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  1. DAY 8 I am still on track and that gives me a positive feeling. There was an evening when I was really tempted to play video games: Friday night. Just like the week before. But this time I remembered the not so great saturday I had afterwards and decided to do something different. I already spent time reading and practising guitar so I decided to spend some time using a music making program (Logic Pro) on my computer that I had installed for a long time and never figured out how to properly use it. That was lots of fun. Two hours went by really quickly and I had lots of ideas with the differ
  2. Hey, congratulations for stopping playing video games. And for being so honest with yourself. I can totally related to your reasons for gaming. I have kind of the same things going on in my life and used games to avoid being really responsible for the things I wanted to do. Probably because I am afraid of failing. I hope you soon write more words each day and that your new habbits stick with you!
  3. DAY 4 Thanks for your reply, Cam. I feel much better today. I really believe that even small amounts of gaming will make me think a lot about gaming. That is not the case today. I only think of games in the evening, when I feel like I should reward myself for the work of the day. But reading instead or being productive feels just so much better. Every morning I am practising my guitar, which is my job. I haven´t done that for some time now. I am a guitar player and teacher and lately I haven´t played much guitar besides work. I have my bands and a steady teaching job, I could just go on like t
  4. So, I consider this day 2 of my detox. Yesterday was kind of hard. I wouldn´t have thought that it makes such a big difference to play a game. My mind was immediatly back to my old routine. I have to remember that. It happened to me before that whenever I was bot playing for some days, I didn´t believe myself that playing one game would make a difference. Yesterday I played some guitar, learned a new song, read in "The Slight Edge" (good book, but the author kind of repeats himself a lot :D) and went to birthday party where I hardly knew anybody. It was fun. In my hometown, the weather became
  5. Thanks for your reply, WorkInProgress. I wish there were more games that are not designed so that you always keep playing them. While playing I often notice how i am being controlled to do certain things. Tonight I am going to a birthday party, so today is save. And I am really looking forward to it.
  6. Yesterday I played 2 hours of video games. I had a really good day. I accomplished all the things that I wanted to do. So I did as a reward. It was lots of fun and I set the limit to 2 hours. That worked fine. Afterwards I coouldn´t concentrate so well on my book and today I started working again but like 10% of my mind was still thinking of games. That I will be able to play them again tonight. That´s what I don´t like. I don´t want to perfect my life. I don´t want to start my own business, be productive all the time and I don´t condem doing nothing. I would like to handle video games like mo
  7. Hi everybody, this is another Daily Journal. I am 34 years old and I live in Germany. I write it mostly for the purpose of writing, since it helps getting my thoughts in order. So this is the evening of day 2. Yesterday on day 1 I had lots of feeling of loosing something. Although I knew it was ridiculous I felt like I made a huge mistake letting my gaming go. I read in a book instead and went to bed early. The day is no problem, but in the evening I am so used to play games that I feel kind of bored. To be honest it is not so much about the time that I spend with playing video games. It is ab
  8. Hi, i am 34 years old and from Germany. I started playing video games after I graduated when I was 24 years old. I´ve never been as productive as I wanted to be, before video games there were books, movies or going out, but video games tend to make me feel bad. I enjoy them and think some of them are art worth experiencing but with time they make me play more then I want. I am not a competitive guy so I played RPGs and wandered through foreign worlds but I never managed to play them only in the evenings and the list of things I wanted to do instead just always becomes so long. So I decided to