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  1. Day 65 - 23/7 I was feeling a bit burned out with my helmet. So I came to my GF's to take care of her after she got a teeth surgery and she suggested me to try and build some cups off zbrush to see how much I've improved since the first day. I was quite happy with the results and it shows how much I was able to learn since day 1.
  2. Day 62 - 20/7 Now i'm learning to generate special brushes to fine detail and polish the model, called alphas. This last class taught me one that gives a fine half-circle dent on the model.
  3. Day 61 - 18/7 another day adding details to the helmet, this time with shadowbox and radial simmetry techniques.
  4. Day 60 - 18/7 Got started on fine detailing the helmet. I can finally see the final piece ust starting to get together.
  5. Day 58 - 16/7 Today we finished the primitive objects lesson for 3DS max. I had a hard time getting a good render for the shadows, gotta learn how to deal with it in the future.
  6. Day 57 - 15/7 Today I spent the night with my gf and we studied a little bit of primitive object modelling into 3DS Max. I tried a simple render and got a really nice output, Vray is such a powerful rendering software.
  7. Day 56 - 14/7 Spent a looooot of time learning to project textures directly on the surface of the model. I screwed up a lot of times and got really frustrated but in the end i could nail down the technique. Slow baby steps everyday.
  8. Days 54 and 55 - 11-12/7 These two days I focused again on my Zclassroom Helmet. The teacher usually start every new class with modifications on the model out of nowhere and i have to spend too much time trying to build mine to look similar. Since it doesn't show how he did it, it gets really frustrating because the shapes doesn't really match the model. At least it's good for practicing the brush effects on surface.
  9. Day 53-10/7 Today me and my gf spend a good chunk of time learning how to generate forms based on lines within 3DS Max. We spent almost 5 hours on a 26minute tutorial lol. We learned a lot though, the software has very intricate methods to generate very different shapes in a calculated base. It was very good to learn it together with my gf because sometimes one of us couldn't get it and the other was able to help.
  10. Day 52- 9/7 Yesterday and today me and my gf spent some time together trying to learn the basics of the V-ray render engine for 3Ds Max. I'ts super difficult to get a grip of the software because there are sooooo much stuff that needs to be configured before it can produce an image. So we started with a simple teacup.
  11. Day 50- 7/7 I'm finally feeling a good chunk of progress, thanks to this helmet series on Zclassroom. I'm on 15 of 41 classes and today alone I learned a loooooot about multiple techniques to build hard surface forms. It's hard in the beginning and I have to be super focused but the "oohhhh so that's how it works" moment feels super good.
  12. Day 49- 6/7 Today I went to my gf's house to look after her as she's sick and spent some time on Zclassroom again learning to deal with reference images.
  13. Day 48- 5/7 Today i spent all my Zbrush time learning and practicing hard surface technique. I was able to polish a lot of my blade even though the polygonal flow underneath it was still too dense.
  14. Day 47- 4/7 Finally finished my first asset, Longclaw. It's been super hard to build the hard surfaces but as I struggled I learned a lot. Can't wait to build more Game of Thrones stuff, haha.
  15. Day 46 - 3/7 Spent all of the study time in a beginner series of tutorials with my girlfriend. We both learned to model our first pokeball in the software. It's awesome. Very complex though, even more than zbrush.
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