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  1. day 1: first no nut november and now this... does this mean i will become a god at the end? yessssssss..........either that or 3rd degree blue balls ha that's all for now. lets get juicy!!!!!! edit: forgot my daily gratitude cant forget that. I am grateful for my family. They're always there for me.
  2. ay you a real one bruda tom, first at the intro now we here. all kinds of moral support up in this *oof*. stay real homie edit: for the lols. ay mang, read it as u see fit homie. momma always told me i had some swag in me heh
  3. starting a journal if anyone interested in some quick gains: edit: more to say!! duh!!!!!!
  4. intros: yo yo welcome to the weaksauce daily life!!! here you'll be gettin the latest news of a fellow bro bro we startin a new community inside of a community!!! sorry bruda cam!!! haha more to come brudass!!!! lets get juicy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 edit: brought a maintenance crew over to fix the link
  5. im that shrimp you passed by yesterday oh wait i don't go outside! haha kidding aside, im looking for something to commit to. why not gaming? hell ya!!!!!!!!!!!! lets get juicy bois!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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