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  1. Studying, 5 Hours Per Day | No PC Usage | Training | Eat healthy Could follow my plan today. Started early so It worked better. But I took a long break after 3 hours of studying. I want to make these breaks shorter, first finish the uni stuff and then go do other things.
  2. I didnt study today once again. Damn. Its not even like that there are huge cravings or that I need a break or anything. Its just that I start too late and its really frustrating to study until the night. But I have to until I fix my time managment better. Right now I dont have an idea how to make sure that I study tomorrow. But I will give my very best to get back to it tomorrow and continue like I used to. Without studying this day was really shit. No clue what I even done. The last days seemed already to have much impact because I am not used to mindless browsing or anything. But I know sooooo well that if I do this 2-3x more I will be totally hooked again. I read such things in other journals a lot, people tend to interpret this as ‚I dont have an addiction anymore, since today I stopped myself because I found it boring!‘ but a few days later the addiction hits back and 24/7 stuck infront of the games once again. So - tomorrow back to the routine and study well. And I will write my journals posts again at the evenings, that ‚pressure‘ might help a bit.
  3. Studying, 5 Hours Per Day | No PC Usage | Training | Eat healthy 1/74 74 days left for a huge exam, some weeks before that I have several smaller ones. Even succeeding in those smaller ones would be a huge win. But since I dont want to study all this again for the big exam, I want to do it in one go. Today I already started to earlier so I can finish faster. Because yesterday I had to study again into the night to get the 5 hours in total.
  4. Did everything like planned. But gonna write the ‘official’ daily post like I said earlier at the mornings and not at the evenings. Tomorrow I want to do two really important calls which I postpone now for way too long.
  5. Feeling like absolute shit today 😄 Usually to cope that after waking up, gaming, youtube, netflix etc. or eating a bunch of food... Bu since I dont do any of that anymore since a few weeks now, I just wait a bit because I know my mood will change quickly. Although I literally did nothing stressful the last two days since I didnt study. But I think that - obviously - has affect too. Whatever. Im gonna go straight to my tasks now. Will study for 2-3 hours will make a break to do my workout and continue afterwards. 5 Hours are not that long if you do promodors seriously, because if you really concentrate you actually want to get things done fast, and when you try to do something fast, what happens? Yea the time is suddenly a problem for you, so it passes way faster.
  6. hey man, I remember your journal from two years ago. Used to have another account back then. It makes me happy that you feel better and especially that you still try to quit gaming for good! Never give up mate. Maybe you restart the journal, it helps.
  7. I didnt study today sadly. I dont want to make a break once again, I want to push through. No way I will do all this silly stuff again, I want to get those exams DONE once and for all. Thats why tomorrow I will start my day straight with going back on my study routine.
  8. Mate, you take the final decision. I think its right to listen to family members, family is the most important thing in life. I would ask myself, what your goal is. Where do you want to work later? If you dont know the answer for 100%, then the answer is clear: study something, which you can actually finish so you get a degree. If you know what you want to do, then ask yourself whether in this area you need a degree. If you want to be a software developer, oh yea, if you want a decent job, you need that degree. You will still have to learn programming languages on your own, they will not explain shit in university. Its all about you. But: you get a degree at the end. Thats what matters for many many people unless you are some crazy genius and you perform so extremly well in coding so ppl dont care about a degree(probably wont happen). Right now the only reason I see why you dont want to study are those school exams which you have to do, right? Assuming you still have enough time to pass(with enough points to get to the university which is sufficient for you), the only thing you have to do is to keep studying. For me the answer is clear, push through those weeks which are left, complete it. Then you have the free choice: study or not. Then thats truly your decision because right now its more like you just want to dodge the work.
  9. I didnt post yesterday because I wanted to shift my daily postings to the morning instead of writing them in the evenings. So I can reflect better my problems, and improve them in that day directly. However I must admit that in the last days I started way too late. To compensate that pressure I couldnt really concentrate during my promodoros, which made the whole promodoro system meaningless. A successful promodoro cycle means for me that I was fully focused during that time. But in the last 2-3 days I wasnt. Today its really late again, and I did nothing yet. Thats why I know this would end in tje exact same way e.g. learning 5 hours but with no ‘real’ breaks and so the breaks happen with procrastination during the promodoros -> lie to myself. That makes no sense. I am gonna reset that counter once again, I will go earlier into bed so I can start my day a bit sooner and go straight to my tasks. I cant allow myself now a big relapse otherwise everything would be pointless. I literally studied 3-4x already for one of those upcoming exams. That means I wasted so much time, because I studied -> but not enough so I couldnt pass the exam -> forgot everything, had to study again etc. I dont want this to happen again, because its extremly demotivating. So I am gonna reset the timer and start fresh from tomorrow. Gonna always write a post at the beginning of my day, to set up my goals. I might even be flexible then with my learning hours, I can just say ‚hey today I feel great so I can study more hours‘(ofc not less).
  10. Studying, 5 Hours Per Day | No PC Usage | Training | Eat healthy 11/90 Day was fine. I made the plan which I want to follow. Only problem: I need to do more than 5 hours so the plan can actually work.
  11. Studying, 5 Hours Per Day | No PC Usage | Training | Eat healthy 10/90 Tested myself with a few old exams most of the time today. Since I changed my study system I dont exactly know what to do when and how, since I am studying for multiple exams at once. Tomorrow I want to start with making a plan how I want to use my hours from now on the smartest way instead of just starting and pushing through.
  12. I have a time limit set up for all my devices. E.g. 2 hours of youtube in total, at 8pm all websites get blocked etc. should be possible on any device I guess. Most important point is to never ever make an exception, never say ‘ohh 3 hours are fine too’. Stick to your own rules, if you cant do it, dont start. Otherwise it destroys your self-confidence, and will affect every other time you would set up such rules(you broke them once, why not again? etc those things make it harder, of course not undoable, but still its better to do it on the first time)
  13. Studying, 5 Hours Per Day | No PC Usage | Training | Eat healthy 9/90 Day was a bit better again. @Proxee Yea well the education system is different in every country. I dont really care about it and I dont blame it. I think you can do most of the stuff by yourself, but most people dont even have a goal. Of course it can be made better, but I dont really think about the bigger picture behind it anymore. Just focusing on my goals nowadays.
  14. 1) You are 100% right, the most important thing is to push through especially on the rough days. I mean those are the days where we would normally relapse. On easy, much progression days its simple to stay on track. 2) Take the emotions and use them do stay on track, to built up the routine. Motivation has much more downsides, its not really useful. I used to have much motivation but it never lead to something useful. It can be the reason to start, but the routine is the important point, which can keep you on track for a longer period of time. Motivation vanishs really quickly.
  15. Welcome 🙂 I recommend you to write down your goals. You dont have to share private stuff, change it as you like. For me the journal is kind of a pressure to follow my goals. Maybe you implement a counter, eg 30 days of doing XY. Always when I just opened a journal to write now and then - I failed miserably. But when I decide to write everyday to update my counter, it works much better. The main point of all this: You want to accomplish your goals. Thats the Nr. 1 thing here
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