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  1. A thing which I see every time when someone is quitting games, is that it leads to nothing if you dont limit or quit internet usage in general. I feel like 90% of the people here have an internet problem in general and not just a gaming problem. Its the procrastination while getting some dopamin peaks whereever its possible. It was the same thing for me literally. Although I didnt touch games since years, it doesnt matter when I also dont stop youtube etc. Your very first goal must be to be productive. Because thats your goal, right? Getting that degree. Of course after that you cant think ‘hey I did some work now back to games’. Because this leads inevitable to the fact that you relapse in the next days(‘one game then I start again’) After all those years I think the only way for some people is to really rebuild their whole day. 90 Days of building up a total new routine and completely forget about the old habits. Not staying infront of that pc, not be at home much in general if you are not studying etc. Since thats so hard, many people keep relapsing over and over again
  2. Hm it depends how it affects ur life. I could read all day and it would affect my life in a bad way. I would focus on productive things first, after that do what you want(but no addictive things like games which destroy your routine)
  3. Ah nice to hear its going good! You start university or what are your plans now?
  4. Hey man, well you made a GREAT step to come here (again?) to talk about it and stop the process of getting near to relapse. I am basically in the same situation, 3-4 years out, now again this ‚hey why not‘. That all happend for me step by step, I relapsed on some other things and the more you fail the easier it gegs to fail even more and to think its ok. League is basically the last thing I stop myself to do but its the most important thing to stay away from. The reason for all of this is that I have some problems in rl again. Maybe u too? Otherwise I would probably not have these cravings.
  5. Hi, yea I know Ali and my learn system is basing on his videos(Google Sheet not Anki, but its basicslly the same). I only do repetition all day, I know that medicine is 99% memorizing that stuff. It does work but I need a lot of time. I cant really say whether I am slow or fast, because some of my ppl in the university are saying they have to learn 8-12 hours daily, others are only on 3 hours etc. But basically I cant keep up my learning routine of 4-6 Hours daily sadly due to procrastination. But I think that procrastination is also coming because the learning is so difficult for me because its so much things to memorize..
  6. Hey, Good luck on your way! I read your posts and I think its good that you try it over and over again to get to the right path. It seems you are trying very hard to stay away from games, which is obviously good, but I see that those pretty common problems of replacing it with browsing and other stuff hit you too. I think you should try to focus on filling your life with other things, making alternatives. It makes it much much easier. Try things which are easy to get better in, so you stay on track. I always tried new things but it was so hard to succeed in these and thats a bad thing for ppl who are trying to getting out of that totally gaming focused life. For example if you like football, then dont join the next football club full of pros. Rather play with some newbies so you feel good while doing it. I mention that because you said learning peogramming etc is boring after some time, which is true. With the time you can do harder things again. When I stopped gaming, it was really important for me to stop watching gaming content too. Because its like hanging out with alcohol addicts in a bar although you want to stay sober. Stay far away for that
  7. Hey guys, I know gq now for some years, at start I was facing a huge addiction to gaming. I could fix it immediately when I started to do these daily journals. The first 90 days went good. I know many people are suffering from these gaming addictions much, and they relapse over and over again. Since I doubt that these people are ‚weaker‘ than others, I think this addiction is different to everyone. For me gaming was easily fixable, because it wasnt the real problem. Which leads to why I open this new journal. My problem is the procrastination itself. I am a Medical Student and I have to study much. Even 6 Hours per day lead not to a big success which leads to more procrastionaton. I really want to finish Med School with success thats why I want to change my procrastinating. I do everything most likely something at the PC but It could be anything. So my goal is to stop that and start to actually getting my things done. Not just med school, I want to do many things but I tend to be too lazy -> too much PC instead and imaging how it could be instead of starting. Tomorrow I want to start with my studying again. Then I want to setup again a 90 days detox plan, filled with activities + learning routine, which I will post here. I hope gq can help me again to fix this problem now and hopefully forever. As always I will read postings here(even that I could do for hours instead of learning lmao) to get new ideas how to improve my strategy since many here are having the same problem. Thanks for reading!
  8. However: Good learning day today! I wish I could be so productive every day. Ill try to keep it up.
  9. Yes, everyone suffers at procrastination BUT some people doesnt get negativ effects from it that fast like others. Lets say you live alone and you have a job. The only thing you have to do is to go to your job and to earn money. Rest of the day is basically free. Sure, you have other goals/hobbys. But hey? What happens if you dont go after them? Nothing. So its okay for them to waste their time on xy. An other guy may have kids or family on which he has to take care of or other things so he cant allow himself to procrastinate. Of course you can always say ‚if this subject doesnt motivate you enough then it isnt yours!‘ that makes it pretty easy. Like you always miss something and thats why yoi get addicted to things. I really doubt that tbh. It simplicities this whole case totally. You totally miss the fact that many subjects are not nearly equal to your job later. I can hate the university but love the job later. Just because you hate to do sport and instead you browse in the web, you shouldnt do sport? No you have to do it although you dont like it because you like the result(eg health) So I think you got it that there are some holes in your argumentation I guess. But thanks for the post It helped me to think about my hobbies again. Personally I think I really love them but for me that doesnt leads to the point that I do them frequently. I like to make music -> but the way to do good music later is tough, you will play bad first but you keep going because there will be a time in which u will be better and then you are proud of you that even in the hard time where you hated it you still did it.
  10. When I read my last post, its pretty much the same but a bit worse. Exams are coming and I really have no clue what I have done all the last month. I am so slow when I start to llearn. Getting tired all the time, need very much time to understand things. Its like I am now 2 years in Med School but still didnt find a good working system on which I can rely on However there is still the problem with keeping up the learning routine. Its so freaking exhausting to keep it up. These times are so tough, especially when I see how easy other peoples life is, without a stressful degree as their target. I cant even remember the times when I woke up without having kind of a pressure or struggle. Its still much youtube and other stuff in the internet. I guess those things, doesnt mattet how much I reduced them, forbid a reset of my dopaminsystem. Like it will always be tough if I cant get away from that, because my brain is so adapted to easy dopamin. I mean doing your work is such a good feeling but still this isnt a reason to start. Its dumb, but thats how the brain works. So my goals are now to keep my learning routine back up and especially BEING ACTIVE when I start to study, not like just read in the book without trying to memorize it. I need also to build up other hobbies again, although its tough to do that after a full learning day. So I am gonna learn 6-7 hours now and Ill see
  11. Struggling right now. Really I am not sure how to fix my problem with learning. Sometimes I cant learn properly due to some other important things. That would be no problem but sadly even when I am free I tend to be a bit lazy. Today I could just have gone to library to study, but I decide to stay at home and work there, because I wasnt in mood. This happens sometimes. At holidays when I dont have classes its different, because I am not that exhausted at weekends. I think everyone understands that. So, how to fix that? I guess I need to get back to a proper morning routine which can even help to get out of bad mood. Like having a shower, eat a good breakfast etc. Any tips there? I tend to want to change everything at once, like eat healthier, more sport, more studying etc. but that doesnt work. Changes are slow but have to happen steadily.
  12. Grind at library definitely is way better than at home. So it is okay so far, I hope I can go on like this.
  13. Good session yesterday, but I am always thinking I am learning too slow -> wrong. But when I speak with my guys at university there doesnt seem to be a right way. Everyone just grinding whole day to somehow make it. Some guys lie and say they dont have to learn much, but at the same way they always say ‚wow its so stressful‘. Yea so its weird I want to trust more into myself and just do my work and stop thinking whether there isnt a better way to study. But I am simply never sure, because maybe there is one... Tomorrow university opens again and I am usually learning at the campus. So i feel today a bit like making a day free and tomorrow ill start the normal grind(I am very used to learning in a library etc. at home its always tough to concentrate)
  14. Plan: learning now 1-2 Hours, maybe after that going buy some food for later and then I would like to learn till 7-8oclock