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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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  1. Hi Tom Good luck with your journey on quitting games. Great to read that you know that you have your whole life in front of you and you don't want to spend it this way anymore. It's not always going to be easy but with the support of this community and your determination I'm sure you will succeed . Best of luck!!
  2. I play it and I find that there are some good and bad things to it for people who are vulnerable to game addiction. I wouldn't really classify it as a game, but this is offcourse open for interpretation. The positive things are that you need to go outside and exercise, I discovered some cool places and it can be peaceful to look around in nature. I actually think it has a lot of similarities with "geocaching". The negative things are that it can be addicitive to collect all the different pokemons, there is no end to the game and it might trigger you to start with gaming again. I would advise to make your own decision about it and if you can play it without it taking over your life again, great! If that's not the case, that's also ok and you will have learned this new fact.
  3. Congrats on reaching 90 days Saintrf!! Really like the idea of the scheme .
  4. Welcome and a big first step that you opened up on this forum, really requires some courage and vulnerability!
  5. Welcome and good luck with quitting games!
  6. Thanks for taking the time to write this out! I can really relate to some aspects like visualising situations way more scary in my head than in real life . Afterwards it always seems quite funny how I build up a situation in my head, when in reality it was just a nice experience. I will defenitely look into meditation and try to even read more books about different aspects of life. And yeah probably the most important one of them all for getting out of your head, experience as many situations as possible in life. Sometimes it's not easy to do this, but afterwards it feels great most of the time.
  7. Great post everydayart! I was interested by the point where you were talking about "getting out of your head". As this is something I also struggle with, do you have some tips or experiences for this?
  8. As LilLilChen stated, I would also recommend "Models" by Mark Manson. He strongly disagrees with the "pickup" artists and focuses on being vulnerable, taking honest action and not caring to much about thinking of "strategies". For the rest best of luck with your dates and I hope to read some positive experiences .
  9. Hi Remi Very important here to not be to hard on yourself. As people we all make "mistakes" and your relapse is not a failure, but just a step on your journey. According to friends, if there are people in your life who can drag you down, it's best to cut them out. This is a very extreme statement, but ask yourself if you're better of with 1 bad friend or no friend? We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with in our lives, so choose those people carefully. As you stated yourself, watching streams won't help as an alternative, try to stop with it or gradually build it down. But most important do not feel as a failure in life, you had the courage to admit you have a problem with gaming, you signed up for this website. That's already more effort than a lot of other people would have put in . There will always be setbacks in life, but accept it as a part of your journey. Best of luck on your journey and I believe you can do it !!
  10. Big congrats on making 1 year !! I'm sure there will have been positive changes in their life and I hope there will be many more years to come!!
  11. Hi Davo It's normal that you can feel depressed after giving something up that you did for a long time. If it should stick around, considering therapy could be an option
  12. Hi Panthau Good luck with quitting games . My advice would be to take small steps at a time. When you want to change everything, it's going to be a lot of change and it can be overwhelming. By moving in small steps it will become far more realistic and the chance of lasting success will be way higher. Tip for quitting Hearthstone: What helped me was completely stopping to watch video's about it and realize there's never an end to it. It creates reward systems for your brain and you should try to replace it with more healthy alternatives. Best of luck, you can do it !
  13. Congrats on reaching 90 days Falky, I'm sure many more will follow . You gave me actually a good tip with number 1 on your list, right now I'm very busy with internships and school assignments and have like 4-5 big tasks at the same time. I am actually focussing on all those things at the same time and it makes me feel burnt out and having a big mountain to climb. I will try with focussing on 1-2 things, thanks for the tip I guess .
  14. Welcome JustBeingReal! It's brave to share you're story and I wish you all the best with quitting games! As someone who was also addicted to HS, I know it can be a difficult game to get away from. I succedeed in doing it and I have no doubt you will realize the same thing . Just remember to accept that things are not always going to be easy on your journey and that it's ok to take your time to reach the goals you want.
  15. Congrats Kad, nice things you learned from the experience . Best of luck with the rest of your goals and dreams!!
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