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  1. This sounds reasonable. You could try it just to see how it feels and then share your experience. I think you should be able to stop gaming again if everything goes down. In fact I am also curious if you would be able to manage it. On the other side... I don't want to be negative. However, I think the probability is high that shit will go down. Just saying based on my own experience. It's one thing to make a reasonable plan and to understand it intellectually. The problem is mostly that the brain doesn't give a fuck about your plans and logic. What happens is often that it might start good for the first couple of days and then a moment will come when you should stop playing and going to bed but for some reason you just won't be able. You will play all night long. Wake up late and probably play again. You will lose structure in your life and therefore get even more purely driven by your instincts of instant gratification. But that's just my theory. I hope it will work out better for you. Do what feels right for you. But be conscious about your decision.
  2. Congratulations! I'm happy for you. What are your plans for the future? Do you still want to play again after the detox is over? If you want to do so you should be really sure about it and reconsider it first. Maybe watch first some of Cams videos why you shouldn't play after your detox. Keep your streak for as long as possible. Anyway, the community is proud of you.
  3. Hey Simon. I stumbled today over your journal and read all of your posts this evening. Its really interesting and inspiring. One could say it is already your first book you wrote. Now that you have only few days left I really hope not to see you fail. Would be kind of disappointing. Would feel like to see a hero lose, resulting in a state of hopelessness. Do it god damn it!
  4. can share some of your experience. relepased several times since the last 5 years, even after more than 6 months nonstop breaks. have to watch out for specific triggers.
  5. nice. im also from germany. so you have one more around you yes @Cam, let us know if you are doing some meetup in germany. would be nice to met you.
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