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  1. *System Notice: Leveled Up to 3!* Level 3 (127/1,400XP) Skill Sets: Coding Rank F (150/1,000 XP) +50XP Dailies: Outdoors (Family time) +50XP Swimming +50XP Stretching +50XP Smiling at somebody +1XP NoFap Counter: 6 days +1 day No Gaming Counter: 4 days +1 day Developer Notes: The weekly journal entry limit has been reached. No XP will be recorded and the nofap and no gaming counter will continue and update next week.
  2. Level 2 (726/800 XP) Skill Sets: Coding Rank F (100/1,000 XP) 🤭 +100XP Dailies: Outdoors +50XP Lifting +50XP Reading +25XP Smiling at somebody +1XP Achievements Learning Overhead press and incorporating it into my exercise +500 XP NoFap Counter: 5 days +1 day No Gaming Counter: 3 days +1 day Developer Notes: Imagine just randomly smiling at somebody. Things will be hard to explain when they call me out for being weird or creepy. "So about that. I made up this level system where I get XP from smiling at people, so I am sorry if me smiling made you uncomfortable...It's great XP though." 🤣
  3. *System Notice: Leveled Up to 2!* Level 2 (1/800 XP) Skill Sets: Coding Rank F (0/1,000 XP) Dailies: Chores +50XP Outdoors +50XP Classwork +25XP Smiling at somebody +1XP NoFap Counter: 4 days +1 day No Gaming Counter: 2 days +1 day Developer Notes: Trying to spend some time on coding, but right now the classes I am taking are nearing its deadline. I will try to make a time slot to fit coding in however. Questioned the system a bit and decided to modify it to my liking so I won't feel as pressured. Instead of doing this journal entry on a daily basis, I decided to journal only four times a week. The other three days, I won't journal and gamify, just so I can relax a bit and enjoy life in the moment. I will reset the counters if I do relapse these days though. Last night, I was debating if I should use this system or not, but I'm going to follow Dan Pena's advice about if it doesn't work in two days drop it, but also to his rule, if it doesn't work then what can I do to fix it? Right now, I think it works. Current thoughts of this system (my opinion): Pros Easy to track my progress and reward myself Easy to document Less time spent over reflecting Simple Cons Lacks some warmth or depth in details (don't want to clutter) Pressuring at first, but modified it to my liking Pros outweigh the cons, and if it's something I am uncomfortable with such as the cons listed, I can find other means to adjust to the cons.
  4. @Shine Magical, hey! Awesome to see you here. Socialization has been an odd trip for me. During my time spent gaming, my main source of socializing was through online people. Rough times. But I am working on my interactions with real, physical people. Simple things like a smiling at somebody. Baby steps for now 😌. Thank you for your advice, and I will consider adding this to my dailies. You're awesome!
  5. The First Actual Journal Entry Level 1 (175/300 XP) Skill Sets: Coding Rank F (0/1,000 XP) Dailies: Outdoors +50 XP Stretched +50XP Chores +50XP Reading +25XP NoFap Counter: 3 days No Gaming Counter: 1 day Developer Notes: I am extremely behind on my classes and will spend most of my time catching up.
  6. @Adminiculum Your question is actually my requirement for reaching rank F for the coding skill. I did a little research, and I am considering JavaScript for web development.
  7. Prior to this, I read some journals for inspiration towards creating a system. One that inspired me was @Shine Magical's diary. The thing that stood out was the idea of becoming a priest in real life or "gamifying" my life in his journal. Formula for Leveling taken from Disgea Leveling (source: http://howtomakeanrpg.com/a/how-to-make-an-rpg-levels.html) ( 0.04 * (level ^ 3) + 0.8 * (level ^ 2) + 2 * level) (100) = Exp needed to level from current level (rounded to nearest hundred) So to gain XP for the levels, this level gauge will take XP from all sets as its own: All Skill XP gauges Achievement XP Daily XP The level will max out at 99, which will proceed to a different scaling system, but I have not thought that far yet. However milestones reached for levels: Level 30 = Big Reward Level 50 = Big Reward Level 70 = Big Reward Level 100 = Big Reward (Scales bigger, the higher the level stage) I want the rewards for be something meaningful though like a lifestyle change. Travelling to a different part of the world. A car. A house (maybe not an acutal house, but like buying resources to make a tiny house). As for the level 100 reward though, that might take some big brain time, but it's still a long way. Formula for Ranking Skill Sets taken from Original D&D (source: http://howtomakeanrpg.com/a/how-to-make-an-rpg-levels.html) Unlearned (Must meet a requirement before proceeding to rank F) -> F -> E -> D -> C -> B -> A -> 9 -> 8 -> 7- > 6-> 5 -> 4 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1 -> S -> SS -> SSS -> Master ( 500 * (rank^2) - (500*rank) ) = Exp needed to advance skill rank (level) from current rank (level) Skill Set Ranking Gauge Unlearned (lvl.1) = 0 XP required (Must meet a requirement before proceeding to skill rank F) F (lvl.2) = 1,000 XP required E (lvl.3) = 3,000 XP required D (lvl.4) = 6,000 XP required C (lvl.5) = 10,000 XP required B (lvl.6) = 15,000 XP required A (lvl.7) = 20,000 XP required (Must meet a requirement before proceeding to rank 9) 9 (lvl.8) = 28,000 XP required 8 (lvl.9) = 36,000 XP required 7 (lvl.10) = 45,000 XP required 6 (lvl.11) = 55,000 XP required 5 (lvl.12) = 66,000 XP required 4 (lvl.13) = 78,000 XP required 3 (lvl.14) = 91,000 XP required 2 (lvl.15) = 105,000 XP required 1 (lvl.16) = 120,000 XP required (Must meet requirement before proceeding to skill rank S) S (lvl.17) = 136,000 XP required (Must meet requirement before proceeding to skill rank SS) SS(lvl.18) = 153,000 XP required (Must meet requirement before proceeding to skill rank SSS) SSS(lvl.19) = 171,000 XP required (Must meet requirement before proceeding to skill rank Master) Master Status Obtained I did some math and calculated that through this skill set ranking gauge, I would reach 10,000 hours of practice on a certain task if 1 hour of work = 100 XP and any time less than that would equate to whatever percentage scale, like 30 minutes = 50 XP Achievements Whenever I reach a certain achievement, I will gain XP, not sure how I will scale it. Most likely to my personal preference as to how meaningful that gain was to me. But something in the thousand range or hundreds, not too high like over 10,000 XP. Some I can think of: Reaching 225lb on my each of my lifts (bench, squat, deadlift) = 1,000 XP for each Learning Overhead press and incorporating it into my exercise = 500 XP Learning an accessory exercise and utilizing it into my exercise = 100 XP Finishing a book = 100 XP Finishing classes = 100 XP Dailies XP gained from perform on a daily basis such as: Spending time outside = 50 XP General Fitness (Running, Swimming, Lifting, Stretching) = 50 XP Reading = 25 XP (to balance achievement and daily XP) Cooking = 50 XP Chores = 50 XP Classwork = 10 XP Smiling at somebody = 1 XP Special Rewards for being Porn, Masturbation, and Game Free At the end of each month, I will reward myself for being game free or porn & masturbation free. Some I can think of: Weightlifting shoes (first month, slightly pricey reward, but really need some) A drink Good eats Rules I will track for four days a week consecutively. Three days after I will rest and live life non gamified and no online journaling. No XP will be gained or tracked these days. Nofap and NoGaming counter will continue on the rest day, will report accordingly on the four active gamify days.
  8. A year ago, I made two major decisions in my life. It all began on the month of No Nut November 2018. To quit porn and masturbation To quit gaming Long story short: I made my first entry on November 5th, 2018. I failed No Nut November on November 6th, 2018. Fell into post nut depression, and never looked back since. From then on, for months: I continued gaming I continued playing tug of war with myself and watching porn Stayed unemployed under my parent's roof Then the following summer came: I got a job Decided to go back to school Did some summer classes I continued gaming I continued playing tug of war with myself and watching porn Then fall came: I became confused about life Quit my job Started procrastinating on my fall classes No longer wanted to do what I studying for Fell into a low point with gaming, porn, and masturbation Began searching for more outlets: anime, a girlfriend, friends, the internet Fast forward to today: No Nut November was tossed into a discussion while gaming Began evaluating my life Decided I still had one more chance at redemption Logged back onto forum.gamequitters I started my first journal memeing, but I want to take things more seriously now. I really want to change my life now. As of now: I am behind on my classes, will have to drop one to complete the remainder Decided to pursue automotive instead of my current major in spring semester I will begin learning code on the side I started working again I will have to develop a system to safeguard my dreams tomorrow. As of now, I am too tired. But finally, I am back. No Nut November 2019. Oh how I have been waiting for you.
  9. day 1: first no nut november and now this... does this mean i will become a god at the end? yessssssss..........either that or 3rd degree blue balls ha that's all for now. lets get juicy!!!!!! edit: forgot my daily gratitude cant forget that. I am grateful for my family. They're always there for me.
  10. ay you a real one bruda tom, first at the intro now we here. all kinds of moral support up in this *oof*. stay real homie edit: for the lols. ay mang, read it as u see fit homie. momma always told me i had some swag in me heh
  11. starting a journal if anyone interested in some quick gains: edit: more to say!! duh!!!!!!
  12. intros: yo yo welcome to the weaksauce daily life!!! here you'll be gettin the latest news of a fellow bro bro we startin a new community inside of a community!!! sorry bruda cam!!! haha more to come brudass!!!! lets get juicy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 edit: brought a maintenance crew over to fix the link
  13. im that shrimp you passed by yesterday oh wait i don't go outside! haha kidding aside, im looking for something to commit to. why not gaming? hell ya!!!!!!!!!!!! lets get juicy bois!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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