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NEW VIDEO: I Stopped Gaming And THIS Happened

Road to 75kg


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I went too far with my old journal and ended up deleting all of it. I will keep this simple. I will reach 75kg first (Currently 80kg) Then quit video games so that I have some buffer weight then.

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Hi.. Im back, done with my presentations did not go great but I did not run away and Im not losing my job.

I started listening to rock music and it helps with my anxiety. I can imagine the skull in the below video eating my fear haha..

If anyone interested in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2JP7PKqpAg&t=2389s&ab_channel=MetalRock 

As for gaming I relapsed hard and I havent played for 2 days though since I have been too busy with my job, otherwise I would have played. My priority is now losing my weight and stop running away from problems. Ill game whenever I get time..

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