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  1. Struggling right now. Really I am not sure how to fix my problem with learning. Sometimes I cant learn properly due to some other important things. That would be no problem but sadly even when I am free I tend to be a bit lazy. Today I could just have gone to library to study, but I decide to stay at home and work there, because I wasnt in mood. This happens sometimes. At holidays when I dont have classes its different, because I am not that exhausted at weekends. I think everyone understands that. So, how to fix that? I guess I need to get back to a proper morning routine which can even help to get out of bad mood. Like having a shower, eat a good breakfast etc. Any tips there? I tend to want to change everything at once, like eat healthier, more sport, more studying etc. but that doesnt work. Changes are slow but have to happen steadily.
  2. Grind at library definitely is way better than at home. So it is okay so far, I hope I can go on like this.
  3. Good session yesterday, but I am always thinking I am learning too slow -> wrong. But when I speak with my guys at university there doesnt seem to be a right way. Everyone just grinding whole day to somehow make it. Some guys lie and say they dont have to learn much, but at the same way they always say ‚wow its so stressful‘. Yea so its weird I want to trust more into myself and just do my work and stop thinking whether there isnt a better way to study. But I am simply never sure, because maybe there is one... Tomorrow university opens again and I am usually learning at the campus. So i feel today a bit like making a day free and tomorrow ill start the normal grind(I am very used to learning in a library etc. at home its always tough to concentrate)
  4. Plan: learning now 1-2 Hours, maybe after that going buy some food for later and then I would like to learn till 7-8oclock
  5. Short but good learning session I want to start early tomorrow so I dont have to learn into the night. Learning early is way better
  6. Hello, I decided to open this journal, so I can log my daily work routine. I hope it somehow gives me more ‚pressure‘ to do my work. Right now I feel a bit bad in opening this journal although I should learn. But tbh I would just watch youtube, so there is no reason not to try this journal thing out! Little introduction: My gaming history goes pretty way back. World of Warcraft at young age, some Age of Empire too. Later I started with Runescape. Most addictive game was basically League of Legends. The time I started with League was in very intense time at school. Worked hard to get into medical school. Although I played much I got into it. Absolutely great feeling. I quitted LoL already for a long time now. I dont miss it, its a very good feeling to have quit it. Whats the deal now? Well, I cant really work with internet on a ‚healthy‘ base. I can still just grind the whole day in front of it. I still watch very much on youtube etc. instead of doing what I am supposed to do -> feeling bad. I want to do the things I really want to do. My medical school. I want to do my learning. And after that I want to do several other things which are making me waaay more fun than watching youtube. But you all know... internet gives fast and easy dopamin. Other things more on a long time base. However I am sure about what I really want to do with my life. Isnt that already something? I think yes and thats why I should be happy at least for that.(I need to be happy about more things in my life, which I always tend to say about ‚ah thats no achievement thats nothing special‘ I speak about simple thing like having a house, having food etc. but also huge goals which I fulfilled like getting into medical school.) I know what I want to do. But next question: Can I do that? We all have goals, but not everyone can make it. Thats normal. So can I make medical school? I think yes. But I have to take myself as I am. Maybe I am not a work machine, but I can settle things so Its working anyway. I can study 1-2 years longer till I get my degree, which is fine for me. My huge goal is not to be extrem successful(like getting best grades), my goal is to do my working routine(= reduce meaningless things) Everything else is not in my hand. So I want to work now concentrated 2 hours. Ill write after it whether It worked out good.
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