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  1. Good to see you again, Karisu! Glad you've still staying away from gaming. What's the 22-6 sleep pattern? 22 hours awake and then sleep for 6?
  2. I guess after a while, things that used to help, like meditation, are no longer useful for where you're at? I'm still developing my meditation practice. I think it's useful since I'm still very wired into.technology.
  3. You've come a long way in such a short time, Vlad. The amount of projects you're undertaking and the level of responsibility you have is amazing.
  4. Don't worry Mithras I thought of playing Skyrim only yesterday and I don't consider that a relapse. ? I do Duolingo German and I have more inapp currency than I need. There's not much to buy in the store hehe.
  5. Yes I read them when I was younger. Now I'm rereading them, the entire chronology. I've worked through the Robot series and now I'm starting the Empire books.
  6. That's a lesson I've learned lately...behind the smiling faces are some hard stories.
  7. Nice old fashioned journal...I like that!
  8. Mettermrck

    Day 6!

    You probably connected better with your grandparents since you weren't thinking about wrapping up your conversation to play games.
  9. When I said physically smaller, it was a cute way of saying I was losing weight and there was less of me in the mirror. Sometimes I try to be too clever for my own good. ? @Daniel, yes my night ritual is primarily prayer and meditation. It helps calm me down and separate myself from technology. Day 74/90. I slept like a log, surprise. I had weird dreams which is a sign that I was sleeping deeply. I had read a book a couple weeks ago about Krakatoa, the volcano that erupted over a century ago. So naturally my dreams had a volcano in it haha. I got my car fixed this morning. I'm actually patting myself on the back because I didn't blow all my money on games and food like before and I was able to take care of my responsibilities. But man alternators have gotten more expensive over the years! I ran into the priest from my new church at the grocery store today. That was a nice little sign that I was making the right decision to move on spiritually. I haven't been thinking of gaming too much with the 90 days approaching. Once in a while...but I can't see video games and my podcast project coexisting. Gratitude 1. Taking care of my responsibilities 2. Bought a new smaller pair of jeans today...yeah! 3. Air-conditioning when the heat index outside is over 100
  10. I am in awe of your running skills, sir! I, too, am contemplating improving my diet from just "less calories" to better fare...maybe stuff that I cook myself. Yes, less talk and more action for me too. ?
  11. I think I read Necromancer once back in the day. I can't remember...I love sci fi though...I'm working my way through Isaac Asimov now...
  12. Salmon and sausages sound good to me but I guess you can get tired of anything after a while. ?
  13. Mmm can't go wrong with pancakes. ? Nice reward!
  14. That's what helps me too, having to install everything. Downloading Steam and installing a game takes 6-12 hrs depending on the game so its definitely not instant gratification.
  15. Sounds like a good day, Daniel. Keep it up! ?
  16. I know initially one can be reluctant to tell others so that you don't get people constantly watching you. In the long run, though, talking about your detox can help build relationships and open yourself up to others
  17. I encourage you to stick with it. You're still in your first week and by removing gaming, you're experiencing emotions that were always there but just masked by the gaming. You'll want to let these feelings vent out and then sit with them and figure out constructive ways to handle them going forward. It will serve you well in the long run. You're strong for doing this! ?
  18. Great work Vlad! You and me are on the physical transformation team! ?
  19. Hey good to see you again SpiNips! Glad you're still thriving! ?
  20. Day 73/90. I.am so tired right now I'm functioning on adrenalin. I don't know why but I just couldn't fall asleep. I'm not sure why. I wasn't really preoccupied with any thoughts. I get little sad twinges when I think of the approaching divorce but it's way more muted than it used to be. Maybe it was a mini-withdrawal from porn and fast food/soda since I'm quitting again after a relapse? Anyhow, I think I got 3-4 hrs of sleep. Some people can function on that. Not me. Hopefully I'll crash nicely tonight. So pardon me if I have less to say and don't respond and post normally today. Thanks again everyone for your support. @giblets I love the videos you post! Always relevant hehe. Gratitude 1. Less than 2 weeks in my detox 2. Have enough money to get my car fixed tomorrow. Proud of myself. 3. Feeling physically smaller ?
  21. Sounds like you're really pursuing more constructive activities in your life. I'm thinking of organizations to join myself to give myself more to do. I'm so sorry you dropped your hot pocket. I love those!
  22. I slept lousy last night as well, so you're not alone. ?
  23. I wish I could loan you some pounds, Shine. I'm trying to get rid of them. ? Sounds like you and I are struggling with body image issues from opposite sides. Don't be too hard on yourself. You and I need to learn to love ourselves no matter what the mirror and scale say.
  24. Hey that's wonderful about the job, way to go! That can be a huge boost to your sense of self-worth.
  25. Hey, Zeeko, great work hanging out with friends and staying away from the gaming. That is a good progress! I'm glad you find the reminders helpful. For me, my daily checklists and reminders are an anchor for me to evaluate how I did each day. My emotions don't factor into it...did I meet my goals, did I get stuff done? ?
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