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  1. Welcome back, and best of luck!!! Yes you absolutely will feel better in a few days.
  2. Well I was going to use that 3ds as a drawing tablet as I said... But I hardly touched it since that last entry and decided my partner needs the money more for fishkeeping. So we're selling both, and I'm letting her keep all the money in exchange for doing the labor of selling. I'm excited that my partner has recently got into fishkeeping and 3d printing. She also invested in an e-ink e-reader. Her antidepressants seem to be working and she is making use of it, she has been productive lately and her hobbies are a lot healthier than they used to be. Not to mention, her Betta is the cutest lil dude ever. Think I might be a fish person. My goal is still an entire year without video games, and I'm already more than halfway through that year. After that year is over (on June 1st) I will reevaluate my goals and intentions. The ONLY games I TRULY miss are The Sims 4, specifically the building aspect, and House Flipper. I'm sure I could theoretically moderate these games, and because they are creative outlets they never felt as much of a waste of time as other games. But regardless I am waiting until June to worry about that. I did play one round of a rhythm arcade game with my partner at the mall some time around the winter holiday. I don't consider that a relapse and it didn't damage my recovery, I had absolutely no cravings afterwards. I did approach the situation cautiously but decided to give myself a break and have a YOLO moment, and I'm glad I did. YMMV so don't take this as a free pass to mess with your own path. The house project has been underway for about a month now! Turns out DIL's ex-gf was a hoarder. They did a lot of the work for us by bagging up a lot of trash and donations thankfully... but we've already brought 1400lbs of TRASH to the dump (two very full truck loads.) As well as 4 truck loads of donations to thrift stores and charities! We still have work to do, but our bedrooms (yes, my partner and I get separate rooms!!!) and the main living areas are good to go! Recently I decided to take my art off the internet for at least a year. My only exception is the WetCanvas forum for critique, I'm not allowed to post in the name of trying to build a following anywhere. My reasoning for this is that I need time out of the public eye just for learning and growing. Unfortunately I suffer from people-pleasing tendencies and that causes me to fear making mistakes. But in the art world, mistakes are the most valuable tool for learning. That's why critique is such a big thing. Unless you take risks and just let yourself make bad, ugly art, you're never gonna get to the good stuff. I'm relating what I'm doing to going offline while entering art school in order to stay focused. Except I can't afford art school and frankly I'm too disabled so I don't have the energy for traditional schooling. I will essentially be homeschooling myself, though I might consider taking a few local classes that aren't super intensive. My silence on the forums isn't indictive of a backslide... It's because I'm out there in the real world living my life! I wish the same for all of you someday ❤️
  3. As someone who also doesn't completely agree with the whole 12 step thing but still attends meetings... Yeah what I do is just reinterpret everything (even if it's a stretch lol) into something that makes sense to me. Like powerlessness? For me I interpret that as "I can't change the fact (I'm powerless over) that I'm already an addict, therefore I am unlikely to be able to return to the things I was addicted to without ruining my life." Basically, there are things in life I can't control, and myself around gaming (and drugs and alcohol etc...) Is one of them! But I do have the power to change. I believe in a "higher power" of sorts but not a sky daddy kind, and I feel like the most it can do is point me in the right direction. I have to do the work myself.
  4. Great idea, hope your exams go well!!
  5. I feel you on that ice cream! It's just too good.
  6. Hey everybody, sorry it's been so long. Back with an awesome update! 6 months free of gaming since the 1st, and we finally sold the Switch and all it's games and accessories today. Went to a girl around our age (twenties) who I think will really enjoy it (hopefully responsibly!) Got a nice chunk of cash for it, which we might be using to buy an e-reader! My partner and I both have been reading a lot lately, it'd be a good investment. I had previously actually sold the Switch to my partner (we don't share finances and probably never will, this works for us) so all the money was hers. She still gave me $20 cause I did all the footwork of selling it 🙂 We still have two 3ds's though. Since they're hacked we can't take them to the game shop or pawn shop. So we'd have to do another round of Craigslist. It's a bit stressful for us to do because we both have social anxiety, so we're not going to rush that. I actually got on mine and uninstalled everything that isn't an art related app. I figured, it's just a little computer, just like my phone is. How I use it is what matters. I have so many fond memories of drawing for hours on Colors3D (which is a drawing program and nothing but) and learning to paint on Art Academy (which truly is just an interactive virtual art class, it's not very "gamey" in any of the problematic ways.) So I'm going to try using my 3ds like a drawing tablet and see if that works. I don't have any game cartridges anymore and reinstalling games takes effort, I think I'll be fine. Just having a gaming system is not going to cause me to relapse since I literally still use the same smartphone and PC I used to game on. Besides, I like my new hobbies way more anyway. Still drawing and painting plenty traditionally. I even started using DeviantArt again haha. Recently we bought the bare minimum tools to start linocutting (stamp making) and both my partner and I have had a ton of fun doing that! My partner hasn't gamed in forever either, just happenstance. Well, she loaded up Minecraft today, we'll see if that becomes anything. We've definitely been spending a lot more time doing analog activities and spending time together as a family, and I'm happy about that. And finally... Dad-in-law broke up with his girlfriend. She and her three kids are moving out, so we get to move upstairs out of the basement in disrepair!! We're really excited about that. They leave at the start of January, and then we get to look through everything they left behind, declutter a bunch of crap, and then move our own stuff! I might be a weirdo but I actually love moving. Not that I've done it that many times in my life, that might be why. I'll check in on your journals soon. Hope you all are well!
  7. Oh, something I've been meaning to share but keep forgetting to do so: I actually completed all 31 days of Inktober this year, which marks my first time ever. I used the JelArts' alternative prompt list, Jeltober, because the prompts just spoke to me more. Here is a link to my art blog post about it, which includes pictures of my 5 favorite illustrations from the challenge, as well as a Google Drive link to see the rest if you're curious. I absolutely could not have done this if I were still gaming. It was already extremely difficult to complete given all my other responsibilities, I know there's absolutely no way I would have been able to fit both gaming and such a time consuming art challenge. Knowing my tendency to take the path of least resistance, I would have quit within the first week and then filled all that other free time I carved out for Inktober with gaming. It is so, so, so incredibly worth it to trade your gaming time for passion project time!!! Go learn that skill you always find yourself lamenting not having, you will not regret it!!!
  8. I ended my Art Supply No Buy early. I still got through most of the year and it taught me a lot, so I'm proud of that. But I found that allowing myself to buy art supplies again (and not nilly willy, I make intentional purchases now unlike before) has really helped get rid of my gaming cravings. All I want to do is arts and crafts!
  9. I have already set up boundaries for my gaming in case of a relapse. Damage control. I was moderating before I did this detox so I know I can do it. 1) Only while daughter is at school or under someone else's care, 2) Only games that let me be creative, 3) Still no consuming gaming content on YouTube etc, 4) Must continue to make time for other hobbies/interests, 5) chores must still get done. This way even if I relapse I don't have to completely fuck up my life. But with all that being said, I don't want to relapse. My intention is to get through an entire year without gaming and then I will reevaluate my goals at that time. 1 year would end on June 1st 2023.
  10. Genuinely worried I won't make it through the winter. Already definitely on my phone WAY more. My game plan is: Books, art, crafts, being more lax about screentime such as YouTube, spend as much time outside as I can tolerate... Will it be enough???
  11. We're trying to save money to visit extended family in Texas, because our daughter's aunts and uncles and grandma on other mom's side have only met her through video call. Luckily they all live relatively close together down there. This gives us a really good reason to sell the consoles. I would absolutely rather go on that trip than game. Traveling is one of my top priorities in life, and considering how poor I am it's not something I get to do often! Just selling the consoles alone should buy us at least one of our plane tickets. Luckily our daughter flies free since she is still so little. We already know we can stay with her grandma, we just need the airfare and to know if grandpa can watch our cats while we're gone. This will probably work best if we wait until after he finally retires in December. Otherwise it's the "cat hotel" which is $60 a night per cat. We have 3 but one is currently dying, so we definitely need to wait until she passes. We want to be there for her when she leaves us. Funny how these things end up so interconnected. This plan really reminded me of my priorities.
  12. Here is the inked (but so far yet to be colored) illustration of the twin's bedroom! This is my first isometric room drawing in over 10 years!! Sure I could have built something like this in the Sims, but I actually had far more control over this, which is great! No mods or CC required 😉 I am working on re-inking it digitally as well because it looks super clean that way. I want to color it digitally too, before coloring the original because I'm scared of ruining it!
  13. Yeah! Most of the time my audience has no idea what I'm working on until I'm done with it. If I post a work in progress collage, It's with the final product. This has been what works best for me, I can keep the bad stuff to myself (for the most part, because sometimes I specifically want to write about "bad art" and why it's good to make it) and only publish the works I'm the most proud of. The main thing I publish my work for is so that other people can enjoy it... I make free coloring pages and I put those out into the world because I want them to be used. I don't profit from them financially in any way. I enjoy free things myself so I make free things to give back to the world. I think other people will enjoy my blog posts more if I am enjoying making them myself. I think how I feel comes out in my writing and post quality. I think one longer summarizing post is easier to digest for the reader anyway, and that's how I usually write about these bigger projects. Inktober doesn't have to be any different and I'm glad I'm now realizing that.
  14. I think this is just how my brain works. I always think I'm missing "just this one thing I'm not allowed to have" because??? Humans are weird. I can't find the words to articulate my thoughts on this but basically... I think it's just monkey brain. To combat my craving, for today's Inktober prompt (Jeltober list, today is "twins") I'm drawing an isometric room. I'm designing a bedroom for some theoretical twin teenage girls. I have always wanted to draw these kinds of things but always convinced myself it was beyond my skill level. That's not entirely true actually, when I was much younger I drew things like this and didn't stress so much about the results because it was only for me! I had started out the month sharing my Inktober on my blog daily, but then I realized it was causing me so much stress it was damaging my mental health. It didn't help that I was looking at other people's blogs, their numbers, and comparing myself to them. It felt too much like Instagram, which I have left permanently. WordPress was supposed to be different, but with the way the reader in the app works... I can easily find other wp blogs and get upset that 30 people interact with their post and nobody interacted with mine. I need to only use WordPress from my computer. Since I stopped sharing my art daily and decided I would just make one big post in early November and just feature my favorites... I have had so much less pressure to get it perfect every time. I'm truly drawing just for myself now and it feels amazing. I really need to focus on working in obscurity and make peace with the fact that I may always be obscure. This drawing is doing exactly what I had hoped: I get to create this story in my head about the room and it's inhabitants, I get to be a control freak and nitpick all the little details, I get to envision a beautiful, functional, tidy space. And I get to make the kind of art I've wanted to for so long, a kind of art I really enjoy looking at, I get to make art that makes me happy. So yeah TLDR instead of using video games to escape into a world where I can be an interior designer, I am drawing instead. Which is closer to being a real interior designer anyway!