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PG's journal


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Hello guys, my name is Paulo Gallo and this is my journal.

I decided to stop running away from myself and hiding behind gaming and I'm gonna try and replace my gaming time with learning a new skill, something I've always wanted to do, and that is 3D modelling on Zbrush. My first objective is going to be to model a full and complete 3D glass cup.

Day 1 - 19/05

This is the first day and It's probably going to be the hardest. I'm feeling a lot of frustration, I'm feeling lost and don't know how to start. I also crave the immediate satisfaction I had playing Hearthstone and winning some games then going to sleep. Now i've replaced that with trying to learn the ropes on Zbrush and it's proving to be waaay harder than I thought. I hope I can persist though, and I am going to keep posting my progress so I can get some motivation everyday. I've downloaded the PDF and spend a good two hours trying to familiarize myself with the basic tools. Everything feels so different and confusing though. Can't really relate to my default creative softwares of Photoshop and Illustrator.

The frustration makes me feel very dumb and depressed. I feel like I don't have what it takes to learn this and shouldn't even bother trying. I hope I can get past this feeling soon. Here's the first day of my Zbrush adventure,experimenting with the brushes and basic tools. At least learning to export a PNG file was easy. LOL

Day 1.png

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Hey welcome in the forum.

The key point at learning any new skill is to be consistent. Realised this as I had to learn programming in university. And i literally didn't know a thing about it. The first few weeks I was just overwhelmed and  had kind of given up and cheated through the course. But as i needed it later on at my studies I made another approach and just sat down and learned what I could learn in 2 hours a day. This combined with a project you're managing can improve your skills pretty fast. It is normal that  you feel like you know and can do nothing if you start something. Because it is actually the case.

The thing is that everyone who is actually good at this stuff just sat down and spent time on it. Don't compare yourself to others but to yourself a day or a week ago. If you manage to stay consistent you don't have to be especially clever or talented to make awesome things. Just stick to it and watch your efforts accumulate.

We kind of overestimate what we can learn in a day and underestimate what we can learn in 3months.

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Hello Paulo!

You have chosen the right activity to replace it with gaming. It's seriously important at the beginning and thanks to your object (3D glass cup) you have the great feeling of challenge. Good job!

  • To be even more consistent, add some more needs you were fulfilling in games like:
  • Constant measurable growth - you can give here a picture of your work every entry
  • Temporary escape - it's something you can "escape" from your duties and chores. It should be something relaxing. For me it's drawing, but you should find your own!

Can't wait to see your next entries!

Greetings, The Pharmacist

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Day 2 - 20/05

I was able to make a lot of progress with the interface by watching some tutorials. One of them was about a coffee mug and really helped me with the symmetrical controls. Now I'm starting to understand the program a little more and do not feel as much intimidated as when I first started. I'm super excited about the possibilities and having a great time toying around the many options in the interface. Also my gf was insecure at first with me exposing myself here but now she's being super supportive. She was even by my side in the last minutes today helping me figure out the material applications. That incentive is super important for me and I love her even more for being comprehensive with my decision.

There is a sense of exploring that i loved while I was playing games and i'm feeling it nicely here. Learning a new skill is awesome. I'm super excited!


Day 2.png

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Days 4 and 5 - 21-22/05

I started to struggled progressing with the 3D cup once I got to that last checkpoint because I couldn't find the right tools to achieve the results I wanted. My girlfriend suggested taking a step backwards to try and streamline learning everything from start, so I can later identify which tool I need to do anything I want.

So I got to my first online course! The "Zclassroom" was an amazing free source for me and I'm soaking up knowledge like crazy. Every video is a simple explanation to understand in a streamlined way. I'm taking time to experiment with every new tool so basically a 15min of video class becomes for me 1-2h of exploring the tool and experimenting. I'm aiming to come back to my glass cup once I got enough resources to tackle it again.

Day 4.png

Day 5.png

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Day 6 - 23/05

I'm not too much satisfied with my everyday progress but I'm trying to at least stick to the Zclassroom and finish one or two everyday. Today was masking lessons day and I'm feeling confident because I've been able to easily understand everything and practice at least a little bit every day.

Day 6.png

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Day 7 - 24/05

Today I am happy. This was an extremely productive day, I'm ridiculously tired but I am satisfied with myself. I was able to make myself a good healthy meal by waking up early, giving my best on work, coming home and doing laundry and home stuff, planning my weekend with my girlfriend, finished college homework and STILL was able to manage enough energy to pull off three Zclassroom classes. I'm on 12 of 14, almost finishing the indroduction course. Last class was about painting so I present to you... Wilson! Haha.

Day 7.png

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Day 8 - 25/05

More than a week later and I'm finally done with the introduction course from Zbrush. Now I'm sailing on an adventure trying to experiment everything with the program. I was looking for something simple to aim for and remembered Eva, a character my girlfriend loves from Wall-e movie. Managed to get something close to her as my first 3D character! It feels awesome and I can't wait to have more time to dedicate to Zbrush.

Day 8.png

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Day 9 - 26/05

Today I started the second section of the Zbrush Classroom, only to learn I couldn't model anything because it utilizes stuff from a newer version. So I didnt get to make any modelling today but I browsed a lot of tutorials to go back to my glass cup. I'm gonna be getting Key Shot as well, a rendering software, to tackle my glass cup again.

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Sure thing, Cam! :D

Day 10 - 27/05

Oh boy, what a day. Spent the morning on work, spent the evening with my gf visiting her client for her freelance gig (she's an interior designer and I helped her taking measures and pictures for a project), then we came to her home and we both got dinner, a movie together and I started working on today's 3d modelling practice session while she started working on her project. I feel like I don't even have time to game, and I also feel more connected to my gf since I'm not gaming, and she started to game less as well. Overall it's been a very nice first 10 days. Today I focused on practicing some of the brushes to get a feel of how they affect shapes while trying to build a simples form, a spoon.

Day 10.png

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Day 11 - 28/05

Today I started on a tutorial of modelling from a base skeleton of "Zspheres". Very complex but I'm slowly learning the workflows. Also spent some time helping my girlfriend with some designs for her new logo. 

Day 11a.png

Day 11b.png

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