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  1. Sick, in pain, relapse. So scared. Did not know how I made it here to write this: Do not want to lose my job
  2. Congrats on 6 days. I think your 6-day streak is great 🤞
  3. I forgot what sobriety feels like. I miss it. I hate it that my addiction alters my perception of joy and fulfillment
  4. Thank you. Sometimes my struggle scares me into relapse. Hope I can remember that stop trying is the real failure
  5. I joined this site on 2017. Did not stick Came back on and off, quitting never stick But now I really want to quit to grow in the job I like and have more friends plus live a more fulfilling life Hope I can give and find support to complete this journey To myself later on and whoever read this note: Good luck, keep hope alive and I love you, you deserve all the better things in life
  6. Why I started this Journal: after being clean for a week, I felt like a different person. My thoughts stop being murky. After 2 weeks, something odd happened: standing on my feet felt nice. Standing on my own two feet felt strong. And grounded. And firm. And peaceful. I crave sobriety even though at times, I don't even know what it means. I appreciate any moments of clarity that I have from being clean. And I know I can look myself in the eye and say: you are a human being worthy of love and respect. Because today you are clean. Day one, let's go.
  7. I'm a new member. Thanks for enduring and showing us all your journey. Wish you all the best!