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Hello from Germany


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Hi, i am 34 years old and from Germany. I started playing video games after I graduated when I was 24 years old. I´ve never been as productive as I wanted to be, before video games there were books, movies or going out, but video games tend to make me feel bad. I enjoy them and think some of them are art worth experiencing but with time they make me play more then I want. I am not a competitive guy so I played RPGs and wandered through foreign worlds but I never managed to play them only in the evenings and the list of things I wanted to do instead just always becomes so long. So I decided to do the 90 days detox after watching some of Cam´s videos and reading through the forum. I found lots of interesting links and thoughts (just started Jeff Olson´s Slight Edge today) here and I would like to interact with you guys and share my story. 

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