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Entry 20.11 (Written at 21.11)
Day 63: No Useless Videos
Day 61: Sticking to Food schedule

Completed a double workout which is great, but skipped jumping push-ups the first time in a millenium probably.
The thing is, that probably the combination of cold and the hard floor made me feel super hard impact when landing and I got scared that I might hurt my wrist.
Will try to combine it with my next workout tomorrow (today)

Sliding with the meals to the next day the second day straight (Meaning I eat parts of the meals of the next day a bit after 00:00 ) Instead of the defined time, spread in 3 meals)

Today is the first day after a while that I ate a complete breakfast according to schedule ( Apart for dates and brazil nuts which I didn't buy yet)
I think I had a little bit too much water in it though, because I felt extremely satiated afterwards.

Thinking how to obtain the 1 year visa.

I ran into an option that I was aware of but now made me think again which states that i need about 25,000 EUR for a visa of 1 year in Spain, I have therefor been brainstorming how could I get this amount relatively quickly, considering that I now have about half the amount.

Thoughts that popped to my head were becoming a car salesman, but I realized I don't have a license, and I do not want to acquire one yet.
Then I thought of doing real - estate sales. I know that one sale there may mean very big comissions. Some even may get me the whole 12,500 EUR in one sale.
So maybe I should take up a middleman sales course in real estate?

Other optionss that need looking into furter:
-Working as an independent in Spain.
-Could I be considered a highly skilled worker for something? (Perhaps my lifeguard or airplane mechanic certifications could help?)

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Entry 21.11 (Written at 22.11)
Day 64: No Useless Videos
Day 62: Sticking to Food schedule

Once again changed up my workout schedule. This time the excuse is that I had a vaccination and that the time god too late so I preferred to do a 1 hr run than a 3 hr stomach workout.
Once again a part of the meal after the workout dripped a bit over to the next day.
I think that doing the workout in the morning could stop this vicious cycle. 

The question is, where will /i do an abs workout so as not to hurt my back?

But I guess as usual the cold hard asphalt could do. But I still need a pretty soft piec of grou to cobtubnue the chest exercise i missed 2 days ago, in addition it is preferable that my hands will be well wormed up. So I gues a good solution would be to come back home and just do this exercise on the floor, despite the noise it will make for the neighbors.

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Entry 22.11 (Written at 23.11)
Day 65: No Useless Videos
Day 63: Sticking to Food schedule

Alright so it seems my entries are quite scattered lately, so I think one thing I could to to focus them is write one goal for the next day at the end of the post that is most important to me.

3 Things I did right today no matter how small:
1. Abs workout first thing in the morning!
2. 2 hours of marketing project(despite feeling sleepy) Thankfully I planned this clause yesterday during daily schedule planning and had written out what I will do when (not if) i feel tired after food and before working on the marketing projecy. It seems that this too is not obvious since this month there are 7 days where I didn't meet this norm already... 
But of course, even small wins must be given a nice word about.
3. finishing food earlier than 23:00 and not "borrowing" any food from tomorrow

1 Thng I could do better:

Planned a bit more time for work out.

Top Priority for tomorrow:
Double workout Chest and Legs (Without jumping pushups) (may replace it with other exercise for chest)

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Entry 23.11 (Written at 24.11)
Day 66: No Useless Videos
Day 64: Sticking to Food schedule

Top Priority: Accomplished. Double workout. (Replaced jumping pushups with regular pushups for the time being).
3 things I did right today, no matter how small:
-1.5 hr marketing project (At the very least that)
-managing to buy some nuts despite sliding a bit with the schedule, and doing it quite late.
-Sleeping on the couch to solve the bad smell/ smoky air issue
1 thing I could do better: Pay attention never to slide from 2 hours project.

Tomorrow's (Actually today's) top priority: 4 hrs project.


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Entry 24.11 (Written at 25.11)
Day 67: No Useless Videos
Day 65: Sticking to Food schedule

Top Priority: Accomplished. 4 hrs project.
3 things I did right today, no matter how small:
-4 hrs project.
-deviating from schedule only by about an hour.
-1 hr run
1 thing I could do better: Plan next day before dozing off!!!

I've slipped and woke up very late, so instead of a double workout of 5 hts, I'll do a 1 hr run, but I'll attempt to do 6 hrs blog.
Tomorrow's (Actually today's) top priority: 6 hrs project.

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Entry 25.11 (Written at 26.11)
Day 68: No Useless Videos
Day 66: Sticking to Food schedule

Top Priority: Accomplished. 6 hrs project. 
3 things I did right today, no matter how small:
-6 hrs project.
-quickly adapting in the morning for a 6 hour marketing day once realizing I missed the deadline for a 5 hr workout.
-recognizing cravings and accepting that it is okay to have them
1 thing I could do better
-Do 1 or a few pomodoros where I summarize more generally and not word by word to elaborate my comfort zone.

Cravings are coming in droves. Probably because I allowed myself to do a 1hr run instead of a longer 5hr workout double workout. Let's wait and see if they continue. Maybe I should make some minor changes in schedule, so as to have less of them?

Tomorrow's (Actually today's) top priority: 5 hr Double workout

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