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  1. I can only speak for myself: - I gave away all my valuable in-game stuff - I deleted all of my gaming accounts I had relapsed once before doing the above, and the thought of having to start from scratch helps to cope with urges to play. I just cannot be bothered, and most of all: after the relapse I realised that I cannot game moderately. I journaled here online, daily for the first few weeks after quitting. It was helpful to get my thoughts out somewhere. In progress! 😅 Quitting gaming opens up a lot of free time. I'm still struggling with internet addiction but overall I am a healthier person with more hobbies: running, lifting, gardening, reading ... You get all these opportunities to re-discover your interests and re-shape yourself. The first period definitely sucks though. So much boredom! Good luck.
  2. Welcome to the forum and good luck with your journey towards no more doom scrolling and more productivity!
  3. Day 156 I'm sorry for the long pauses inbetween posts but I feel that there is less to post about once I got through the early 'withdrawal' phase. I'm still game-free, running, eating healthier, gardening, and I added lifting weights to the mix 🤩 I try to run/lift 2 times each a week. I also aim for 10k steps a day. It does good things for my mental well-being, to be honest! Cravings are still present at times. It's a good thing I gave away all my good in-game items/currency to friends, because I think I might have relapsed if it wasn't for that. The pursuit of an ADHD diagnosis made me feel weird for a while. The psychologist was asking about autism traits too. I think it messed with my head in the identity sense of things. It took a couple weeks to feel more like myself again, and I've become ambivalent about the ADHD diagnosis and meds. I still have time to decide whether I want to do the tests or not. Anyway, still no plans to ever start gaming again. So the next time I post, the number should be higher! 😁 Cheers!
  4. Welcome and good luck, Joshua!
  5. Day 130 The urge to game is strong. I have two weeks off and the weather is shit, so I need to find alternative in-door activities. I will not game today. Next week is important in terms of psychological assessment and diagnosis. I will start my journey to find out about the addictive side of my personality, and more. Cheers!
  6. Day 123 My renewed healthy eating habits have led to some weight loss. Yay! Very close to two weeks off, which I'm looking forward to. I'm going to loosely plan some fun stuff. Not much else to report. Still haven't gamed, though cravings come and go. Cheers!
  7. Day 108 Still seeking meaningful pastimes and trying to enjoy life. I must say that the joy isn't really there most days and I am not sure what I can do to fix it, apart from working with my therapist and GP. I've a long walk planned tomorrow (it's bound to be a sunny day) and I have a 10K coming up on Sunday. Cheers!
  8. Day 102 Hey, it's over 100!!!! Pretty proud of myself for making it so far. I'm still struggling with over- and under-stimulation, for which gaming was the perfect solution that totally got out of hand. I'm hoping to be put on ADHD medication soon to mediate that. Other than that, I'm mostly trying to eat healthy, move more, get rest and do fun things. In other words, getting the basics right 🙂 and trying to enjoy the process. Cheers!
  9. Day 95 Oop, it's been a while. I haven't gamed in the meantime though, so yay me. We're finally coming out of winter and I had a medical check-up done because I was/am so very tired all the time. I'm deficient in a couple things and hoping to feel better soon. Apart from that, not gaming makes me feel all the feels instead of numbing/ignoring/procrastinating them, so I'm working with a therapist on that as well. I hope everybody is well. Cheers
  10. A couple days off turned into two weeks off, so I feel ya! I'm planning on running again tomorrow. I've a neighbourhood that I run in and it has both trail and street runs. I switch it up depending on the weather. How about you? Do you have a goal you're working towards? I'd love to run around 7-8k (solo) a couple times a week, and throw in a race (with friends) every now and then. Day 66 I'm mildly miserable at the moment but I'm also somehow confident that I can turn this around. I'm trying to limit my screen time by having a to do list and only use my laptop if I have a reason to use it. (No mindless surfing and wasting hours.) So far it has been reasonably successful and I will continue this 'simple' method. We'll see where it leads me.
  11. Interesting to read the similar yet different principles we each live by! Day 58 Feeling both over and understimulated at times and coping with food, sadly. I'm still active though and on my way to running a 10K soon-ish. I almost set plans to game next weekend but I quickly thought better of it. Still going strong! It really is a daily commitment ...
  12. I use the Unhook extension to remove recommended videos and the automatic redirects to recs. I follow maybe 5 channels tops with subjects that really interest me and that I want to learn more about. They don't post very often and have high quality content. Other than that, I must also admit that I don't get the same kick out of watching YT videos than gaming or scrolling through Reddit, for example. So it's a little bit easier for me to use YT and not spend hours on it. Edit: Maybe good to know that I never used YT for gaming purposes either, just focused non-gaming interests.
  13. Day 49 Hiya! A quick post to say that I deactivated my Facebook account today (kept Messenger). Also cleaned out my YouTube subscriptions, though I don't often use it as an escape. Cravings still coming and going, but I'm on day 49, as per title. Cheers!
  14. Day 43 Goals for 2024: - Act/choose according to my values as much as possible - Use meditation intentionally, as a way to connect with my values when I'm feeling overwhelmed - 366 days of no gaming 😁 - Stay on top of diet and exercise - Reduce screen time by at least 50% - Foster valuable relationships Cheers!
  15. This resonates with me. I want to compliment you on your ability to reflect. Here's to an insightful new year and action towards our goals.
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