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“Awesome" April 2016 - Sign up here!

Cam Adair

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Sign up for “Awesome" April 2016 here!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the fourth official sign-up thread for “Awesome” April 2016!

Use this thread to share your commitment to abstain from playing video games for the entire month of April 2016.

  • Our goal as a community is to have 1,000 members complete the 90 day detox this year, allowing us to quantify the impact of not gaming within your quality of life. We currently have 234/1000 members signed up. We need your help to accomplish this goal!
  • To sign-up and participate in this study of our community, click here.

New to StopGaming?

  • Learn about the importance of the 90 day "no gaming" detox here
  • If you are committed to your 90 day detox, sign up for this month by replying to this thread.
  • To track your progress setup a badge on StopGaming. We also recommend using an app like Coach.me or a whiteboard/calendar in your room. (Working on getting badges one here soon.)
  • Document your progress in a daily journal. Having a daily journal will help you clarify your thoughts, process your experience and gain extra support.
  • Ask questions and get support by posting on Game Quitters. The more involved you can be in the community, the more likely you are to succeed. 
  • We have added an option to get an accountability partner this month. Post your own thread here and find an accountability partner.

Ready to join? Reply to this thread and answer the following:

  • What is your commitment? No games? No streams? Anything else?
  • How long do you want this challenge to last? By default it is one month, but 90 days is recommended for your detox.
  • What are your goals?
  • Why are you doing this?

Is it past the first of the month?

No worries. You can still join in. Add your commitment and start your detox today!

Word of the month: Awesome

I choose the word awesome for this month because life can be awesome without video games. Examples of that are here. The key to having an awesome month is choosing to have an awesome month. having an "Awesome" month doesn't mean everything will go perfectly, or that stress won't happen, but this month is an opportunity for you to begin to CHOOSE how you want to feel - to CHOOSE how you want your months to be, instead of just reacting to whatever happens. And this proactive approach to your life is one of the greatest gifts you'll get from the journey of moving on from games.

Thanks to /r/nofap for the inspiration. If this thread provides value we can continue to do them each month.

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I've already done the month and plan to do another 2 minimum!

My commitment for this month is to not game at all, this includes computer and mobile games. I'm not stopping myself from watching gameplay videos or streams because I like the little willpower exercise and I can determine were my cravings are at etc.

Goals For This Month:

  • Become better at Spanish, than I was when writing this goal.
  • To not play video games.
  • To expand my business and gain at-least another 5 YouTube Subs.
  • Be close to/or published my next book.
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Going Stunde Null on this:

  • Commitment:  No video games (not even computer solitaire or minesweeper), no Memebase, no WatchMojo or Game Theorists videos, no porn, two drink limit, no Tinder/OkCupid/Omegle, and abstaining from my shows unless watching with a friend.
    • Risk times (incomplete list): Late at night while waiting for wife to come to bed. Her "give me a minute" can last an hour. So, express my need for communication and set up some bedside, non-electronic time consumers like Sudoku.
      • After class while waiting. Basically, any time I don't have a set schedule.
    • Exceptions & Alternatives: AsapScience and CrashCourse are great entertainment that motivate me to interact rather than withdraw. Have some learn Chinese apps and developing Quizlet flashcards for the dead time in between tasks.
  • Duration of Challenge: Shiiiiiiiiit. I'm super wary of the "what the hell" effect. Failing on these challenges leads to BIG relapse for me. So, I'll stratify my commitment.
    • Duration challenges:Bronze One week, Silver two weeks, Gold a month
    • Relapse Challenges (days lost): bronze ten, silver five, gold two, plutonium Null
    • Relapse Challenges (longest relapse): bronze three days, silver two days, gold one day, plutonium Null
      • Give me your feedback on whether you think this kind of set up helps or hinders. Results may vary between individuals obviously. I see the benefit of tiered achievements creating frequent and relevant rewards but also the detriment of an overly complex system.
  • Goals?
    • Mandarin: Tell my girl she's beautiful and order at local Chinese dinner without pointing at the menu or pictures.
    • Education: By honest with my study buddy about the shit semester (three deaths via drunk driver, one via suicide, etc.) I've had and get his help on three overdue papers.
    • Career: Figure out some damn career goal and contribute money to the household. I hated my army job, but I need to see if I like its civilian equivalent (logistics management). Ice breaker for those employers is the New Silk Road.
    • Music: Unless I find an instrument I can carry in pocket for under ten dollars, nope. 
    • Fitness: Wife and I have goal of 20 minute walks twice a week as established routine. We've already failed so far attempting morning walks (I stagger like zombie, she sleeps like log). We're walking home instead of taking the bus tonight.
    • Legal: Track down traffic ticket that I lost and need to pay for. Seriously, I feel like a jerk for neglecting this.
  • Why I'm doing this:
    • Because, well, Damn it! 
    • Debt sucks, I want to work in a more social field, I want to inspire my nieces & nephews, I want to feel stronger purpose.
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I find anything that keeps your focus helps.  In my personal journal i keep track of the days from a phone app. each morning.  It sets the tone of my day and its fabulous that you have identified the risk times and have plans! You should be so proud of your plans for success!  If you don't quite met your goals..evaluate the why in a non-judgemental learning way.  This is a lifestyle your building and we are all good at finding better ways/strategies to get to our goals.  It is only failure when you give up and stop trying.

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I just signed up for the 90 detox, paid online.

So will do 90 days no gaming.

Got a confirmation email from Cam, but can't access the Respawn area yet.  Guess it may take a little while to activate or something?



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I just signed up for the 90 detox, paid online.

So will do 90 days no gaming.

Got a confirmation email from Cam, but can't access the Respawn area yet.  Guess it may take a little while to activate or something?



Hey David! Thanks for purchasing Respawn. Check your PMs.

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