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Road to 75kg

Troll Warlord

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I am trying to get something I could never get and leaving what I already have which I think is bad. I try so hard but ants might think I could never kill them why is the idiot human trying. I keep baiting them with (borax+sugar), maybe the sin of killing entire colonies of ants is causing all this. Cat ran away from me and dog barks at me which is bad day.  If all the work was meaningless then why did god make others better. I left all the meeting and stayed silent as usual, people stopped trying to help me. I think I can curse others but not sure whether it works. Usually if I feel pain after the curse then I think the curse worked. I never see the person I cursed twice so it should be working. I could never be like them and they all just reject me for what. Stupid interns also are just so basic cant believe they got hired but they were made tall and lots of hair by god but took everything from me. Why should I take blame for all, somewhere there should be a god on my side too continue to help me bring doom to everyone.

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They all are wondering why im still here, everyone went to US for masters, even my brother is going and I lose all hair and job and nothing, they all are just stupid but still lucky, tomorrow before I wake up meteorite  the size of sun should split earth in half, but maybe space people would know if a meteorite comes but I hope it comes at the speed of light and ends this joke of a animal called human. Gas cloud should cover the entire earth and everyone suffocate in black darkness, atleast a plane should crash into some building at take some lucky lives out, because god made some like me sacrifice, but I guess the best way to end would be for me to end that way everyting ends with me, this world is my perception, I see red but I could see as green but I cant

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On 2/7/2024 at 11:20 AM, Troll Warlord said:

Actually I will be honest now, I will feel like shit for saying this for months and probably delete it but anyway **** it. My real problem is that im short man 5'5, I hate everyone looking down at me thats it. I hate that my feet dont even reach the ground for bench press (yes no leg ***** drive, only in one gym other gyms have lower bench table)  I hate that Im taken as a joke even if I try hard and get pushed away everywhere like im an insect of this world. Maybe I will become one, and infect them with all the diseased and make them empty their life saving trying to cure themselves hahahahaha

After studying for 23 years and getting a high paying job nothing matter because I am still ***** short

I know all of you would immediately ignore me since I am short and not reply and probably kick me out but its okay, Just wait till I reach 70kg. Ill join boxing then. Ill ride my bike at 2nd gear and make everyone honk at me and laugh at me and kick me, scream at me, hate me ahahahaha. That is fun love watching cars go slowly behind me when I am in the middle riding in second gear.

One car decided to dash me again and again. Obviously I couldnt do anything, I am short and not very strong but it will change in future when I reach 70kg. When they dash me again then I will throw my bike on their ***** mirror and make a scene and make everyone hate me hahahahaha.

Maybe I will go to prison after all this, I need to be strong for that, wait why am I going to prison?? After I am bullied for being short I go to prison?? I hope another jurassic meteor comes down and takes out all the humans.

Also what about girlfriend and stuff? I gave up on it a long time ago. In fact I used to be bullied by girls itself just because they were tall and had even taller boyfriends.

- Wait a car bumped into you? or just competed with you?
- Let it be man, only focus on what is in your control. The world is full of people who were brilliant and had high talent, but often it is those who are the hard workers with average talent who end up at the top. Of course you better have both, but talent doesn't matter because it is not something you control, and it wouldn't help you if you think about whether you have it or not. Plus again it is as Dark said, he is tall and people also mocked him for that so it really doesn't matter every situation has its benefits.

- I would advise putting revenge feelings aside, when you have anger, it is you who has this feeling go with you everywhere, not the people you think you will " harm" and as a result you harm yourself more than them. 
-People will be people, understand that they might make mistakes (even i they think it is not a mistake)
"To make mistakes is human, but forgiving is god-like"

I would very suggest the book The Little Book of Stoicism - By Jonas Salzgeber to you.

Keep doing your best, hope this helps 🙂

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On 2/7/2024 at 8:39 PM, Dark said:

I was builled at school for my dark skin tone, but  i started saying that because i am dark i have a big Willie, it became a good joke and everyone stopped builing me. After that i accepted it and its even is my nickname RN at most serveses. Its just a word, it doesnt prove who are u. U are good as u think and do. And you can always find girl etc matching your height. I am tall and its really hard bumping my head at everything. Also one of my mates is short but he is successfull with girls he managed to be FIRST of all as who got into serious realationship

I just noticed i'm commenting on two month old posts and not latest. Oh well... 😄 Anyway, way to go on supporting Troll Warlord with your experiences 🙂

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