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  1. Thanks for the comments guys, it's good to have someone to talk to about it. I have seen my GP and have an appointment to see the psychiatrist who sorted me out last time. As background I was eating well, exercising frequently, doing a gratitude journal and meditating daily. Nothing bad happened in my life, on paper, my life is awesome. So, frustrating that I was doing all the right things and ended up feeling like crap. Still eating well and exercising often but given up on the journal and meditation for now but might get back into them at some point. Also, have tried around 5 antidepressants in the past - none of them worked, but I do take a supplement called 5-HTP which does help quite a lot. Anyway, I'll come right, off to the gym for a workout and nice breakfast now
  2. Yep, got to 11 weeks through the 12 week program and fell off the wagon. As I've said in other threads, I've been really depressed at times recently. I understand this could be a reaction (or common effect or whatever) to giving up gaming but man it's hit me hard. Had depression around 4 years ago quite badly and it's exactly like that. Not a place I enjoy being. So anyway, had one day last week where I didn't know what to do with myself, couldn't see how to get through the day and so started watching streams on Twitch. And then of course installed the only game I ever play, StarCraft 2. And I've been playing it for the last week. And man the first few days were wonderful! The depression instantly went away (I have noticed this before) and I was really enjoying myself. Getting lots of other stuff done too. Lots of energy, felt really positive etc. But of course it went the way it always does, which is that within a week, I'm staying up to 2am playing it, getting really shitty when I lose and craving that winning feeling. So that when I win, or lose, I instantly start another game to either take away the bad losing feelings or get the winning feeling again. So uninstalled this morning. Again. The whole time I was watching myself do it, very aware of what I was doing and trying to take in how it all felt etc. And as I said above, at first it's like a Godsend, then after a while it's OK, then an all encompassing obsession which is not enjoyable at all. Oh well, back on the wagon, wish me luck.
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    Interesting, when I quite games I started drinking a lot more, basically to fill in the time, escape etc.
  4. Thanks guys. I'm feeling a lot better now. Went and saw the GP. For years now I've been taking a thing called 5-HTP which is a supplement which helps produce serotonin. I was feeling so good I reduced my dose... and hey presto 4-6 weeks later I felt like crap. Started taking it again and 10-14 days later I feel fine. So it may have been that. Perhaps along with giving up games of course.
  5. Cam that's a really good talk. Hard to believe he was 19 when he did that. Very wise words from a young man. Thanks for recommending it Cam.
  6. Been off of games for 7 weeks now, and man am I feeling depressed. My life is totally fine, nice house, nice family, nice car and other things. No money problems. But I am struggling to fill the time in. Everything is just unappealing right now. Just have to work through it I guess.
  7. Watching is one thing. I'm not one to encourage playing. I tried for a bit and it was way too similar to the skill/competition/hyper-action of gaming. Hmmm ok. Well that makes me think I might need to stop watching it then. In the past when I've watched SC2 videos, I always go and play. Poker doesn't have anywhere near the same pull, but it might do one day... Thanks for your thoughts Cam.
  8. Hey guys what do you think about watching people play poker on YouTube? I never used to do this, but have seen the odd bits on the tv. Now I find I'm watching quite a bit, say an hour a day of various poker games.
  9. Hi guys, been 3 weeks now. Went by pretty quickly actually. Today (Monday) I'm starting to eat better too. I know how to do this, but just been quite lazy, and drinking lots of alcohol too. Hope everyone else is going well.
  10. Hmmm, will be interesting to hear about your visit Cam.
  11. Worth a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tM8jee4r5fg
  12. Just starting the 90 days, started on May 2nd. Wish me luck!
  13. Well good job man, but I see you slipping back into it. You've had your little test now, and you've found that a) You played for long periods over 4 days and b) It didn't make you happy. So get back with the program - in the gentlest way I mean!
  14. Good analysis here. I have dieted in the past and managed to lose a lot of weight and get really fit etc. I did this via the Body For Life program. But I always fell off the wagon later, got injured or just got sick and tired of a) Cooking all the damn time and b) Missing out on stuff other people were enjoying. I've just started the 90 day detox for games, wish me luck!
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