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  1. Might a bit late but I'm very glad to know that you hit 1 year free! Happy new year my friend! Keep safe!!
  2. Hey Max, what's up? I've been relapsing on and off as well. I'm sick of it too, especially knowing that someday I would quit forever. That 'someday' was today like yours. I hope that we stay gaming free forever, batchmate! To a better life, cheers!
  3. Good day! My name is Chiliflavor and I'm here for the 2nd time, to "officially" quit playing video games forever. Here is my introduction while this one is my 90-day detoxification journal. In this journal, my goal is to go deeper into my thoughts, task executions, and reflections. I followed a certain format in my previous journal but for this one, I'd just write whatever I'm feeling. To make the story short, I've been playing video games since I was 6 years old—20 years ago. All in all, as far as I know, I've played more or less 30,000 hours. That's 3.42 years of playing. Haha!
  4. I miss that 12 hours of sleep! Glad you're doing great, Erik. It's been a while since I've visited GQ forums; and reading your entries, as always, really brings positive energy. Many thanks for that. Take care always. Congrats on 9 months! Good luck on your new job and let's keep enjoying this lifetime. 😂
  5. Holy shit, very nice rocket!! Now, I believe you can design anything. 🤣 Congrats on your 90 days!! 😁
  6. A little bit late to post but... 90 days without games done! 😁 Thanks to GameQuitters community, Sir Cam and to its members! Without this community, I would still be the old me. I would like to mention each and everyone who reacted, commented, and interacted with my journal but it's already 5:15 AM here. 😅 You know who you are! 😄 Thanks a lot for keeping me on track. Without your insights and stories, I wouldn't be able to finish my detoxification. The thought of gaming still visits me everyday, even after the 90-day detoxification. I guess it would always be this way—haunting
  7. Congratulations @Strykyr22!! Thanks for the insight!
  8. Remaining Days: 2 days (Aug 7-9, 2020 : Friday - Sunday) Since my journal is about to end, I decided to go over through my entries since the first day of detoxification. I wanted to summarize what had happen to my life since I quit playing games. Recently, since it's Day 88 for me, I've been thinking about "testing out" if I can play casually. This is like the "highlights" of Learn it the hot way. If you guys and gals read my entries in the Quick Fact About Me section, you would definitely have an idea of who am I. It may be you're just browsing the forums, bored, somewhat interested
  9. Welcome to the forums, @gameswillnotkillme! Glad you finally quit LoL. I'm struggling with playing DotA as well. Hoping that you'd finish the 90-day detoxification. Good luck!
  10. Remaining Days: 5 days (Aug 1-6, 2020 : Saturday - Thursday) Quick Fact About Me: If estimate the total time I dedicated in playing video games, using the average number of hours I played each day since I was 5 yrs. old, I'd say it's more or less 30,000 hours—around 3 years. Did I have fun playing? Definitely, yes. Do I regret the time spent? No, I had fun. Do I wish I lessened my playing time before? Yes, I wished that I had more control over my gaming addiction. Did I use video games as an escape for my problems and responsibilities? I'd say, 50-50. I don't usually play when I'm no
  11. Welcome to the forums, @GloriouslyAddicted! Glad you decided to finally quit for good. Don't forget to remember this day when things get tough. 😄
  12. Remaining Days: 11 days (July 27-31, 2020 : Monday - Friday) Quick Fact About Me: When it comes to my sex life, I'm very private about it. Kiss and tell isn't my thing. I used to joke a lot of greens when I was "younger." You know, young boys laugh about these kind of stuff. 😅 But as I grew older, I notice that I haven't joked about these kind of things. Not talking about my sex life is my way of respecting my partner (and my previous partners). 😁 For me, this should be only talked about by the parties concerned—I give and accept tips though. 😂 Feels Today: I wasn't able t
  13. I just got back from writing as well—took a week off because I also don't feel like writing and was feeling lost. 😅 Like what you said, it felt like it was a chore. Good luck on your roommate. 😁 Time flies fast. It seems like yesterday we started journaling, now we're almost done. Thanks for the idea, I think it's a great. I'll read mine as well sometime this week to remind me of the "mission-vision" of my journal. Good luck!
  14. Glad you're doing great and everything's fine! 😁
  15. The Danver's are so hot! Now that you mentioned, I'm putting it on my to watch (again) haha!! Congrats on 8 months! 😁