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  1. Eh. I say don't sweat it brother. Life is short, and you never know when it's over. Enjoy it. Really. Quitting games isn't the go to solution for everybody. You've been on this site for almost four years, so you know the deal. Quitting severs ties with your distractions, but it's what you do once the distractions are away. Sometimes though, you need those distractions around otherwise you'd end up like, you know, insane! 😂😂 So what I'm trying to say is, you need balance. Your growth in life and gaming is like a yin and yang. Gaming keeps you grounded from what I see. But don't le
  2. For me, if I went back to gaming, I think in the short term: It would be fun like reacquainting with old buddies. I am a fan of mmorpgs, so most likely I would go back to one of my favorite mmorpgs. I would start fresh, feeling the excitement of the "unexplored" content. Furthermore, socializing with players along the way in attempts to start a potential friendship. Happy to have someone playing alongside me. Days and days go by, and I'd feel absorbed by my progress in game. I am blurring through the storyline and getting stronger each day. Long term though: I will have