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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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  1. https://soundcloud.com/wearemotus/motus-sessions-001-mixed-by-cameron-dare The link is dead, isn't it ? (but we have a mirror, so this isn't a pain).
  2. There are good youtube channel on health and on what you should eat. They are really useful and you'll be surprised that you are doing a lot of diet errors, right now ! Check them out .
  3. For those interested, here is here is one of my "good" and "clean" playlist . Edit : also I saw all the good music here , but I need more
  4. Hi guys ! I quit videos games since ~30 days. Now, I want to get rid of all videos games music. I am not addicted to them, It's just that I don't know what other music to listen. Unfortunately, the majority of music, I'm listening right now comes from videos games. If you know good music for what I'm asking, don't hesitate to give me them out, I'll make a playlist. I need musics for these genres of music : Study music : Very slow music, calm musicSlow musicRhythmic but not too distracting music (no electro, please)Other stuff music Music for strategy board gamesRelaxing musicMusic that gradually speed upMetallical style musicAll of the others kind of music (electro fits well there) Alternatives I need alternatives to these videos games music (don't click the links If you have already played the game, It could trigger you) Sonic advance 2 soundtrack 1Sonic advance 1 soundtrack 1Advance wars days of Ruin soundtrack 1Sonic advance 3 soundtrack 1Sonic advance 2 soundtrack 2Sonic advance 2 soundtrack 3Thanks for the replies guys, I'll put the music in different youtube playlists.
  5. Fine, but I've turned videos games in my favor. I use my old videos games memories with association to remember easily things. My time wasn't THAT wasted. I don't think to go back gaming, I just find fun to use what dropped me to rise again .
  6. Good luck, don't worry : after the first week, real things will begin.
  7. Day 6 Nice day. I've studied in starbucks : starbucks is a cool place to study . I'm at home, now. I'll study soon.
  8. Day 5 Today, I closed a chapter, this time, I really did it. I summarized my old life (while gaming), now I closed once for all this gaming chapter. Now, I forgot what nostalgia means : This is a new chapter each has his advantages and disadvantages : I am building the present, right now. I am playing the best video game ever, right now : In real life. I am playing the best MMORPG or the best adventure game, right now. Now let's face what I have to do, now. Btw: I don't get why but my desktop picture is appearing at the end of each of my messages, that's a bit annoying. If you could fix that and edit the number of days in my other message, you'll be helpful, Cam. Thanks!
  9. Day 4 The second day 2 was day 3, sorry about my mistake . I am speaking about yesterday (I haven't spoken yesterday), now. Yesterday, was a rest day. I haven't worked a lot, but still accomplished some objectives . It feels a little wasted for me... .
  10. Day 2 Here we go, I'm a cheater because I'm late by one day, but I woke up early, I don't know if this will be spotted or not . Yesterday, we did some sport in the cold. I know how bad it feels to be frozen, know. I hate cold, know because of that . Next time, I'll wear better clothes . I decided to follow what you said on 2 of your videos. The first one is about gaming nostalgia. The "stop comparing" point is a strong point, I must admit. The second one is about consuming content. This one is maybe the hardest, but the most rewarding one. It isn't easy to stop consuming content, because it was one of my bad habits. For example, on youtube when I wanted to watch only 1 video, I ended to watch ~5+ . The fix I found was to install this extension. It really makes youtube minimalist and that's better now. But I haven't finished yet, I also cleaned my computer. I use differents accounts for differents activities, for example, you can see my desktop for my gamequitter account. This helps a lot and it kills procastination, completely. You can see below my desktop screenshot for my gamequitter account (very minimalist, I know ). I also took some habits, like meditating the morning and it feels great. My friday day at school was fine, the time passes very fast at school now .
  11. Day 2 Today, I woke up late. 5:30am, I guess... I also learnt how to better manage my energy, knowing the limit and how big it was. I think I can always improve my energy management, I guess. My time management system is getting better and better, I'm more organized than before. I read some books, books are interesting to read for me, right now. Quitting gaming was a great decision that I'm proud of now. I discovered so many things I've never seen before.
  12. If you mean it's something on the forum in general, then yes. Otherwise I'm not sure what you're saying. I meant, how can we play the trump zone game ?
  13. You have to be a hero to avoid these beliefs, which are holding you !
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