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  1. It's good to see that you are active again I love your "what I've done today to improve my financial status" section. I'm going to leave my mom's house soon and I will have to take care about my finance
  2. I have found the best Chrome addon ever. It disables recommended videos and other distracting things: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/df-youtube-distraction-fr/mjdepdfccjgcndkmemponafgioodelna You can even disable comments with it
  3. How are you going to celebrate 90 days?
  4. I love that you record yourself! I bet it will be awesome for you to watch it a year from now! Keep the momentum!
  5. Oh god, it's so close to 90 days I'd like to see a summary of how things have changed in your life since you quit games Good job!
  6. Hello Alan! Quitting isn't as hard as it seems. Stay on the forum and you'll be fine I suggest you to give away your LOL account to someone. Anytime you'd like to play it again you will have to ask for it. The person should ask you then, if you really want it. It may stop you from relapsing. And remember that you have to find activities to replace gaming. It's not about replacing it with time wasting activities like browsing, TV series or anime. You quit gaming to have fulfilling life, right? I recommend you to check it out: http://gamequitters.com/hobby-ideas (lol, an ad ). Good luck, bro!
  7. I hope that this year will be successful and happy for you Btw, I love your avatar!
  8. Good job on deleting games and steam! I remember it wasn't easy thing to do. And If you want to stay away from youtube I recommend you this chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/ebstore/detail/df-youtube-distraction-fr/mjdepdfccjgcndkmemponafgioodelna
  9. I strongly recommend LCHF diet if you want to lose weight in easy and healthy way
  10. Your journal is pretty positive, keep going!
  11. Gratitude is definitely worth trying. I've come back to it few days ago and I see how good is it And please, don't believe people who are saying that you need to fap. I believe you can live without it
  12. I love your analyse of the reason why you spend time gaming. Never ever come back to this. It's not worth it
  13. The Power of Habit is fantastic book! It made me look differently on every day actions. I used to run 5km every other day after quitting and I'm impressed with your speed, good job!
  14. Hey, I feel you, bro. I'm training Muay Thai and I would get angry if I couldn't train it anymore. I hope you'll get job soon so you won't have time for gaming
  15. Good luck on your journey! You'll start to be more passionate about things you feel you aren't passionate about now. It just takes time
  16. You inspire me to finally read and apply "Getting Things Done" . I just couldn't get through this and maybe it's time to give it another shot
  17. Hey, I won't say much because people find things I use to tell about health and nutrition controversial. Google about LCHF. I'm eating like this for months and I don't even remember last time I got sick The most important things to do when it comes to nutrition are: don't eat fast foodsdon't drink soda and juices (juices are not healthy, really) - replace it with waterdon't eat sweetsIf you have any questions feel free to ask
  18. Programming is awesome. It becomes really interesting when you know more and you can make something really cool I also love the tip to never refuse if someone asks me for a cup of tea!
  19. How was the meeting? How do you feel when meeting with old friends? I have to say I feel strange and I don't like to do it much. My old "friends" just can't handle how much I've changed and I feel weird around them. I prefer to meet with my new friends or even with strangers because I love to meet new people
  20. Hello Good luck on your journey! NoFAP isn't as hard as people say ;P I'm curious, what book are you reading?
  21. What are my commitments? No gaming for the next 90 days (I'm on 5 months streak now ).No PMO for next 30 days (30 days streak already)I want to learn Java everyday for 90 daysLearn to do one hand push up by the end of JuneI'm going to meet new friends this monthI want to spend minimum 15 mins on learning Japanese everyday for 30 daysI want to read life changing books for minimum 25mins for next 90 daysI won't eat any grains, sweets and processed foods for next 90 days (I'm on ~30 days streak)Why am I doing this? Because I want to live life the fullest and I want to know that I can control my body (no gaming, no PMO). Also I want to find a job as programmer after one year. Someone may say that I have too many commitments. I dont think so. I love sport, I love reading and coding is also very cool (I need to find some kind of Mentor to check my code and give me tips), so it doesnt take much effort for me to do it. The only problem is that I lost motivation for learning Japanese, but I will comeback to it, because I commit that I will do it! Good Luck with your commitments!
  22. Jogging in the winter is awesome too, seriously. Its cold here (about -3°C), but I enjot it. No excuses!
  23. Ive just watched "The Sunk Costs Fallacy" video and Im amazed too! Ive googled "How to quit gaming" too But Ive been googling it few times until I found Cam's page. At the start his story sounded unreal for me, but then I realised "Hey, its not so unreal, it sounds a bit similar to my story". Welcome to the forum, and good luck!