. I guess sometimes all we need is someone to guide us and listen.

Taking my time to turn away from a session of gaming then going to sleep made me feel good while I was playing, but when I left the PC and went to sleep I felt really bad with myself and my life. Today it's the opposite. I feel kinda bad while I'm practicing art, because I get my ass handed to me over and over seeing how much of a beginner I still am. But when I finally finish my daily session and post my progress here, turn down the PC and lay on bed to sleep, I feel really good. It's a real sense of achievment, like baby steps progressing into finally walking to maybe running one day. It all started with you and I am super grateful for you and all of your work on Game Quitters.

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Day18 - 4/6

Finished the model at last, now I just need to pose it. I'm not going to spend any extra time detailing it because i want to go into another fundamentals first. But this is it! My first T-pose cartoon! Hoping to learn a lot so the next ones are better and better.

Day 18.png

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Day 19 - 5/6

Almost twenty days later, after so much hardships and feelings of being overwhelmed, not knowing really what to do or learn, I completed my first posed character. Super rough but i'm really happy that I could build a character so early. Now I'm gonna take a step back learning new tutorials so I can master every tool and technique to be able to build anything I want. Thanks for all your support so far.

Day 19.png

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Day 20 - 6/6

Now that I got the hang of Zbrush I started sculpting with my Wacom Tablet! It was wacky in the beginning but I was able to get the hang of it. it's ABSURDLY easier to sculpt with a tablet and I got started on a new string of tutorials on Zclassroom. 

Day 20.png

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Day 21 - 7/6

Ohhh boy, now we're getting to the hardcore stuff. Spent 3 HOURS sculpting what the guy from the tutorial did in 10 minutes and it was just somewhat close. I'm slowly learning how to build shape and even though it's hard as hell it's a good guidance on mastering the tools with a form in mind. Steady baby steps, every day. 

Day 21.png

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Thanks, WorkInProgress! Your words of motivation and my commitment to always do at least a little everyday is what keeps me going.

Day 22 - 8/6

A lot of work for very little visual results is starting to get frustrating. A total of 5 and a half hours sculpting a 20min head model tutorial is not very efficient use of my time, but I'm focusing on my "baby steps, everyday" mantra while trying to understand better what I'm doing to learn and practice smarter and quicker.


Day 22.png

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Day 23 - 9/6

Today I got started on my next character sculpt, a hammer shark. Tried to follow through the tutorial by doing the most accurate shapes I could, while paying attention to the flow of the mesh so I can learn how each one affects the overall form. It's very complex to find the right tool and its application to get a very specific deformation or effect, and I guess it only comes with practice.


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