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  1. day 53 - 58 : - i am here after 5-6 days . i made some good progresses - first , i got rid of league of legends again and i will not ever install this game again . moderation does not work for me at all so it's for the best if i just leave it for ever . - i used multiple social media platforms i got rid of most of them and deleted and blocked people who had negative impact on me . and i only stayed in touch with one friend who actually motivates me to move on - i made some bad and wrong decisions because i was angry , mad or sad . one day thought alot and chose another pat
  2. Day 51 and 52 : - i didn't delete league of legends yet but i haven't played since then . i don't know why but i don't want to delete it although i am haven't played for 2 days . - Day 51 was really really good . i did all of my tasks , went out couple of times and overall a calm day - but today i have a huge massive argue with my mom and my sisters , i was literally shaking because how i talked loud , an argue really fucks my day i just gave myself a rest . it's 11 PM and we are still arguing over what happened in the morning . and it's not even my fault . they assume they can
  3. seems you had a calm day ! i am also learning cube , learned 3*3 and i am learning 4*4 now ! it's so much fun
  4. Day 49 and 50 : - first of all , moderation is turning into addiction again . i found myself playing 5 hours and raging all day after idk how long . before it's getting to late i delete that game again . moderation does not work at all , at least for me - i have several tasks to do at day : English - Norwegian - programming - reading . need to divide my time for each . so far i guess i am doing good . i do them all daily for a reasonable amount , but i got to remember i have a goal that takes more work than this - because i have migraine i need to control my time using laptop
  5. From Saturday until today Thursday / Day 48 : a summery of what i did in this 4 days : - first of all most of my days now almost have the same routine so at maximum i can write 4-5 line in my journal . so sometimes i combine couple of days and write them all . - i almost fixed my sleeping schedule .i still sleep kinda let ( around 2 pm) but i wake up at 6 or max 8 and i take 1-2 hour nap during the day . wake up early morning feels so good since i don't like nights i have more time in my hand and i can use it more efficient - it's been a long time i want to study English
  6. day 44 : first update : i woke up a bit late around 2 am . at the morning i woke at at 9 am . there were nothing to eat for breakfast so i started working right away . now it's 3 pm . i almost did nothing but working + chat with a friend at the same time . second update : my journal are always short because i don't do much in a day . just regular routine repeats everyday . pretty much i worked with my laptop all evening . nothing much .
  7. day 43 : first update : i had the perfect sleep schedule that i wanted . i slept at 12 night and woke up at 6:30 , ate a healthy breakfast and at 7 i started my work . i worked straight until 11 , at 11:20 i was exhausted , you know spending much time behind the lap top and righting constantly is exhausting , anyway i slept until no , 1:30 pm . i would probably wait to eat lunch and if not , then i again , same routine , lap top , vs code and video of courses . xD second update : i met an amazing person , we were speaking almost all day about literally everyt
  8. day 42 : first update : last night i could not sleep at all . i was in bed trying to sleep until 3 am then i took a shower and worked on my java script for almost 2 hours . at 5 i slept but i set alarm because i didn't want to sleep until evening . so i woke at 9:30 it was really hard but i did it . then i went and bought something for breakfast and started working right away . its actually really hard . one thing happened that my parents actually tried to speak with me to convince me go to normal university . unlike last times that i lied to them to keep them pleased of me and avoi
  9. i was thinking and i came with a plan i try to write it down here . i compared what i want to be with what i am now and i got some results 1. fixing sleep schedule : since i should spend much time on programming i need to fix my sleep . i try to wake up earlier in order to be more tired at night to sleep sooner . i repeat this cycle until at a point that my sleep routine is fixed 2. learn continuously : since i am learning programming i need to be update and learn everyday . consistency is key . and it get 2x important now while everybody is disagree with my choice and this
  10. really well said @BooksandTrees ! and also by my opinion if you keep moving on the right path in your journal ( like you are now) things start to become better because you are doing better . also don't regret what you have done or haven't in the past , just focus on yourself getting better and better every day .
  11. Day 41 : - it has been a few days i am trying to fix my sleeping schedule , i fixed a huge part of it but there is a problem. my family is Muslim but i am not ( they don't know) so every morning at 5 am i have to wake up and pretend to read salat ( Muslims pray) and then sleep . this makes me 10x tired i need to find a way for it . maybe sleep earlier to wake up at that time or prepare good healthy breakfast from the night before to eat after i wake up , i figure it out - i woke up at 11 morning , pretty late since i should practice more for programming . after waking up i ate brea
  12. Day 39 and 40 : Ok Finally i told the truth to my family witch turned into a massive argue witch i would say it was well worth it that they finally know what is in my mind and what is my choice . i mean i am 21 it's my right to decide what ever the fuck i want to do with my future , yes i understand they are my parents and they are worried but i can assure you i am not worried less about myself than they are for me . when we were eating lunch i told them that i don't want to go university and i want to start my career as a programmer soon and i have made huge progress and etc . they are t
  13. Congratulation! you are doing a great job ! well done !
  14. Day 38 and 39 : i have pretty much the same routine everyday . i wake up around 10 i spend almost all my day learning and programming. although i am doing good but i need a solid plan to know what im gonna do untill end of the year( we have different calendar here ) . so my tasks/goals are : 1. learn programming at least to the point that i am employable 2.keep learning new programming languages / overall just keep making progress 3. learn English completely with all books and sources i have 4. get in shape ( first i should go to the doctor , my arm started hurting
  15. Day 37 : Today i woke at at 10:00 . buying and preparing breakfast and eating it took me an hour. from 11 to 1:30 pm i worked programming a little bit plus little study my books . i rested for half on hour and i worked non stop from 2 pm to 6 pm . right away i grabbed my book at studied for 2 hours . after that i chilled for about 2 hours . then i worked one more half an hour untill now . a bit later TV series is going to start soon , i watch it and i'll probably going to sleep . i am exhausted to day . i worked alot.