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Today is a rather basic day. Have not been up to much. Mostly resting, reading the Power of Habit and listening to music. Focusing on resting and getting better.

Currently feeling little unsatisfied with my habits and hobbies in home. Usually I have all kind of activities like sports and friends to enjoy my time with, but now I really don't have the energy to do that.

I'm having a little trouble putting the teachings of the Power of Habit into use. It requires a lot of cleverness to spot the right circles of habits and find out the ways to reconstruct them.

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Good evening!

Today was partially good day. We had a picnic with my friends and it ended up being very pleasant.

After reading the Power of Habit yesterday I decided that it's a good time to work on my willpower and general habits. I'm starting by doing the same basic chores every day and working on my studying and homework. I should do some sort of habit of making them.

The current mood is a bit off. It's just the flu and a lot of schoolwork in one pile. Since I'm not able to do any sports I'm pretty much using my spare time home. Of course there is a lot of things I can do home too. I organized my wardrobe and cleaned around today. Really, I'm just a bit unsatisfied with my life at the moment. I feel like I'm a bit out of direction currently. Or rather that there are so many directions where I could go.

Listening to music cheered me up though. Probably the wisest thing is just to do activities I enjoy that aren't too hard physically. Letting myself rest allowing the fact that I can't just change the fact that I'm sick.

Well that's how it is going currently. It will get better.

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Oh, I'd love that! :)

?I used to do habits though willpower, but it always failed me after a while. Sometimes I could being doing my good habits for 6 months or so, and something in my life would change (as life always does) and the habit disappeared. What I do know is create cravings for my good habits. You'll read in the book how cravings make habits virtually unstoppable, and you can use this to your advantage.

When I'm meditating I always take a few moments throughout the meditation to notice how awesome it feels. During these moments, I just revel in how nice it feels to be still and mindful. After doing this for a while, I start to crave meditation because I know how awesome it's going to feel. When I crave something, I'll go out of my way to make it happen. It was the same thing with video games. I would think about a really fun game, and I would just crave to play it until I finally did. My meditation habit is now really hard for me to stop because of my cravings. I would have to use willpower to NOT meditate at this point because I crave it.

I've done a similar process for all of my other good habits too. What's awesome about this is that I can use that willpower that I didn't use to meditate on something else. After all, willpower is not a finite commodity for any of us.

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?I used to do habits though willpower, but it always failed me after a while.

?And always will, cause Willpower and motivation are USELESS when it comes to achieving goals.

Watch this video, it opened my eyes in ways than no book or random advice ever did, it's thanks to this video that I've already developed the habit of working out 30 mins everyday during the morninig NO MATTER WHAT, even if it's just walking, I get it done. This guy gives amazing advice in several topics, check him out.

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Thanks guys! It's solid advice you have given me. I must keep working towards my goals.

I'm currently trying to make a habit of doing my schoolwork straight after school. That way they won't bother me for the whole day. There was a problem that I needed to solve. When I got home from school I was usually quite exhausted. You could actually say that my willpower was worn out already. I thought to myself What was causing this, and I found out that for the last lesson and cycling home were the things that exhausted me the most. So today I tried eating a sandwich for a snack before the final lesson. It ended up being a good idea. I was able to concentrate well during the last class. The ride to home went easily. When I hot home I made my homework with just a little effort since I had willpower and energy stored. I don't know whether that has anything to do with habits. Or actually I should make that a habit, would help me have more energy to do other stuff.

Today was a cool day too. Found out that my blood type is O,Rh+. Always cool to learn new things. We also went to theater with my class. I enjoyed seeing a little less common form of art.

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Yes! This is exactly what you want to do. If you're tired or something is off, you want to think about what's (potentially) contributing to it and try and start experimenting to figure it out. I know that's what's worked well for me and this is a sustainable practice you can do anytime!

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Today I tried making my own snack to eat during school to keep me refreshed. Bread didn't really survive the whole day so I'll try something other out. After school I decided that I need more clothes so I got myself a new pair of trousers and a T-shirt. Updating my wardrobe for Autumn. Still looking for a cool pullover. I'm in love with Fair Isle ones.

For now I have made it to the last chapter of the Power of Habit. It has been a great book so far. The sections with more info on habit building on personal level helped me the most. I've been thinking that it might be cool to make some habits with my friends too. Usually I've considered hanging out to be spontaneous thing, but it really doesn't have to be that. Actually having that kind of habit would be cool, so It would be easier to arrange social meetings. If you have any suggestions on how to and what to organize I would be grateful for them.

The best thing of all is that I'm getting better. Soon I will be able to get back to sports and have even more energy. It will be more pleasant writing since there will be more things happening. Looking forward to that! Thanks for reading.

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Holy shit! Just read the Ninth Chapter. It really opened my eyes. I've been the Gambler ever since playing the games. Really so many pieces of the Puzzle suddenly come together. Now I can finally understand why I was going through what I was going through. Habits play a massive part of our lives. Bigger than I could've ever expected. After reading the book I have begun noticing the similar course of action in all the examples.

I feel happy and motivated. This is good. The hope that I got from the book, the fact that I can just redirect the flow of my habits, is really calming. The example of the 28-year-old William James, who was on the verge of suicide was really moving. Icing on the top I could say.

TL;DR The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg is really worth the read. Singlehandedly explained me why I was suffering and how to move towards wellbeing.

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For a little while now my mood has alternated between confident and anxious. Sometimes I feel great, energetic and social. And some other moments I feel anxious and tired. With a lot of work on my back currently it is easy for me to neglect my social needs. Today I just messaged my friends to come out to play little basketball. Going out with friends always boosts my mood. :)

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The evening was great! I had a lot of fun with my friends. Doing this kind of things always cheers me up.:D

Today while cycling home I started thinking about women and relationships. I have never had a SO. I generally have no problem with girls. I come along with them really well. For example the school in which I am has approx 1 guy per 4 girls. So it is just natural that I have to be with them quite often.

I believe that the fact that I have quite many friend girls but no girlfriend is mostly due to the fact I really don't know how to take the relationship deeper or like make it into something more than just friendship.

I really don't know how to deal with this right now. Like of course I'm quite busy now that I have school and hobbies and all other extracurricular activities, so I don't know whether it's even good idea to trouble myself too much with this thing.

My friend told me that the way he found his SO was just by being. Apparently he had just met a girl in cafeteria queue. Somehow they just made a contact and ended up together. I don't really whether I can expect these things just to happen.

Well I'm a young guy. Of course things like this float in my head all the time. Have you got any tips/advice you want to share with me?

But anyways guys, Have a good night!

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Hello! It's Day 70

Today has been mostly cleaning and studying. Me and my friends organized a surprise party for my friend yesterday and it turned out great!

Currently doing well apart from the flu. I don't know whether my busy phase in school affects it. I remember having a long flu last year too during the roughest phase. I have a lot of work to do once I get back to BJJ since I've missed a month straight. Well It will surely pass someday soon.

What comes to gaming, I haven't really even thought about it a lot lately. Sometimes nostalgia or friends occasionally talking about Hearthstone remind me of games, but honestly not feeling too big of a pull towards them anymore.

I decided that a gratitude journal might be good idea, so it would help me notice all the positive little things happening around.

Today I'm grateful of:

  • For my friends
  • Good books that help me understand the world a little better
  • Growing up, learning new things
  • Yesterdays party was a real success!
  • School won't begin until 10.00 am next Tuesday

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Today I continued to read Carnegie's book How to Win Friends and Influence People. I'm starting to notice that many of the books advice come down to empathy in the end. It's makes sense. The benefit of the Golden rule of putting yourself in the position of other person is still as accurate as it has always been. So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, Matthew 7:12. I've heard that the advice occurs in many other religions too.

Carnegie's book has also made me more confident with conversation. Understanding that being interested in the person you are talking with is an important matter for good conversation. Of course the conversation doesn't have to be about the other persons life. Still the backbone for a good conversation is to talk about something that the other person is interested in and pretty much everybody is interested in him/herself.

Otherwise life is pretty good. Helping my sister make her schedule and contemplating my curriculum too. My flu is resilient. My goal is to attend my BJJ class next Thursday.

For today I'm grateful of:

  • This great website! Having a place, where you can discuss with people who share the same endeavour as myself, helps a lot during this journey. Big thanks to Cam!
  • Feeling more confident in my conversation skills
  • Helping my sister out
  • Getting to sleep late
  • Having bought good and healthy food for breakfast
  • Books. Reading something from paper is somehow really calming if you compare it for example to reading stuff from my laptop
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Today I have felt little more irritated by everything. Meditation is a real life saver in this field. Just did a short session and now I feel calm. I feel like I can wind my mind down by letting go of the bad feeling causing emotions. What do you guys think, is it worth it to buy the headspace membership?

I'm currently reading the section of How to Win Friends and Influence People where Carnegie writes about ways to influence people in the right way. Generally a good section. It takes myriad of concrete practice to really learn these things but they will surely be useful.

Generally doing well!

Today I'm grateful for:

  • Gamequitters stickers B|
  • My friends for being so positive and polite towards me
  • Playing the piano, and well music altogether
  • The calm feeling after meditation
  • Saying no to pitying!
  • The fact that Chuck Norris is into BJJ too
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For Headspace, what I would suggest is if it's a tool you are using and it's helping, then that's what you should go with. Whatever helps you meditate is what's the best approach. You can also try Calm. I know Joe as a free 30 day membership to give away, here.

Social skills are built one interaction at a time. The good news is that every day we are interacting with people, whether we want to or not. So if we just practice on each of these people over time our practice will compound in significant ways!

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Today I'm feeling a bit down. I was supposed to train BJJ today but training sick would be stupid since I could infect others and it wouldn't do good for me either. Well I hope Saturday will be better!

Currently feeling that I'm in a little bit of a funk. I planned on training today but that plan is gone now. I should create some sort of a backup plan for days like these. As previously recommended I should try to make this day the best I can.

I'm looking forward to reading at least The Slight Edge and Daring Greatly. Probably could read the one book by Keith Ferezzi too. At the moment I'm still putting the knowledge from The Power of Habit and HWFIP to use.

Today I'm grateful of

  • My theater lessons in school
  • Playing the piano
  • The good weather
  • Getting to know new people
  • The fact that I'm still doing better fluwise than last week.
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Yes, win the day! Our day isn't always going to go according to plan, so the skill you want to develop is being able to bounce back and adapt when things shift.

One perspective says it sucks that your plans got canceled. Another says you now have an open schedule and a world of possibilities!

Which perspective do you choose? :)

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